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Keep it real about 90%

Discussion in 'Breeder Discussion' started by ziggy311, Aug 9, 2015.

  1. ziggy311

    ziggy311 Big Dog

    You hear folks talking about fast lane this & fast lane that. If you don't have or that than it aint legit. If You don't deal with him or them , then you aint doing it & so on so forth.

    Lets just keep it real because common since isn't common. Because egos get hurt & crushed by the truth.

    Lets talk about the majority verses the Minority.

    When it comes to these dogs ask yourself simple questions.
    Are you famous? Are all of the people you deal with famous.
    Has there been others in your city, state & country that owned dogs but have not been famous?
    Do you not know that people have owned dogs there whole lives but not deal with any body or more than the few they knew & folks have never heard of them?

    If the ADBA,UKC, Bonifed & all clubs with any breed of dogs , cannot tell you all of that same info , not just the ones registered to there clubs but altogether that owns that breed of dog.

    Than what makes you think some fool can? Common since isn't common.

    Do you know everybody in this world with dogs over the last 100yrs? Ok 50 yrs, 20 yrs? ? You know that they are all over the world don't you?
    Do you know everyone in your state that had dogs ,what they had & what they done in the last 100yrs & so on. How about everyone your city your the last 100yrs & so on?
    You don't! And don't let some fool or fools tell you different. Common sense should tell you that! If you got it.

    Not only do you not not everyone nor every dog but you really don't know what everybody has owned or sold.

    Can someone tell me the names of every person that T.Garner sold a dog to & did you see each & every dog bred perform?

    How about Carver or Clemmons, Lonzo, AlBrown, Colby ,Corvino, Sarona, Hammonds ,wallace, De Cordova.etc.... See where I'm going with this. Hope you do.
    90% @ minimum who owned, still own dogs or will ever own you will never know. You won't. Even with the internet.
    I lived nation wide & even world wide @ sometimes or another. Too many .
    Next question.
    You think that dogs from certain people are good just because they come from Certain people?
    If yes that means never have the need to cull right? Everything is gr ch correct? Unbeatable. See where I'm going with this.

    90% of the dogs bred each year will not be gr ch's. nor ch's or even winners @ anything re-gaurdless of what they compete in.

    Does that mean there no good? Common since say no if you have it. Was Frisco a Gr or even a Ch?

    Still a great dog right. Same as Bolio & a lot in history.
    Don't be stupid listening to stupid people. exercise common since & good judgment.

    Because 90% of the people who have them don't even want you to know they do ! And you have dogs!

    So if someone makes statements about dogs & history who has what & nobody did this or that , then you need to ask yourself was he there or just not.

    Because he's lost if he wasn't there or know the person or even seen the dog.

    There's people out there that will ever know who you are ,what you have fed & what you have done yrs after you read this .

    But do you feed dogs or not?
    That's keeping it real with yourself.

    If someone that has dogs doesn't mess with you that doesn't means it's not as good as your it just means they don't mess with you!
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  2. patjr

    patjr Top Dog

    I fully understood what you're saying and agree that the lowkey players do earn respect amongst those for which such affairs are of geniue interest.....However, I think we'll have a different opinion with regards to the intention and reasons behind this thread....so pardon me but I've better be going.


    J.T. Reed was famous, last going off he was even posing with Squeeze and Conan and a couple of others in pics and writting about their wins.

    J.T. is in jail (or was), Squeeze was put down and Conan is getting the knob worn off him up on bulldog hill. Moral of the story kids is.....
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    ninty nine point nine is more likely... and ZIGGY is still looking for that point one percent...
  5. Jacob

    Jacob Top Dog

    im clapping my hands right now! good post EP lots of good points for doggers that put themselves through hell and the dogs too
  6. Jacob

    Jacob Top Dog

    sorry that was great post ziggy. hey is your last name marley


  8. keystone

    keystone CH Dog

    because dogsport is a induvial sport/thing and not a team or group sport
  9. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Dogs is most definitely a team sport. On Saturday night it is you and him. All that hard work and dedication is you and him. It takes an incredible dog to make it to the show, and even better dog to actually win, and even more incredible to have to show game and win. Send him in there as an individual sports competitor and you will need a shovel, not a lap top. Just saying. S
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  10. Mudville_Monsta

    Mudville_Monsta Top Dog



    The best camps have professional breeders and kennel help that have extrodinary husbandry skills to start...
    An eye and knowhow for schooling is also key, as well as calling a wieght and making it...
    Conditioning is its own skill as well as handeling, than the aftercare is crucial...
    If all goes well, repeat...

    I dont know of one man that can accomplish all that and say nobody helped, it takes a team of skilled professionals to do it right...
    Not too mention the bond between the handeler and the dog has to be a team effort or you will be blown out by one...
    KEYSTONE, I wish there was a translater for your post as I hope its lost in lingo and your not as stupid as all your years with the dogs has made you...
    I am sad to say your a ol timer like ziggy that I have learned zero from...
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    That could not be put more perfect and anyone who disagrees is driving around in a cul-de-sac and not racing in the fast lane.
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  13. ziggy311

    ziggy311 Big Dog

    Son you are confused.
    You been on the internet so much you are created your own world in your own mind.
    Best camps to you are to you! You & people like you can't even read a ped. You confused about color & kennel name. Tan females named blue boy.
    You haven't seen a dog or know the breeder but somewhere in your small mind you got it all figured out.
    Do you not think these dogs & camps haven't sold dogs to people that came this way over the last 20yrs? How about 40yrs ?
    I have pics going back 40yrs & a few people still around.
    Do you not think that just because I don't have the dogs in my peds that I have not access to the same dogs you brag on?
    Really ?!
    Me & my dogs been in books since 1997.

