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joe the chainmaker

Discussion in 'Staffordshire Bull Terriers' started by n2bulldogs, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. n2bulldogs

    n2bulldogs Banned


  2. n2bulldogs

    n2bulldogs Banned

    oops, chainsmith rather
  3. RedGoodbye

    RedGoodbye CH Dog

    Cool video
  4. crazy horse

    crazy horse Big Dog

    the sbt heritage society has the dvd for sale 8 pound a copy , anyone wanting it pm me i ll post it out :)
  5. n2bulldogs

    n2bulldogs Banned

    cool man, how long is the video, and what's it all about???
  6. littleblackdog

    littleblackdog Big Dog

    Cool post, thanks for sharing!
  7. crazy horse

    crazy horse Big Dog

    the first part is about the basic history and the second part is joe the chainmaker aka joe mallen, shows him at work chainmaking, dogs taken to work with em , talking about the breed,bit of showing, an old whippet race meetin , all good stuff :)about 1hr
  8. BGD

    BGD Pup

    True working class legend, if there was more like him today this country wouldn't be in the state it's in.
  9. sunbeam

    sunbeam CH Dog

    not sure about the country but i imagine the staffords would not be as messed up.

    PITS+PATTS Big Dog

    Good people,Good dogs.
  11. nice vids, thanks..........
  12. crocodile

    crocodile Pup

    i would be interested in one buddy,can you pm details cheers
  13. riffraff

    riffraff Pup

    good post that is mate
  14. benthere

    benthere CH Dog Staff Member

    I would LOVE to own that video.

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