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i have a ? about bona fide kennel club

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by southrenman, Jan 5, 2009.

  1. ok here is my ? i got my dog a year a go when i got her i could have gotten her Adba papers but the breeder want me to pay 200.00 dollars more for them so i just got her how ever he did let me copy her ped off the sires and dam papers my ? is will be able to get papers with bona fide kennel club since all i have is a ped i mean its six genrations and all i just dont have no papers as it is just hand writen thanks
  2. cutt

    cutt CH Dog

    WOW I dont know much about the BFKC, but its messed up that the owner wanted extra for the reg. papers/proof of ownership . How else are you to prove what you have on paper without proof of ownership. I would think if the dam and sire are reg. with BFKC you could probably reg. them , but again you will need proof. If not you can always single line reg. your dog with BFKC.

    I hope Im right on this as I /ve never been in this situation

  3. well cutt the dam and sire were adba reg. as fars as breeders chargering more for the dogs papers it happens pretty offten around these parts they think papers make the dog i would like to use her lineage as she is bred real nice sometimes i just wish i would have payed the 200.00 more not really but papers dont make the dog the dog makes the papers i still would like to know thoe if any one can answer this thanks


    would not deal with him or anyone that plays games like that. too many great pit kennels around.
  5. TripleJ

    TripleJ CH Dog

    First off I hope all that read this under stand. If your "Breeder" trys and charge you more for paper they ARE SCAMERS... Your damn dog probley is not even bred the way they say.. And 200$ more is just a way to scare newbees off of getting the ped. Some of the things they may tell you is I dont want my blood all over. "BULLSHIT" if they are selling pups they dont care about there blood. 2 they say I will give you a hand written ped well if the ped is not coverd up with there name 9 times out of 10 those are just some papers they had and are peddling pups off of. Any one that try to sell papers should be reported to the reg they are trying to scam.. I do not have one dog reg now but I used to paper all my dogs I dont sell pups so Why should I pay money to paper them. If I ever sold pups I would hand write a ped and write a letter to the adba so they could get them. Its a discrace the way people are doing now. J
  6. thanks all i know its a case of a sorry breeder but does anyone know if bfkc will accept a hand writen ped
  7. StopBSL

    StopBSL CH Dog

    you can always try. .

    If I were you I'd try the ADBA.

    If they actually bred the litter in question as the ped they gave you said they would have pry registered one or two of the pups. . the ADBA could see that. . .

    And at the very least you could make them aware of what that breeder is doing.


    Not real famliar with BFKC but if its not going to be registered with a legitimate registery I would save my money and just assume what the breeder game me was fact with the hand written papers... Good Luck with your dog.
  9. TripleJ

    TripleJ CH Dog

    Ok . I dont know if the man is still even alive BUT if so you need to get with Game dog breeders assn. that is who I used for years I found him to be the best. He will send you a sheet you fill it out take it to your Peddler and tell him to sighn it.. tell him you dont want that bullshit about more money just sighn it and if your dog is not legit Mr brown will find out befor you get your paper back. If you dog is B.S. you will get paper back blank. Saying UNKNOWN. give him as much info as you can like phone numbers and names of breeders on the ped you have so they can be reserched. I liked him the best he used to put SDJ reports on the back of the peds for you. But Like I said he may not even be alive anymore for all I know I havent used him in decades. J
  10. jeeperino

    jeeperino CH Dog

    I wouldnt let papers go to someone I suspect is gonna breed the dog and dirty up my name on ADBA papers.

    I dont see anything wrong with charging for papers to someone I think is a dumbass when it comes to breeding or they are gonna make $$ off my name and hard work.

