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I want to condition my Stafford - help a beginner out!

Discussion in 'Staffordshire Bull Terriers' started by Fakkio, Mar 29, 2013.

  1. Fakkio

    Fakkio Pup

    Breed: Staffordshire Bullterrier
    Age: 2

    I've never conditioned a dog before. I have, of course, kept 'em in shape, but I have never had a Bull & Terrier before.

    I want my dog to get fit! I have a schedule, and I'd like your opinion on it, please!

    This is how I figure week 1 and 2 will look like. I don't wanna start off too rough. I will extend the minutes week by week, as she gets there.

    M: Walk 10min, Bike (20min)
    She walks off leash in the woods. She gets to stretch out, warm up and do her "business". Then straight to the bike. She trots next to the bike (on leash), and then I walk her down.

    T: Springpole 10min, Walk (30min)
    10 minutes on the rope is her limit right now. She has her hindlegs touching the ground 95% of the time. After that, we take a walk.

    W: Walk 10min, Bike (20min)

    T: Springpole 10min, Walk (30min)

    F: Walk 10min, Bike (20min)

    S: All rest (except usual walks)

    S: All rest (except usual walks)

    Now this is just the morning schedule. I walk her rest of the day as well, but not as regular as with this schedule.

    Now! I know I know hardly... nothing about this, so I'd really appreciate your input!

    I plan on heavily increase the time I walk her, after week 2 is done. I'm done with week 1, btw.
  2. ben brockton

    ben brockton CH Dog

    all dogs are different & there ain't no certain way to shape them. if you don't have someone willing to work a few keeps with you. then get yourself a dogman 2000 dvd & follow that as a guideline. stay away from keeps 50+ years floating around online. if your serious about working your dog buy the vietnam kennel keep.
  3. Fakkio

    Fakkio Pup

    I don't want to get too serious. I just don't want to do anything wrong/stupid or something that's just a waste of time.
  4. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    If the dog i lean and fit you are off to a good start already. As a beginner hand walking should be the staple of the program. The biggest reason is it is really difficult to hurt/harm a dog with hand walking. The rewards outweigh the risks by ten fold. A six foot lead and a good pair of shoes will do wonders for both the dog and the walker. You can increase the walk times by 15-20 minutes per session for the next three to four weeks. Work your way up to an hour and then on to two hours per walk. The flirt pole work as well, increase the times gradually. Before you know it the dog will be in really good shape. If there is a competition down the road that requires a more physical performance then you can get a harness and pull some chains for resistance. The most important thing is to go slow, let the dog rest as needed and understand there is no need to bring the dog to optimum condition if there is no competition of sorts around the corner. Maintaining peak performance over a lifetime is actually detrimental to the dogs health. Best of luck. S
  5. Fakkio

    Fakkio Pup

    She is. She's been running free in the woods everyday for a year and that has made her somewhat fit.

    Problem is, I hate walking. Especially now, 'cus I live in Sweden and it's still freezing att night and some snow left... Cloudy sky and shit... Depressing. But if spring arrives, it'll be easier. And by then I'm probably up to at least 1,5 hour walks.

    I use a "flirtpole" almost everytime we take a walk. I grab a branch and play around, letting her chase, make turns, jump and so on. She loves it and is really frigging agile.

    There isn't. I just want her to be really fit and healthy. The whole thing is also something that's interesting to me - sorta like a hobby. And it would be funny to walk into a show ring with a ripped Staffie amongst all the chubby showdogs, only for the reactions... ;)

    Thank you!
  6. cms_uk

    cms_uk Pup

    Get a "boomer ball" aswell mate...they are great!


    Do wat slim said,,jus increase to hr..hr1/2....walk,,or up the other work till weather get's better,then increase as ya go...if jus for show ring won't be to hard to do....
  8. they are great, but you need to be careful if they get too far away from the dog they can injure themselves when they hit it too hard, i only let my dog play with it in taller grass so it doesnt get too far away from him
  9. cms_uk

    cms_uk Pup

    Yeah I understand what your saying mate. My dog managed to get his teeth into his and it would cause small rough edges which would cut his face up. Had to sand them off!
  10. Fakkio

    Fakkio Pup

    Two weeks has passed! I missed out on the bike-part this friday. I was feeling too sick. But today, this mondag, the 3rd week, we were at it again!

    I hope I can get my girlfriend to come with me tomorrow when the dog is up against the rope, to take some pictures of her for you to see.

    As I see it, my dog has become more muscular since day 1. Not by much! But a little. I'm proud of her back-muscles. Her spine is cozing between two "anacondas", hehe..

    Oh well, a picture or tho will tell more than any amount of words ever could. Gonna post in this thread! Keep an eye out!
  11. Fakkio

    Fakkio Pup

    This is her 1 y.o. - a year ago.
  12. Fakkio

    Fakkio Pup

    I'm sorry. My GF is sick so there's a hold-up on the pictures (buhu...). Tried to take some pics today, but the shaddows fell like shit on the dogs body so you don't really see her.... Oh well.

    She's inproving on biking, she lasts longer, but the springpole... It really seems 10 minutes is the roof. Yesterday she didn't even do 10 minutes. She didn't seem very in to it so I stopped it. It's supposed to be fun, you know...


    With some ya have to push them,but if she,likes one thing over another then give her more of what she likes...if ya get my jest View attachment 27622 done this fella walking,and small bit of running..pole ...etc...
  14. GCP82

    GCP82 Pup

    Nice looking little bitch mate. Defo see if you can get a boomer ball. Great piece of kit, my boy is obsessed with his. Gotta hide it away after his session, but he always finds it and sits there with a face on.....lol.
  15. Dogman_M

    Dogman_M Pup

    How's this working out for you?
  16. Fakkio

    Fakkio Pup

    It's OK. 5 weeks passed, but last week I skipped everything... Oh well, here she is.

    04 Hella 13-04-27.jpg 02 Hella 13-04-27.jpg 01 Hella 13-04-27.jpg 05 Hella 13-04-27.jpg

    Need to kick up the bicycling a lot.


    Could you be feeding him to much...???if he likes one exercise more than others,let him do more of it..poss;cut the food back....that is if ya want to trim him out ......
  18. Fakkio

    Fakkio Pup

    I'm not cutting the food yet. She is building muscles and I wan't to make sure she gets all she needs, nutritional-wise, so she keeps building muscles and don't break.

    I'm biking her harder now, a lot harder. After a week or two, I'll see if its time for some toning i.e. food-cut.

    Anyones guess why she's so weak when it comes to springpole? She hardly makes 10 minutes... and she's not progressing...


    Just a opinion,,looking at the photo's,that dog is carrying to much weight,,she is 2 year old..her muscle mass is there under all that weight..the reason she is weak when it come's to exercise is looking at you..if you strip some of that weight off you will be happily surprised and she will work a hell of a-lot more....WEIGHT IS THE REASON SHE NOT PROGRESSING..:vovvetliten:
  20. devonte151

    devonte151 Fast Lane Bulldogs Premium Member

    You are in the same boat i am i have being cutting by dogs food but hi looking alot better . You might want cut his food .

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