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I want to condition my Stafford - help a beginner out!

Discussion in 'Staffordshire Bull Terriers' started by Fakkio, Mar 29, 2013.



    She is comeing on well,,ya have the weight off her,now ya need to tighten her up..ie;tone..tread-mill work ya might be able to get her to run a human mill, if ya have not got one..or start running her on the bike.this will tone her up...work her hard to get the tone ya want..is she acting better with all the weight off..?????
  2. Fakkio

    Fakkio Pup

    Havn't tried her on the rope for a while, so I don't know how the weight loss has affected her. I've been lazy oh so lazy lately. She has gotten most of her excercise from running around off-leash.

    If the air cools down later today and I've got some energy over, I'll try her on the springpole.


    Well the rest is up to you,i know what it's like when ya get lazy,,yawn?//?but with the weight off it won't take a-lot of work to tone her.....good-luck...................
  4. Fakkio

    Fakkio Pup

    Im on it again. Fitness is a'commin'.

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