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Intrepid Bloodline

Discussion in 'Staffordshire Bull Terriers' started by deepsouth, Sep 23, 2012.

  1. deepsouth

    deepsouth Big Dog

    Would appreciate any info on the Intrepid line. All I know so far is that it was developed in Georgia by a fellow named Ken H. Just wanted to know if this is a pure Staffy line or if it was outcrossed to any other breeds. It looks like these dogs were bred to work and have a more rangy "look" than standard show Staffys. Also, what sort of temperament do these dogs have in comparison to show bred Staffys. Thank you.
  2. coach

    coach Big Dog

    These are well bred dogs for show.Not performance.They breed to an AKC standard and I would not consider them a working blood.Now it is possible they have private stock that has a few that can work.But if you look at the dogs they are impressive from a SBT standpoint but are not rangy in any way IMO.Of the ones I have see. to find proven stock that can actually work is rare.
  3. dbk

    dbk Banned

    clean out pm
  4. jake

    jake Pup

    the older intrepid stuff was very different than modern. there is a kennel who claims some kind of claim to what ken h was doing, but have all show stock peds. what ken had in the 80's was completely different stuff altogether.
  5. deepsouth

    deepsouth Big Dog


    I was curious cause to my knowledge, a true working staffy line doesn't exist. The Irish Staffys popped up several years ago but are supposed to have Bull Terrier and APBT influences (crosses).
  6. WWII

    WWII Banned

    Buddy had one he got 10 years ago. Prefect temperament. 35lb dog.
  7. Nogz

    Nogz Pup

    A true working staffy line doesnt exist? I believe your info is lacking.
    Calling the irish line (refering to the stuff down from Psycho) not Stafford, is just biggest ignorent crap. Whats the influence of that (by example) crossbred Kilwickie Lad in todays working staffords? Just nothing. You just look at the maybe maximum the last 3 or 4 gens.
    Lol 'the irish stafford just popped up a couple of years ago' ?? These dogs were around from the late 70's!
    I think indeed very seldom times they were bred to some good dogs EBT / APBT, just to put some good fresh blood in that line.
    If, for example a random stafford, is like 1/16 or 1/32 crossbred, this doesnt make him an unpure STB. I think these dogs are just as pure as an APBT in the first 50 years when the irish dogs came to USA.

    But well, for some they just don't exist, because they aren't available for them.
  8. deepsouth

    deepsouth Big Dog

    Don't understand why you're being so dramatic. You just admitted that outcrosses were made to EBT and APBT's. It was a casual observation on my part since the Irish Staffy seemed to suddenly appear out of nowhere about 10 years ago (at least hear in the US). Perhaps they've been around for a long time? Then again, the "late 70's" really isn't that long if you're talking about breed history. I wasn't knocking the breed either, if you like em, good for you.
  9. OnTheRocks

    OnTheRocks Moderator

    I would like to comment two things;

    The name “Irish” came in the use in the early 1980´s or so, but the dogs stem from the early imports that came to Ireland from the UK. So the origin in the end is pretty much the same as all other Staffords, but they have been bredon working credentials since the 1950´s.

    Perhaps you first heard the name “Irish Staffs” ten years ago, but still you hardly have any “Irish” Staffs at all in the US. I don’t claim to know everything, but the few imports I am aware of hardly will make up a population.
  10. jacko

    jacko CH Dog

    irish staffords seemed to pop up all of a sudden after 1991. a peddlers dream. although there were some working dogs from the isle most who bought one didn"t get one lmao.

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