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homeowners insurance

Discussion in 'Laws & Legislation' started by chloesredboy, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. chloesredboy

    chloesredboy CH Dog

    I am really sartinh to think it depends on the particular ageny i guess i will find out tomorrow I understand your anger sedalia,as i said befor ive had soooo many problems with insurance agents

    NOLEFAN Guest

    They know because the insurance agent writes the policy, then an adjuster comes out and surveys the home and calculates the risks of the policy as written by the insurance agent. If you are home they usually ask to come in the house and take a look around, and if you are not home, they walk around and look for dogs and other things that may be a risk that they forgot to charge you for. My brother-n-law is a insurance agent and we just housed the dog at my parents house until the coast was clear. This their sytem of checks and balances to make sure the agent isn't just writing policies.

    Insurance is the biggest scam in the nation.
  3. mydawgs

    mydawgs CH Dog

    I have State Farm, they asked if I had dogs and what kind, then they asked if I had filed a claim in the last 3 years...answer NO and I got coverage.

    Insurance blows especially in NJ, the auto insurance is unbearable...you have to pay 3K a year for a new driver....my kid was in an accident last monday after a snow storm....not her fault....totaled her car (that she paid for - she is 17) , but she is fine, the other driver fine, no damage to his truck, anyway I had to claim the damage, the insurance company has not called me about the losses but they have called me to tell me they are dropping her from my policy.....in 30 years of driving I have never filed a claim and the first time I do...WHAM.....
  4. xoom6661

    xoom6661 Guest

    I can not be silent

    Thank you for your site. I have found here much useful information...
  5. Blaizen

    Blaizen Big Dog

    We've had State Farm for 20+ years, no claims. Within the last year, they sent someone to my home that saw the dogs and the kennels. (Keep in mind, I'm not at home, and they opened a closed gate to drive in.)

    This little drive by visit triggered a call from my agent asking what kind of dogs we had. I was honest with them, telling them they are APBT show dogs. (we have 4 grown dogs in the yard, 2 inside the house) She says, well the "Beware of Dog" sign made the guy think we had "trained guard dogs". So I tell her no, they aren't "trained guard dogs", but they will bark at you if you come in the yard. They are in a chain link fence, the kennels are within the fence and electric fencing around the chain link. No way can they get to anyone just driving in the driveway, you know? Barking, yes, they let me know someone's here.

    So I guess the 'BEWARE OF DOG" sign will come down! :D

    Anyway, figured I'd get the cancellation notice, but I didn't and they haven't gone up on the rates. :) From what I've read, State Farm is one of the few that haven't discriminated in the past against our breed. Hoping they stay APBT friendly and keep taking my money! ;) LOL!;)

    Insurance - A Necessary Evil! :(

    NOLEFAN Guest

    local agents in rural areas are a little more lenient than your city limit/suburb agents. It's about 5k to put a privacy fence up, and about $10 for a No Trespassing sign. Out of sight, is out of mind. If people don't see your dogs then they don't think about it as much. People are bad to interpret anything they see our dogs do as agressive behavior, so don't let them see.
  7. Old Timer

    Old Timer CH Dog

    now myself i don't have home owners insurance.another unneeded bill to make them companies get even more money.never have had insurance on my home and never will just don't need it.now for my pickups i use Allstate and have since it became law to have insurance.never had a problem with them and they ain't to bad on the premiums for me at least.had one accident and they took care of it real quick paid for everything and even provided a lawyer for me because the person who cut in front of me and hit the brakes decided to sue for money,they paid her off real quick to and my payments only jumped up $10.00 more per month wich was not bad at all in my opinion.but i would never have my home insured just a waste of money and they have to many rules and restrictions and will kick you out frist chance they get.i can sleep at night in peace and own my dogs in peace now worries about if i do this or that am i going to get kicked out.works for me but i know it wouldn't for a lot of people,but i can tell you this i have lived in the same house since i went out on my own,and all i have had to do is replace the roof and the rest was just run of the mill stuff that wouldn't make me drop dead of shock so if you are very strict on the upkeep of your home and use common sense with certain things 9 times out of ten you won't even use your insurance unless it is for a natural disaster.wich in Snyder Texas has never been a issue,now if you live in a place that gets hit with hurricanes or twisters and the like it is understandable but even then they will try and weasle out of taking care of you.
  8. JuckingFerk

    JuckingFerk Big Dog

    I have State Farm and have had them for years. My agent knows exactly what kind of dogs I have and now many we have because my wife walks them in front of their agency on almost a daily basis. My wife has also received compliments on how good the dogs look and how well they act. I have also called to see if I was required to increase my homeowners policy because of the type and the amount of dogs I have, I was told there was no need. State Farm is not against bulldogs, but it sounds like your agent is.

    Ferk out
  9. Attila

    Attila Guest

    I have my home, farm, kennels, business all under one company. If they give me trouble I will put that money someplace else. Like a bank account and move to some other country. Belize sounds good. lol I don't need them. I took my beware of dog sign down years ago. Now the warning says no tresspassing violators will be prossecuted by full extent of law. Really I will probably run them off via shot gun. That is my first choice every time. Never let my dogs do what I can do, that way if some one is bitching about how they were treated it was by me not my dogs. Take the heat and transfer it to me.
  10. ChiaPit

    ChiaPit Top Dog

    Since I am giving him the house and will be renting for awhile, I'm debating the whole renters insurance thing myself. I know it covers your property and all, but I just think the money I save might outweigh the odds of using it.
  11. vena

    vena Pup

    the two insurance agencies i have found that dont discriminate against your dor are USAA and Farmers Insurance. I've found others but they said they would not cover any animal bites. USAA says they will cover you as long as your dog has not bitten anybody befor. Farmers insurance said they would insure me as long as my dogs did not seem people agressive. The problem with USAA is that they only insure military or ex military. USAA aslo has high home insurance rates because of the hurricanes in florida. When i first got USAA they gave me the second best rate i could find, but when i moved in to another house i saw that their rates were going to be alot higher. I was told because a big portion of their customers were in florida and were affected by the hurricanes. Pretty much every one else is going to discriminate against you have if you have a dobe, rott, pit bull, akita, german shepard, chow chow or a mastiff.
  12. vena

    vena Pup

    I've seen renter insurance come in handy many times. i"ve had a number of friends use it when their apartments were broken in to. Once when i was out of town the air conditioner flooded my apartment and warped a 3000 dollar bed room set. i told the apatment mangment and they sent some one to suck up the water but said they were in no way liable for any damages and thats what renters insurance was for.
  13. Old Timer

    Old Timer CH Dog

    i can't honestly in goodfaith say yes for go it,because i don't know your situation or anyone else's on here,but for me in my area and looking at the options it just wasn't nessecery for me to have it.i don't own anything that expensive that couldn't be replaced i only own what i need in life never was one for extravagence except when it comes to my security systems and wall,never have had any natural disasters and there really isn't that much of a record of it in my area,crime isn't that bad and as far as vandals it is practically zero for my area so i really have no need for it.you just have to evaluate your situation and go from there weigh the pros and the cons and decide wich will suit you better.

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