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hunting and/ or work?

Discussion in 'Sports & Activities' started by country man 563, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. Was just wondering how many people out there use their dogs for hunting( hogs,blood trailing ,etc.) and/ or work( drug detection, human rescue, etc.)?
  2. Catch hogs and blood trail.
  3. dogman2007

    dogman2007 Big Dog

    they av a great nose
  4. Currdog

    Currdog Pup

    Yea hog hunting an wud love to have on that wud blood trail. That wud b awesome to have a dog that wud trail an even catch a cripple till u cud get there to finish it off.
  5. Hog Doggin'
  6. Check out PrimitiveSupply catch dog team posted on this same Sports and Activities page. Posted on 02-24-2013 I stay in the field with my dogs year round. We go for small game all the way up to hogs.....enjoy.......PrimitiveSupply.......!
  7. I use mine for running catch dogs, lead in catch dogs, and they will blood trail and catch a cripple deer. They also go to the lake with the family in the summer. we camp on an island so im able to let them run loose. They love the water!

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