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how old should a pup be to start working out

Discussion in 'Training & Behavior' started by csotelo9388, Dec 16, 2009.

  1. depends on what you are wanting to do with your dog. to what age you start training. i dont care what anybody on this board says i pull dogs and at 6 mos old they start training for weightpull and have never had a problem with bones, structure, confirmation and have dogs that are 10 yrs old and better health than dogs at 6 yrs old. so it all depends on what you are wanting to do. different people do different things and working means diff things also. so needs to be kept in mind when on a pitbull board what you are asking. but when i start at 6 mos old i do with in reason for dog dont try to kill dog make everything fun for them.
  2. rhumble

    rhumble Big Dog

    i pay attention on tug while young, it might ruin the dogs teeth
  3. I was also told 18 months but some dogs like to join.... My boy is 13 weeks now and loves to see me on the treadmill so much that he always jumps on it to run for 30 minutes after I finish. As long as I'm there to reward him with a " Good Boy". Some are stubborn... I'm sure you will find out what works but you can really get a lot of help from this forum :)... Many dog whisperers are here

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