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How Lame was that Super Bowl.

Discussion in 'Sports & Activities' started by Lakewood Dogger, Feb 3, 2014.

  1. I'm not saying anything about San Fran playing Seattle. I remember when Kap was at Vegas, he was a running Qb who has a cannon for an arm. I'm not saying anything about accuracy. Harbaugh wanted a QB that could toss it a country mile to Vern and at the time there top pick Crabtree. They needed to extend the field and they couldn't do it with Alex Smith's arm. Fact.

    In College, Alex Smith was a run and gunner. He is real accurate but has an average arm. This is what I was referring to.
  2. tubrunwva

    tubrunwva Big Dog

    We really dont go deep we are more of a yards after catch offense, but Vernon Davis can get vertical when matched up against a linebacker. Crabtree is no burner, he ran a 4.5 coming out of Texas Tech. He is just another weapon to slide coverage or get one on one matchups. We started Kap for his legs, not his big arm, because like I said against Sea (and the cards and rams defenses are no slouches either) his booming arm is kind of neutralized. Just look at Sb last year and nfc champ game this year. Everyone expected him to use his legs to make a play so coach put game on his booming arm and look what happened....
  3. Forever-So REAL

    Forever-So REAL Quintuple Grand Champion Premium Member

    You right about that Who Dat!!!!
  4. No disagreement about the mobility of your QB. The problem with that style is that the league has adapted to it. I mean the zone read has turned into more of beat the S out of the QB. Now, Kap is almost Cam's size but they don't want the franchise taking that kinda punishment. I like Kap but I think you will see him work on the acquarcy and only run when he can get away with it.
  5. mccoypitbulls

    mccoypitbulls Underdog

    Don't know if its true...but someone said that the game is being investigated ..possibly rigged...anyone heard that?
  6. tubrunwva

    tubrunwva Big Dog

    Lake I'm not really talking about that zone read option college style offense, Im talking about a mobile qb who can stay in the pocket, BUT SCOOT OUT AND BOOGIE IF NEED BE. If you watched the game against the packers when it was third and long and they sent a safety blitz, Kap took off and ran. It was a designed pass but the blitz was on and qb didn't have time to analyze the field or read the defense. I'm saying in that situation peyton, brady, schaub, flacco would have probably been sacked, and that play pretty much sealed the game against Gb for us. If you watched when peyton threw the pick 6, if he had any type of mobility he could have taken off and ran instead of trying to force the ball to a receiver, and only other option was take a sack which is still a negative offensive play, where I can count 2-3 times where Russell Wilson tucked the ball after dropping back and made several big positive plays for his team. Defensive players as a whole are too big too strong and too fast these days. We just all witnessed the qb who just had arguably the greatest regular season ever look like ryan leaf or somebody and as good as he has been I feel like if peyton had any type of mobility or athleticism the game might have been a bit different. (probably not, but certainly not as one sided)
  7. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    The game wasnt rigged.Its just most people fail to recognize a good defense such as Seattle has.Everyone now days want to see big explosive plays by the offense and when a team like that runs into a great defense and struggles its automatically rigged lol.
  8. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    I dont see San Fran making it.Not as long as Seattle is in the way.Had 2 solid chances already.
  9. dmack102

    dmack102 Big Dog

    There secondary is amazing...is not all peytons fault whwn he got warm his teamates already quit..halftime show sucked..gays are taking over...commercials werent as good as i remember in the past...but hey my neighbors wife made some awesome taco dip lol
  10. Die hard Giant fan here. As far as the niners, my favorite memory was Leonard Marshall giving Joe Montana a 2 year vacation out of San Fran. As far as your team winning on his legs, not going to happen. I will go out on a limb here and predict that Cam, Kap, RGIII will not win the big one for a long time.