    Are you really that stupid not to see adds that I have & others in the same Magazine side by side some of these big Names that I couldn't or didn't purchase them?

    Like I said. You are lost. Confused. You have to be strait stupid not to think I didn't have a Frisco cross but just did't like it. Along with other names that people feed these days.

    Don't care for them. Like what I feed.

    That's a dummies problem. Talk but don't think. Dogs off Gr Ch Amboss, Red boy , Gr Ch Shotsie , all kinds.
    People I was close with for years had them.
    Nobody breeds to dogs they have seen not on there caliper based on papers. Everybody yard just might look different.
    Because if you were in this area 20yrs ago, 1/2 the city had the same dogs you are talking about ,working & winning! was no internet & people didn't go by papers!
    If you was real you would already know in different areas comes different families.

    Every real dogman knows this, @ least the ones before the internet era.
    Not a dog on your yard comes from a family that hasn't come this way before & most of the time didn't cut it.
    If they are great to you than that's good. Wonderful. But we consider it shit!
    See to many based on most so called Best camps that didn't cut it.

    If a dog is a staff , then the ADBA will put an * by the name.
    Research basic stuff since you didn't already know this.

    That's why there are in the Gazette!, No " * ".
    Read a book & see for yourself.
    You are lost!
    Yet we placed dogs in the gazette over the years for dummies such as yourself confused with kennel name & colors yet you still won;t get it.
    So while you are living in make believe world , that you think someone who been around these dogs for over 40yrs haven't owned, had friends that owned met people that owned the same shit you feed you are strait crazy! For real.

    You can see in 100% of the dogs we feed have the families & bloodlines you & folks like you breed.
    Sorrells, Boomerang , Stompanato, Zebo, Clemmons, Red Boy, Alligator, Bolio, Tombstone, Heinzle & Butckus & quite a few more.
    Learn how to read & do math.

    Mighty funny how all of the sudden these dogs aren't good! Even though they are almost pure versions of those families!

    Dogs like Big Game hunter is over 90% of these dogs & posted, but you don't know how to read a simple pedigree & figure out how much% of what is what. You just don't!

    So what confuses you?!
    I don't know you that you & the fools backing your statement because if they could read & knew anything that would have kept there mouths quiet.

    Too many seen my dogs. I had one that won in Panama in 02, Jackson's bone, belly mate to mason. Trasky lady 2xw was a belly mate & quiet a few more & so forth.
    See your problem is that jealousy has you twisted .

    There is a double bred Johnie dog that beat a pure Cunningham red boy on the offspring, M's Crunch of Johnie Rockhead to his daughter, as you say sanctioned in 59 mins & dominated most the of the time they tell me.
    So while you are fishing & talking make sure you know who & what you are talking about not what you think or heard !

    I have been in books & even an inspector in 1997, so what ever you feed know that chances are if I don't now is because I didn't care for it!

    You must be stupid. I feed what I like. Most real dogmen do! Not papers, but what we like.
    There is a list a big list but not for Cartoon clowns like you to know about.

    See unlike you & fools like you these dogs speak for themselves.

    I don't need to know who you are or what you feed. But I will start letting some go to the public so you can dam sure find out what it is your concerned about.

    No need for internet talk.

    Just breed for a hobby & nothing more as have always done.
    Could care less about anything else. Really not just talk

    Fact is I done more than you will ever do & was evening trying that's why I wonder what is you problem.

    But you can't understand what that means.

    I don't need to talk about someone I don't know or dogs I haven't seen.

    I'll just start letting go to public. The dogs I feed can speak for themselves.
    Like I said.
    The dogs in my family are great for others but you haven't seen these & have an negative opinion. HMMMMMMM!!!!

    Don't worry I 'll send them coast to cosat & let them go for dirt cheap so every body gets a chance to see you!
  14. ziggy311

    ziggy311 Big Dog

  15. keystone

    keystone CH Dog

    elias understanding is coming with the years
  16. keystone

    keystone CH Dog

    how many years you are in dogs e.p ?
  17. keystone

    keystone CH Dog

    meaby you have a driver and somebody trow the spons
  18. keystone

    keystone CH Dog

    e.p we can talk here for years ..and we learn nothing.
    the only way to learn is owning the dogs ..and walk between them ....
  19. Thunder98

    Thunder98 Big Dog

    ? For Ziggy311, could you please elaborate on your Sister Bang Bang female, also your Key Key dogs as to what traits they have. Did this 1/4 of blood make a big difference in the offsprings? I have a touch of it as well.
  20. keystone

    keystone CH Dog

    show your touch

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