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How did you get into Game Dogs?

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by Rampage, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. Boy-boy 416

    Boy-boy 416 Big Dog

    my father and uncles always had dogs my chor list as a kid consisted of walking each dog on a designated path my dad had mapped out and feeding them and of course dung patrol i got a little older and ythe old heads would pay me to do their keep i remember the first time i saw a ambully i asked my dad what the dog was mixed with lol long story i dont think i had a choice

    MISSAPBT Top Dog

    Have loved them from a young age, my brothers owned alot, been around them since i was about 7, got my first pit when i was 18, im 21 now and onto my 3rd, unfortunatly my first died it her new owners hands, (ate an animal that has been poisened) and my 2nd bitch got hit by a car the little whore jumped the fence and chased after me in the car. So fingers crossed with my current girl, i will be keeping close eyes on her, as i dont want it to happen again and her blood isnt one to lose.

    Gez i sound like a bad owner reading back on that! RIP.
  3. RJT1

    RJT1 Pup

    I'm not gonna lie - It was for a woman. Prior to that, I didn't like 'em. My father was an undertaker/mortician and has seen what an agitated pit or rottie can do to a human body. My sociopathic grandpa had pits and I was warned to stay away from em.

    It took awhile, but eventually I fell in love with her dog. First dog I ever cared about. I'll never own another breed. He inspires and fascinates me every day.
  4. Bullnuts

    Bullnuts Banned

    My first experience with these dogs was in 1977-78 My step dads brother got a brindle pup that I was told later was a Colby dog, He left the dog on our property on a chain and would come once a day to feed and slap it around trying to make it mean! At that time 1977 Bulldogs were getting popular and the media tried to portrait these dogs as killers and devil dogs and that the people that keep them were all dog fighters that starved, beat, and fed gunpowder to them, for the pit, my step dads brother got all his info from false news reports, magazine articles, and thought thats how it was done! Anyway that was the summer of 77 All this happened In Anchorage Alaska. Summer was about done and he came less and less frequently to feed and rough the puppy up, nobody wanted the dog there or cared about it except me! I feed the dog and gave him clean water every day, Nitro wouldn't let anyone near him! Tim really did a fine job of making him mean! He would try to take a chunk out of anyone that got near him except or me! I fed him when Tim wouldn't show up, so Nitro liked me a lot and was friendly and playful but only with me he was scared of Tim! Winter rolled around and This dog didn't even have a house! Bulldogs in Alaska die if left outside! Nitro was freaken tough that dog ate snow to drink water when the hot water I would bring him every day froze over. I was only 8 at the time and my dog house building skills were at a minimum but I did erect some plywood in a sort of shelter with old sleeping bags stuffed in a hole in the snow I dug out for him, I still can't believe he made it through that winter alive! Tim didn't show up all winter! I saved my allowance $ to buy him dog food 2 dollars a week. My Mother was scared of Nitro My step dad wanted to shoot him, I was His only hope! He ended up being my best friend and protector, I would run into his chain spot away from my step dad (but thats another story!) I got up the balls to ask Tim for Nitro the following summer, He didnt take care of the dog, I fed it most times with dog food I bought with the 2 dollers I would get weekly from my mom, and he definantly wouldn't have made it through the winter without my help! I got punched for asking!
    I loved Nitro although I never got to walk him on a leash (wasn't allowed to) prolly a good thing since he was strong as an ox and hated anyone but me, I'm positive he would have hurt someone bad! I would hang out in his chain spot or near it cause of my step dad.
    So I spent a whole lot of time with him! I would sleep with him in his hole in the snow on bad nights! I had him and he had me! 1977-78 we needed each other!!!!!!!!!!!
    I see a little bit of Nitro in every dog I own, It was my love for him that turned into the love I have for the breed!
  5. ShakaZ

    ShakaZ CH Dog

    A friend got me into them.
  6. mlmaas

    mlmaas Top Dog

    dad had them when i was really young...dad moved away and never has one again till recently a little pup literally followed me home. been researching for a few years on my own...finally in a position to get a real bulldog..been to a few shows, talked to a bunch of old guys that had a lot to say ( some of them are vets, i'm a Marine)...been doing my homework, and now i'm jumping in. made the decision last year really after my dad died in Sept.2008, he was a die-hard bulldogger all the way, he lived for the dogs. when he died he had only a few boxes in his possession, a lot of old pics. I guess it runs in the family.
  7. JoeyNzoey

    JoeyNzoey Top Dog

    me, myself, and I....when I first wanted an APBT I came across all the bully bs online and friends were sending me to bully litters so therefore I did my own research and so fourth to come to where I am today and continue to keep my passion and open mind to learn, learn, and learn. So far I have had my first girl for about 2 years now and the dedication is always rising day by day with no stopping ahead.
  8. feastodg

    feastodg Big Dog

    my dad, uncles, and all their buddies were into dogs in the late 70's early 80's in SE Texas and then back up here in MA and RI. i was raised with them until my father passed when i was 10 and i picked back up where i left of when i went back to Tx for college and lived with my grandfather in vidor. then met some other like minded people in the tampa bay area when i moved there, and i will be back soon...
  9. Just got into gamedogs recently. I have always had Boxers and love that breed too! I got my First Bulldog last March when she was 8 wks old. She is a Colby dog and I got her to use as a catch dog. At 6m/o she was catching shoats and now at just over a year she is the hardest hitting little bulldog that I have ever seen. I have not seen that many but in the 20 -30 that I have seen she hits harder than any dog her size. She has taken a good beating a few times from rank hogs and nothing seems to even slow her down much less stop her. Great dog in the home and just loves people and even other dogs for the most part. If you are a hog you are in deep trouble with this little gyp. That is her in my avitar "Freija"

    AKA by the guys I hunt with Freija Train!
  10. rooftopdrop

    rooftopdrop Big Dog

    back in 79 I was 13 my brother was 22. a dogger owed my bro. 1st pick pup,it was 3 days before my 14 birthday so my brother let me pick out a pup.I picked a female she was a kingfish/cottens bullet bitch.my bro tryed to have me pic a male he liked but I wasnt havin it.she turned out to be one of the best dogs I ever raised.smart as a wip with miles of talent. anyway my grandpa was a dogger,he passed the fever to my dad who passed on to my brother and me.when I was 5 or 6 I hated the dogs,all they ment to me was shit to b shoveled chain spots to rake houses to clean swampgrass to be loaded an unloaded and dogs to come before me. then at 11 my dad took me to a show. he let me bring his dog to the [ ] after watching my dad handle that ole monster an get the win I was hooked.my mothers dad was a dogger too, thats how mom and dad met.I never knew that untill about 8 or 9 years ago when I came across a pic of my mom with 1 of her dads dogs in f. rocca's book. I showed her the pic and asked (is this you when you were little,she said ya howd that pic show up in this book) my sons are 20 and 22 and both are in the dogs. so the saga continues. lol
  11. Laced Wit Game

    Laced Wit Game Yard Boy

  12. That is a great story.

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