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Kangal dogs

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by King dogs, Aug 2, 2019.

  1. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Well said.

    For the original poster it is all about scratching. The Kangal will not, and I say, will not scratch. They walk away on top.

    Again, putting a dog that big on another dog is stupid and senseless and proves nothing but the idiocy of the owner of the little dog.

    Plus it would b hard pressed for the little dog to do much damage based on size and the amount of fur in every mouthful.

    So, when the Kangal can't do what he wants to do he walks away, not hurt, not slowed, just a cur.

    There are a number of breeds that are bigger and stronger and bite hard enough to whip the very best bulldogs for a few minutes. But like the Kangal, they will not stay.

  2. Dusty Road

    Dusty Road CH Dog

    they fight like street curs , I doubt they would scratch if they got any hurt
  3. RedJohnMachobuck

    RedJohnMachobuck Yard Boi


  4. CockneyRebel

    CockneyRebel Big Dog

    I once saw a video of a red and white Bulldog against one of those huge Kangals, after a few seconds the Bulldog gets a leg hold and the Kangal starts singing. He works that leg hold good and proper but takes damage to the head as the Kangal does all it can to get him off. Eventually the Kangal broke away and ran away, they then double dog the Bulldog with a fresh Kangal just as big as the first and the Bulldog which is tired gets a proper hammering, throat hold and everything. Don't know if it survived but those idiots didn't deserve their dog, if it was a game test fair enough but don't leave the dog down to get killed.
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  5. That video of that dog with no tail was a joke..that dog with no tail was a rubbish dog-and that big bad Kengal still can't seem to kill it??..imagine a bigger good bulldog on that Kengal?...Even tho the Kengal is over twice the size of that mutt it still looked rather even at first..they trying to big them Kengal's up.that no tailed dog was a mutt...(as much as a mutt as he was, he's still about 10 times gamer then that cur Kengal)

    These contests facinate me.but they are staged events what lead to nothing..if we even it up ,and give away say 60 lbs in weight(witch is a huge amount of weight to give-but these conests are even unfairer in weight then 60lbs-more like 130-150?)so if we spot pick a Kengal with only(lol)60lbs weight and we spot pick a real good bulldog, we all no what's gonna happen...

    This type of dog is somewhat claimed to be very old.and it's true shephards around the world used them before(and long after) the birth of Christ,to kill wolves and gard the flock.it's true also that this type of dog(and there are many types what could be considerd as "this type"ranging in a wide variety of contry's )is still used for this very same purpose...it's said shephards who keep these dogs meet up a couple time a year and have some fun by fighting these huge beasts.a tredition that supposedly has been around for millennium's-Ive seen videos and I think we all have...the rules are a lot different,and I can't remember them -but I remember the first one;both dogs will be faced facing each other and if they don't fight,they are changed inter-position,if they still don't fight,one or both dogs will be disqualified.........
    Pretty bum rule hey?-you can quickly see of this rule that when the dogs are loosed they don't just go at it the way to bulldogs would..the rule also indicates that the dogs seem unsure ,and in the fights I've seen,normally one dog quits as if it's been dominated?more like the way some dogs fight in the wild perhaps?more like the way curs fight.....they do a good job killing wolves.and the shephards normally keep a few,so it must seem a little strange to the dog..I belive these shephards(In some areas)think what ever dog that's good at fighting should be bread from.and becuse they all kill the wolves this is how the shephards pick''s witch ones should be bread......
    They meet up,have some fun,but it's not the same as in the western world...

    Nice beasts..any one got one what's like only a 100lbs?...and NOT 180lbs?.....

    What's next?.Gull Terrs?,or Bully Kuta?Gull Dong or even Tosas?,,.....all these dogs, and all the Wolf type mountain dogs and many other dogs have all had a breif spell though out history ......but there all compete curs (as much as I like them,as nice and as good as they are at killing wolves,bear baiting exc),,there complete curs when it comes to Bulldogs..

    if any of that's spelt wrong,I apologise...

    All the best folks,hope every ones good.
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  6. Arr can the mods delete one of them please?-I don't no why but it sent twice?
  7. david63

    david63 CH Dog

    CockneyRedel you are right about how they two dog a pit bull. Than these idiot talk about how great Kangals. shit talking
  8. Bantu

    Bantu Pup

  9. Bantu

    Bantu Pup

    Hello everyone: sorry to interrupt ur discussion on the kangal dogs but am curious to know how a English mastiff will do against other dog can they fight to win, u guys have any videos of them fighting, I would like to see them in action u can email me at jent7370@gmail.com. thanks
  10. david63

    david63 CH Dog

    iT looks like a stage fright to me and I have seen hundreds of these videos before. I have seen the Kangals GETTING HIS KICKED BY DOGS LIKE THE Caucasian Shepherd and Bull Kutta and on a professional level pitbulls kick their ASS to even though the dogs are three times their size.
  11. CockneyRebel

    CockneyRebel Big Dog

    I can send you countless videos of my dogs fighting if you want them. I'm from the UK so don't show anybody else OK. All I need is your sort code and account number.
    david63 likes this.
  12. Gengar94

    Gengar94 Pup

    I seen a video about a year ago a guy posted of a German shepherd mauling a big ass kangal and then eating the damn kangal

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