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Keep money

Discussion in 'Training & Behavior' started by 86404Mega, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. 86404Mega

    86404Mega Pup

    Is it just me or is $750 for a keep cheap? We talking eight weeks and the owner not buying NOTHING!!
  2. SteelyDan

    SteelyDan Big Dog

    U mean to pay someone for a keep? or to put into a keep on ur own dog?
  3. AGame

    AGame CH Dog

    it seems he is getting someone else to do it and uh yeah it must just be you lol
  4. 86404Mega

    86404Mega Pup

    Nah....don't trust many to do a keep, so I do my own. I typically want $1000-$1500 for a keep; cut my price for a so called friend/kennel partner and he thinks I'm robbing him.
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 20, 2013
  5. tigerboy5

    tigerboy5 Big Dog

    I charge no less than 1500 and what you told him is way more than fair. Its a good deal for him. If he's not agreeing to that then he must not have shopped around to compare prices
  6. Naustroms

    Naustroms CH Dog

    paying someone todo a keep? $750 is an honest price I wouldn't do it for less than $1k
  7. 86404Mega

    86404Mega Pup

    He doesn't know how much goes into my keep; food and time! I believe he feels my keep cost just as much as his. LMAO
  8. 86404Mega

    86404Mega Pup

    I know some that do it for percentages and you truly need to be going for $10k or better; otherwise pay $2-$3k.
  9. 86404Mega

    86404Mega Pup

    Here's the killer,I don't want money up front..I want the fee in the pot and if the animal shows good, my money doubles
  10. c_note

    c_note CH Dog

    What if he quits? You still get paid?
  11. Dream Pits

    Dream Pits CH Dog

    People always want something for nothin. I would tell him to fuck off and work his own dog and if he wants my services his ungrateful ass can pay what everyone else pays
  12. tigerboy5

    tigerboy5 Big Dog

    Idk about the original poster but the people that did keeps with money in the pot and not up front didnt get anything if the hound lost. I rather my money in hand instead of the pot. Who is to say the dog being shaped isnt a pos to begin with. I would feel like i just wasted my time.
  13. tigerboy5

    tigerboy5 Big Dog

    If he dosent want to pay that he should do it on his own. If i were you i would do like lebron james and take my talents elsewhere.
  14. 86404Mega

    86404Mega Pup

    He lose I get nothing.
  15. okcdogman82

    okcdogman82 Top Dog

    fuck that get your bread up front!!
  16. 86404Mega

    86404Mega Pup

    LMAO...... real spit
  17. x2...................
  18. preme

    preme CH Dog

    Get ya money the day he delivers the hound and bet as you please.... If i shape one no less then a stack and some time that doesnt include feed and my extra ingeridents ... But 750 is def fair ... I had to out source for a two confromation show do to being on supervised housing lol and had no problem paying a stack ....
  19. ben brockton

    ben brockton CH Dog

    must not be much of a "kennel partner" if they can't run a keep lol.
  20. 86404Mega

    86404Mega Pup

    Lots of truth to that; truly just a close dog buddy.... I've be teased on the " kennel partner" statement a lot, guess a joke can turn into a phrase being used to loosely!

    He will NEVER have my keep. NEVER

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