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I need NC ADBA Show info

Discussion in 'Dog Shows & Events' started by NC, Apr 15, 2007.

  1. NC

    NC CH Dog

    Ok so there is a show up in Taylorsville, NC on 4/28-4/29 I am planning on attending and drgging Folsom out there with me. What I need to know is if I am going to try and show him in the puppy class.. (he's 10 months old) Do I have to pre register or anything? Or do I just show up and sign up there and pay an entry fee or what? Any help would be great..
  2. MASON

    MASON Big Dog

    You do not have to pre register him. You can register him the morning of the show by using your ADBA registration certificate or show and pull card.
  3. NC

    NC CH Dog

    thanks. Just curious how much are the entry fees? Just so I know how much cash to bring with me...lol
  4. Blaizen

    Blaizen Big Dog

    It's $18 per dog to enter the points show. The fun classes are different amounts according to the club. Usually $10 is the normal charge for those. Good luck!
  5. coolhandjean

    coolhandjean CH Dog

    yep, you just register there. Make sure to get there before 12, I think it is...Are you sure it's in Taylorsville? I know there is one in Hickory.

    Palmetto State APBTC (NC)
    Saturday, April 28, 2007Location: Hickory American Legion Fairgrounds - Hickory, NC

    The Palmetto State APBTC (NC) will host a two day conformation show and weight pull at the Hickory American Legion Fairgrounds in Hickory, NC. Ch of Ch classes will be held if pre-entries allow. Due to declining entries in the Ace class, Aces MUST pre-register by March 31st or the class WILL NOT be held with no further notice. Please call Paula (803)684-1381, Jamie (803)487-0117 or Esther (704)740-8774.
  6. 14rock

    14rock GRCH Dog

    Bring ALOT of cash, the merchandise is going to eat ya up. LOL
  7. NC

    NC CH Dog

    Shit glad you said something I thought it was in Taylorsville.. looks like I'll be heading to Hickory instead!! Who else is going to be there??
  8. lonesharkpits

    lonesharkpits Big Dog

    we'll be there but not with a lot of dogs, you'll notice that non-club members will not win much, they use the same 5 or 6 judges in rotation that always pick the club members dogs at every show, and they have the worst pulling track i have ever pulled on. I only go to try and steal a few points away from their club members and because its 10 minutes away. At least the weight pull can't be biased.
  9. coolhandjean

    coolhandjean CH Dog

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