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how to prepare for treadmill use: first time

Discussion in 'Sports & Activities' started by jbpits91, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. jbpits91

    jbpits91 Pup

    hey everyone. i was interested in possibly adding a treadmill to my just over 1 yr old males workout. ive been doing some reading on this site and online and have heard that you can cause harm to a dog if not used correctly or if the are not fit enough. i am not sure which type of mill i will or should use, but i wanted to how to prepare and make sure my boy is ready to use a mill? thanks for any advice or reccomendations.
  2. jbpits91

    jbpits91 Pup

    would really appreciate any advice. Hes a little under 55lbs last time i weighed him, i run and walk him everyday and use a springpole aswell as some occasional weight pull. i dont want to cause any injury to him and see how you all began your dogs on a mill
  3. Kimo615

    Kimo615 Banned

    Make sure u empty his bowels first and take him for a walk to warm him up prior. That is very important as you can damage the dog internally. Stay with him the entire time..never ever leave your dog. Do not let him over work on the mill. Tongue hanging out the front and a steady trot is good. Start him off a little at a time with the amount of time on the mill. If your using a electric mill. Steady pace...DO NOT leave your dog! After s session on the mill...take him for another walk. Cool down session. Then...small amount of water every 5-10 minutes. Not alot at one time. And if its a carpet mill...the amount of time he spends on the mill should be far less than on a slat mill.
  4. DutchAPBT

    DutchAPBT Pup

    I agree with Kimo, Always stay with your dog... give him a good warming up and a cool down session. Some dogs will find the first time on the mill scary.. try to make him as pleasant as possible with a treat so i understands that the mill is for fun... What is your goal? losing fat? building muscle? For building muscle you best let him... how do you say it in my counrty it is called draffen.. let him walk like a horse, This wil cost the most energy and best lean muscle builder ;) good luck
  5. jbpits91

    jbpits91 Pup

    thanks Kimo and Dutch i will follow the advice you have given me. my goal for him is to build his muscle and give him some better endurance. How long of a warm up do you reccomend? thanks again for the advice
  6. DutchAPBT

    DutchAPBT Pup

    I would reccomend a 20 a 30 minuted walk on the leash... and how do you call the way a horse walks? really want to know the word hahaha.. not the walking and not the running but the thing in between
  7. jbpits91

    jbpits91 Pup

    do you mean trotting or galloping lol those are the only 2 i can think of. thanks for the advice dutch i will make sure to give him a good warm up and make sure hes emptied.
  8. DutchAPBT

    DutchAPBT Pup

    I think the word is trotting.. tx ;)
  9. SouthSider

    SouthSider Premium Member Premium Member

    We always called it a Coyote Trott.
  10. gypsyboy

    gypsyboy Big Dog

    Yeah a middle pace is trotting lol
  11. If you have another dog that likes the spring pole you can chain your dog up and let her watch the other dog having fun with it. It might make 100-101 dump her amped up and understand what the spring pole is for.

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