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how to make dogs more bulkier

Discussion in 'Sports & Activities' started by red_light, Apr 17, 2004.

  1. AC

    AC Big Dog

    A good way to add weight to your dog is by adding these ingredients to his feed. Mayonaise, sardines or tuna in oil, (Jack Mack is awesome), egg yolks, butter, and a cap full of corn oil. It will make your dog gain weight and their skin and coat will be in extremely good condition. Not too much of each thing but once a day is good.
  2. Thats what I worm my dogs with and it works miracles.
  3. I have one of the more bulky boys from that old cali red line and he has been a constant problem in the "keeping the bulk on" department.....My dogs never see chains they have seperate fenced in yards and enclosures.....what I have found is best to keep him right where he is not to fat or thin I feed a high quality food....no pedigree ect. for dry Iams at the lowest ........they get a can of meat with it one can junk dog food in this case pedigree will do....Some times he would hit bad growth spirts and I'd give him puppy formula 2nd stage PMR....(Puppy Milk Replacement) I have experimented with weight lifters protein drink and all produce astounding results.....be warned though some of this may not agree with his system be on the look out for gastric disturbances.......LOL Just what I have tried....also for rescues the PMR for severe starvation cases is fantastic.....alittle at a time though!!!.....The Raven http://red2dbonekennels.tripod.com
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  4. I use panacure as a wormer, but be careful it's a horse wormer. Your dosage goes by the weight of your dog. My dog also looks smaller at times because I run him a lot. Sometimes I'll mix rice or
    mashed potatoes with eggs or veg. beans with his food. Just keep your dog very active and feed him
    2-3 times a day . I also give my dog green tea[no sugar] when he's feelin` a little sick.
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  5. Hello all!

    I have a 3 1/2 month puppy. He is a little on the thin side as well. I feed him dry in the morning and mix some cooked ground beef and the fat with his dry in the evening. Is it better to feed twice a day, morning and night, or only once a day? Also, if I'm reading you correctly, all raw food is okay? Beef & chicken. Would it be better to give him raw beef in the evening instead of the cooked?

    Thank you for all the information.
  6. Crash97

    Crash97 Top Dog

    For pups it's better to feed twice, if ya can. They get better absorbtion of nutrients that way. Yes, the way I understand the BARF diet is that raw is better than cooked, although I'm still not real confident in raw pork. Raw better than cooked, more natural enzymes and nutrients. IMO
  7. kimbel2392

    kimbel2392 Big Dog

    Yes to what GATOR said. Some dogs are just streamlined. If after worming and feeding- about 1-3 months- she is still thin then she will be that way

    Ask your buddy about the parent dogs weights
  8. well i would try putting nondairy creamer in some milk and mix that in with their food. or heavy cream.
  9. YOKEL

    YOKEL Pup

    apart from being "thin",what is the dogs overall condition like? i.e coat,muscle definition etc. could be it's just the way he's put together,tho the fact the spinal column is sticking up don't sound good to me. theres some sound advice above,worming out and good food.get this sorted then start feeding up while gently working the dog (road work) couple of miles a day to start ,then slowly build this up and increase food accordingly,you should see a marked improvement in muscle and overall condition within a few weeks...
  10. I found a supplement called "Pounds Plus" that works great. It puts good weight on the dog, supplies alot of needed vitamins, gives the dog an out of this world coat shine and alot of energy. As stated an another reply, do a good worming of the dog, then add this supplement once a day with a good qulity dog food. I feed my pits NUTRO. I also walk each of my dogs 2 miles a day. Once a week I also mix some natural organic apple cider vinagar to their water (it gives them a good inside flush). Hope this helps out!
  11. chi

    chi Pup

    I had a dog like that once and now he is one of the healtiest dogs on the yard. 1st you should worm him. Once you have wormed your dog you could start by making sure it is on the best dog food or by gettin a dog food rich in protein and fat. Another thing you could do is add rice, brewers yeast, mashed potatoes to act as a supplement, and your will more than lickely eat more. Increaseing the food intake is a good start also. Like feeding your dog twice a day instead of once. Another dog supplement is red blood cell. Try this and you will see a difference within 2-3 weeks.
  12. Calhoun

    Calhoun Pup

    Leave the feed at 12 cups and put her on her chain. I would add some kind of meat to her diet 3 times a week..... at night after her feed.
    Clean water always helps.
  13. Bubba

    Bubba Top Dog

    Let me see if I am reading this correctly, 12 cups PER DAY???? Thats alot of food. What size dog is this being fed to? I'd worm that dog out good and have a vet do a check up, as to me, that seems outrageous.
  14. carson3535

    carson3535 Big Dog

    sorry missed up an sending
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 25, 2004
  15. carson3535

    carson3535 Big Dog

    I have two pups, 1 male @ 4.5 monthsand 1 female @ 4 months I feed them Canidae and bil-jak daily.
    They get two big meals morning and night and I just keep the dry Canidae food out for them threw the day so they can eat alittle threw the day. I mix what is recomended for the Bil-jak with what is recomended for the Canidae. And plenty of clean water.
    Also give them a raw egg about two times a week and they get pig ears once or twice a week . In December I will start mixing raw deer meat in their food. Done this with dogs in the past so I know it works good.
    But you want to make sure a pup gets good food better then it would in the wild so it will be even more healthy. Thinking about trying the Barf diet. I do walk and play hard with them to develope muscles and to get them in shape remember a pup will look all kind of differant ways until a 1.5 or 2 years.
  16. Also once your sure the dog is parasite free and eating good get her some exercise. not so much condtioning as general activity this will boost the appetite.
  17. Whiskey Bay

    Whiskey Bay Top Dog

    I have a blue male that is the same way.His sire is an 80 pounder but he has only maxxed out at 51 pounds when he was inside .I put him outside and he dropped his weight instantly.I had a problem putting it back on (trying everything since I was a vet tech) I finally started him with creatine powder mixed with his feed and a raw diet.
  18. whats' up...well i got a blue brindle 65 pounds male pit bull. I feed him high protein food, give him 8-10 chicken thights a week and i give him some pillsalled high potency vitamin pills. He is not really getting bulier, he show muscle. Means he jumps higher. I'm 5"9 and from sit he wil jump almost up my head. I walke dhim since he as 5 month old bout 2-3 miles.

    I got a treat mill at home but he will not get on but i wil find a way for that. don't use any muscle powder crap. like i heard all it does it puts water around the muscle or so.

    Vitamins u can give, anything u by in the store. make sure he/she got enought clean water. otherise i'm thinking aboutto put a light/heavy chain on the bottom on his harness. so that at day time he can pull a lil weight in the back yard. u kno, nothing heavy, just something small...

    otherwise when i walk him, ..without gloves no chance. he pulls to much, to strong but i let him pull...a lil wotkout u know...

    i got so,me pics but they were takin at wintertime and he look kinda fat on that pic....
  19. Chopper

    Chopper Big Dog

    Also NuVet Plus has worked perfect for me. Gives dog lots of vitamins and is perfectly healthy.
  20. Zoe2003

    Zoe2003 Pup

    I have a female pit and shes a year a 2 months and shes only 55lbs, how can I get her to look buff. I want to add muscle definition to her, how would I go about that???

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