    Don't try to group Wilson in the discussion, the defense won that one. He did very little. Just like when the Ravens beat the Giants. Stifling D won both contests.
  11. dmack102

    dmack102 Big Dog

    When u said die hard giants fan i just knew u were gonna mention ravens defense...most giants do lol...but hey yall won 2 after
  12. That game was hard to watch. But, lucky to be old enough to watch all of LT's career. Not a lot of fans can say that they watched some one that revolutionized the game. Also, our Manning still has 2 Superbowl MVPs. I betta big bro would trade a few MVP's for another one.
  13. tubrunwva

    tubrunwva Big Dog

    You can't even group those qbs because they are all different, and their teams ask them to do different things. There have been games where those qbs legs WON the game. And we have been nfc champ gm, sb, and nfc champ gm so I like my chances.(if gm was in sf might have been different) And you are a giants fan AND THE JUSTIN TUCK planting Brady epitomizes both those super bowls. Any other team against NE things might have been different, but the best way to slow down/neutralize a pass happy team is bring/apply pressure. Thats how ya'll beat them. If you recall Matt Flynn WAS their starter, and Pete Carroll said WE CAN'T win with Flynn, we have to go with Wilson. Say what you will about Flynn good or bad, none of our opinions matter because NFL gm's and coaches keep giving him a job. The top 6-8 teams are in the NFC with the Nfc west having the top 2, and throw Cards in mix too. You can't win playing against any of those teams with a statue....heck the skins were up 14 or 21-0 last year until rg3 got hurt.
  14. JLusk

    JLusk Big Dog

    I don't know what was up with Peyton my 9 year old daughter can throw tighter spirals than that. Maybe Seattle D is just that good. He seemed like a completely different quarterback than I've seen all season. His mind was definately somewhere else. Pretty weird
  15. Stop with the the Wilson praise. He threw for 120 yards. He is there not to make mistakes and move the chains. Period. The Beast and the D are where they win there games.

    As far as Flynn, they didn't need him. If I recall correctly, they gave him a ton of money and released him.

    As far as the running QB, I go back to the original in Fran Tarkentin and Randall Cunningham. Both, were thought to revolutionize the game. WHat did they ever win? The Raider D and Kenny Stabler were far to much for the original running QB.

    By the way, I don't think any of us go back to Crazy Legs Hirsch.
  16. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    Archie Manning could do both.
  17. Steve Young could as well.
  18. tubrunwva

    tubrunwva Big Dog

    Give Wilson his props man he makes plays....and there is a difference between a running qb, AND A QB WHO CAN RUN....Cunningham was one of the most inaccurate qbs in history! Wilson can make throws and or run when need be. I have seen gms where he has done both, and you make it sound as though not making mistakes and moving the chains aren't part of a qbs job description. Wilson can throw the ball as well as run, as the way I am seeing the nfl right now a qb needs to be able to do both to win both.
  19. Here is the thing. I have always liked the running Qb. The problem with them is usually they are very fragile ala RGII. Here is the thing, Russel Wilson is an average QB. He has an innate ability to see the open spot on the field. Something Peyton Manning is not the greatest at. I liked Wilson since he was at NC State. The point being, I'm not a hater when it comes to this style of athlete. But, I would take a Brady, Peyton or a worse example would be a Breese any day and twice on Sunday.
  20. TDK

    TDK CH Dog Staff Member

    If the Rams refuse to address qb, wr and te issues, they will remain where they are. I am a Fisher fan, but he needs to stand up to that stagnant thinking GM.
    The Superbowl was maybe the worst I've ever seen, and I've seen every one of them.

    Clearly, also, anyone who blames Peyton Manning for the debacle just doesn't know football. His numbers were decent, yet he does not block, tackle or rush the qb. He doesn't roam center field for the defense. The Bronco defense was barely adequate at best, then add all the injuries at key spots and I feel it gave Wilson freer reins.

    This game was clearly the Denver OC vs the Seattle DC. Denver's OC should be embarrassed. You cannot pitty pat a defense such as Seattle's. No attempt to stretch the field was ever made in order to MAKE Seattle play the full gamut of defensive football.

    Peyton will be back. He will still be Peyton and he will be good. But he will, as Lakewood alluded to, have a few different weapons and I hope to God, a new OC.

    Seattle was the younger team. Yet they showed much more poise. That team poise concept is instilled by the various specialty coaches and elder team leaders. Seattle had that. Denver didn't.

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