    This is not my PERSONAL opinion but a point of view.
  11. TripleJ

    TripleJ CH Dog

    Well why peddle pups then try and make money of paper?? If you gave a pup away and no paper thats one thing or if you sold them with out paper thats another. But to say yea I can get you som paper but its going to cost ya 200 extra. Well thats just bullshit some puppy peddlin punk that is tryin to milk as much money off there dogs as they can. And Jeep I bet the hardest work they put in those dogs was letting them screw.. J
  12. rallyracer

    rallyracer CH Dog

    if that was the case...the person would not be leaving w/ a dog from MY yard
  13. i agree with you on that jeeperino the thing is i dont plane on breeding my girl anytime some the only reason i want papers is that if i do decide to breed her latter i will have a kennel club to house my lineage as i can be alot on someone to keep hand writen and if i do breed her the pups want be sold they will stay on my yard to imporve it
  14. jeeperino

    jeeperino CH Dog

    I will not compromise my kennels good name and my reputation as a breeder no matter what......but for $200 ill consider it.

    I get what yall are saying and the dude is a peddler he got the dog from, but not everyone thinks the same.

    Id give him a copy of the ped, no official papers and tell him to come to me when its time to test then come to me if he wants to breed. Thats what id do. Id charge a consultation fee of course;)
  15. purplepig

    purplepig CH Dog

    If you try and send the ped to ADBA, probably, they will contact the breeder. And you will be in the same place you are in now, at the mercy of the man you got the dog from. They will look at the date the pups were born, find the litter in their registry, and tell you the dog is already registered, and to go to the man you got the dog from and get the papers from him.
    Folks will come by and try and haggle with me on price, and if I believe the dog is going to a good home, and the people simply afford to pay what I want for my dogs, I have sold the dog to them, less the papers, for far less money. Usually the papers mean nothing to these people. To sell a dog to someone that is worth a grand, and let them give me $100 for the dog, and I keep the papers. Basically, it is a win/win situation. They have a great dog for an unheard of price, and I have basically farmed one of my dogs out, which puts them in a home where the dog is happier as usually it is a one dog home, and I retain breeding rights to the dog. If ever they decide to breed the bitch(speaking of females), they come back to me, I do the breeding, and usually we will split the litter. If the dog happens to be a male (which is what I prefer to use in this situation) then I am free to breed to the male when I want, of which I legally do not have to give them any kind of stud fee(according to our contract), but if they are really wanting a pup, I will usually let them have one.
    On the same token, there is no telling how many dog I have just given away. I believe that the more responsible hands I can get my dogs into, the better the reputation the breed will get.

    Now, if you consider me a peddler, then to you I am a peddler. To me, I am passing the love of this breed to others. There is no telling how many people got a dog from me, and the rest of the family freaked out cause they got a "pitbull", and 6 months to a year later, the whole family has changed their minds!

    Now, maybe you say I have too many strings attached. Maybe I do, but I have found that with the strings I have attached, it gives me an opportunity to teach, over time, how to be a good breed advocate.

    Case and point. A couple that we knew were getting married. They really wanted a pup from me, but they could not afford it. So, I let them come and pick a puppy, and gave the female to them with the above stipulation. Well, the ladies father found out they had a pitbull, and told them to never bring that dog to his house. 1 1/2 to 2 years later, the father of this young lady now has three of my dogs at his property, and no telling how many he knows that have had their minds changed in the same way.

    Sorry so long a post, just sharing how I see things, and keeping it real. If you want to flame me, flame me. It's all good.
  16. you pp is what i would call a great breeder unlike the guy i got my dog from all he was after was the money and wanted to get every penny he could


    I jut recently obtained a bitch whose sire and dam is BFKC registered. I had to copy the ped from both onto BFKC' single registation form and send it in. if the ped is filled in and the breeder's and owners info and signature is filled in where needed. you send it in with the required fee.I talked with um1 at ADBA and they rcognize BFKC as a reputable kennel club/registry so when i get my ped and ownership registration back from the BFKC i have to make copies of them and Take two photos of my dog (profile/headshot) and fill out ADBA's single registration form. and Wallah , my dog is dual registered(ADBA/BFKC) ... PM me if this was any help to you.
  18. Chopper

    Chopper Big Dog

    Thats good to hear, im about to get a jeep pup that is BFKC registered, and i wasent sure if i could get him ADBA registered

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