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how many Reid crosses was there?....lets try and list em all.

Discussion in 'APBT Bloodlines' started by Soze the killer, Nov 3, 2019.

  1. stickler

    stickler Top Dog

    And @Soze the killer your spelling really looks pretty much like Big D.'s.
    Limey is back. lol
  2. oldguy

    oldguy CH Dog

    Can't say I ever noticed any obvious traits or differences that could be put down to coat colour on dogs I saw mate.. I owned 4 sons of Scotsman's Max, 2 were out of Tania who was 'unknown pedigree' so that's half the picture lost already, the other 2 were out of a tight Wise Max bred female with one being an outstanding head and throat dog and the other a cur.. Also saw a red litter brother to those dogs called Hell's Jock's Boss that was average at best but very game.. If you was looking for jaw dropping mayhem, then Archie was the man and he was red.. CH. Bash was a good producer that threw brindle, reds and buckskins and either one as good as the other.. I think if you bred on the Kingfish/Skipper dogs then it was likely you'd get majority of brindle, a few reds and buckskins in the mix and a high % making it to the woods in varying styles.. Sheena Black's owner once told me Sheena was best producing female in the UK and you'd have seen by the dogs I owned that I believed him! Sheena was a wrecking machine, and if people out there choose to question her gameness because she stopped in #4 after being way ahead against Limey's Miss Fox, then surely we need to ask those same questions about Scotsman's Max after he hesitated and Limey's called foul against Smokey, and also Hagar after he stopped 'twice' in school.. If we really want to understand these dogs and their legacy, then I think we need to dispense with the prejudice and propaganda in equal measure and call it straight! :-B
  3. F.W.K.

    F.W.K. Top Dog

    Old wifes tales, lies and halftruths it is all in the game.

    Country Boy's Ventje, had the name to be a terrible maneater, didn't had any trouble with him the day I patted him on the head.
    Mayby it was pure luck that day, who knows.

    Not to trust around people, a much unwanted trait according the standard, and not without reason.
    From the tons of bulldogs I saw 90% were okay around people, as it should be.
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  4. Forever-So REAL

    Forever-So REAL Quintuple Grand Champion Premium Member

    I couldn't find the thread when Limey was talking about the black mouth I know he didn't say black spots most have black spots
    Black Chance is and example of what he was talking about lol... solid black
    Garner's Black Chance is one of the best grandson's of Garner's Spike and Garner's Chinaman alive today. Garner's Black Sis is an excellent bitch out of Garner's Chinaman bred to my old Buckie bitch, who was one of the tightest Eli Jr. bred bitches in the world.
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  5. Sir I read an interview once from a guy called harris he had dna on all his dogs and concluded he didnt get the answers he was looking for
    I wondered why so I dug into it

    he was sort of right but dna can give u one answer
    it will tell you who passed the most dna , sire or damn
    dig deep educate yourself

    its a wonderful journey until you come to the point where after u leaned so much u need to learn more

    some say I cook some great food and always have the finest rum and can tell the best lies in the world
    when u leave my place I guarantee u will leave with the feeling u met the greatest story teller in the world
  6. the black mouth is very interesting so I did a walk
    checked all them lips and than realized damn these girls when aroused them pussy change from pink to a light shade of red
    I asked them what bloodline they were from , and they all said , yours pappi
  7. oldguy

    oldguy CH Dog

    I'll drink to that man haha! =D>
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  8. I recall slivovitza is your poison
    let me know @oldguy its about time u come hear some bullshit I will invite @F.W.K. and I will sit in the middle of the table and ask fwk what happened at Bobby
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  9. oldguy

    oldguy CH Dog

    I drank Irish Poteen and some pretty suspect Scotch Whisky, but never in my life before did I forget the name of a friend I known more than 30 years after just a few glasses of that Czech aeroplane fuel haha! Love to come back mate, I'll bring a sand timer so you can restrict my ranting about Reid dogs haha! 15 minutes and then I have to shut up :))
    A day spent with you and FWK is easily summed up in 2 words man! 'Honour and pleasure!'
  10. F.W.K.

    F.W.K. Top Dog

    Should be fun to break down the black mouth theory @Bulldoghistorian and @oldguy , or we find out that dogs with such a mouth are the best invention since slicest bread. If that's the case the founder of the '' black mouth '' theory will get a '' medal for proven wisdom ''. If we can't get it proven then we'll have a good laugh about it.
  11. oldguy

    oldguy CH Dog

    You know what will happen @F.W.K. we start out talking very serious and profound about black mouths and DNA, we drink some fine rum, then @Bulldoghistorian starts talking about his dogs pussy and the conversation descends into chaos, I start singing country songs or talking Reid dogs (don't know which is worse) and nobody remember what the fuck we talked about next morning haha! Imagine what happen if we was writing pedigrees before the rum came out haha!
  12. One time I landed in Belfast an old friend called stevie B picked me up , he was at the exit of the gateway with a bottle of irish poteen and a glass
    he said Jesus welcome to heaven , he lied , it was hell what a beautiful place
    anytime old man we will talk truth about family and lie about the great dogs we had
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  13. oldguy

    oldguy CH Dog

    I met Stevie B around the time Bill met Oz and must say what a nice human being.. What a knowledge, what a competitor.. Game to the core, I liked him!
    Soze the killer likes this.
  14. F.W.K.

    F.W.K. Top Dog

    Pulling someone's leg is a hobby for @Bulldoghistorian, just like he have a keen eye for a bulldog.
    '' Oz '' and his other wellknown littermates, all bulldog history.
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  15. stedz

    stedz Top Dog

    I would love to have a drink with you bunch of fuckin looney dog men lol.
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  16. it would be a hounr man..

    And thanks to you all for joining in guys.

    Hey...its been a honour for me just taking to you all on the board.
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