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Jimmy boots

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by PITS+PATTS, Jun 3, 2011.


    PITS+PATTS Big Dog

    HI FOLKS,does anybody know of any of Jimmy Boot's match reports other than the Benny Bob match?
  2. visiongee

    visiongee Banned

    I do know that that boy was considered and ace and one of the best of all time it was also said he would tolerate
    most dogs it wasn't until he was boxed up that he put on his boots
  3. Sea Serpent

    Sea Serpent Big Dog

    This is what I found

    "His first fight in Denver over Clark's dog in 40 minutes. He then went against lowell Leham's Malcom X and won in 17 minutes. Then collected a forfeit from Bobby Halls Bully Son. In his last fight, he won over W. Brown and H.burton's Benny Bob in 2 hours and 4 minutes".
  4. redrumdog

    redrumdog Top Dog

    Grove nice read.Everyone I have talked to that seen JB said he was the best combat dog they have ever seen.
  5. GI Joe

    GI Joe Big Dog

    Why was he registered as Greenwood's?
  6. Sea Serpent

    Sea Serpent Big Dog

    Tudor's Jimmy aka Jimmy Boots was bred by Earl Tudor
    Sold as a pet to a man in Colorado
    Jimmy got in trouble and got bailed out the pound by Mr. Trice
    Mr. Trice then sold Jimmy to E. Weldon
    E. Weldon gave him to R. Greenwood

    the first ped says Weldon's(Greenwood's) Jimmy Boots
    Booger Red x Flo

    They say this PED is how Jimmy was really bred.
    Barney x Sandri

  7. Sea Serpent

    Sea Serpent Big Dog

    Here's a pic of E.Weldon with Jimmy Boots


    PITS+PATTS Big Dog

    Thanks for the great info and picture ive never seen,all i knew was what was written in the Richard Stratton book,twotAPBT,Big difference.Thanks again.
  9. MAPS

    MAPS Pup

    This was J.B. PROBABLY B4 HE WENT INTO THE "Clark" dog which was a Staffie and no less a Bulldog. It was that fight that showed the ppl around town then that J.B. was something of a "Legend" b4 his time,
    The owner (and someone I call a GREAT FRIEND) OF THAT STAFFIE says J.B. put on a show of Gameness 101 that night as nothing was able to stay longer than 20-30 mins with the Staffie (Catchweight dogs also, doing massive damage)
    So if J.B. was able to weather a storm like he had that night with conditioning that was at best, mediocre, imagine what he could do with a "Greenwood" c/h. Ergo the travels began and the rest is history and what Legends are made of...

    MAPS' Friend
  10. Big V

    Big V Pup

    I remember a Bitch I kept for a friend being 3 times jimmy boots and she was pure fire. Her name was Bootsy and one of the most beautiful APBTs I think I have seen to date. Is there any Jimmy Boots blood out there still?
  11. Does anyone have a copy of the pic of the real pedigree that is in the link below as the link is no longer active...
  12. BullDawg

    BullDawg Big Dog

    well, according to Dick (Mr. Stratton), who has given me permission to reiterate a conversation we had about JB, (and who was good friends with both Ed and Ralph, so he's not being biased) the 1st ped that was listed above, he believes is the correct one (as is listed in his book) and to pretty much quote him, Ed Weldon went by Tudor's pedigree, but Ralph Greenwood knew that Tudor didn't worry about pedigrees, so he tracked down the real breeding of the dog after he turned out so well. That's why there are two pedigrees. as you may or may not be aware Ed and Ralph had a falling out which is probably why the two peds. both guys did, however have a great amount of respect for tudor.

  13. BullDawg

    BullDawg Big Dog

    sorry=typed that last sentence incorrectly: should say: their "falling out" had nothing to do with the 2 peds.

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