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Help with first gamedog puppy

Discussion in 'APBT Bloodlines' started by hani, Feb 8, 2018.

  1. hani

    hani Pup

    and another question! i tried putting him on the carpet mill but he was afraid and shaking! my other dog is used to it but doesnt really like it and a friend of mine is taking care of her for a short while so he doesnt see her afraid of the mill etc
    so how do i proceed from here ragarding the mill with him so he gets comfy on it? and goes willingly?
  2. TriniBoy

    TriniBoy Pup

    Associate the mill with something pleasant. Don't focus on getting him to try to use it. Put him on it and speak to him soothingly pet him. Give him a treat or a chew tow or something while he's on it. Be patient and repeat as many times as it takes. May take a long time, may not. Either way you have a long time before he needs to actually use it. Once he's not scared of it, let him see your other dog use it.
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  3. hani

    hani Pup

    ok i noticed with my dog when he plays hes growling alot and going to bite and looks more like he wants to kill and shes 22 kgs hes 3 months old now abd its less play more agressiveness! but when i walk him outside hes afraid of other dogs even small breeds!! does that diminishes his gameness or what do u think!! ? or is it normal for his age?
  4. bamaman

    bamaman CH Dog

    3 months old ,quit worrying so much.Let the dog enjoy being a pup.It don't mean a thing.
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  5. hani

    hani Pup

    ok good! thnx
  6. Mr.Revolution

    Mr.Revolution Top Dog

    Yea like bamaman said stop worrying. Stop thinking of him as a gamedog and treat him like any other dog. Trust me when and if he turns on you gonna miss these days.
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  7. Soze the killer

    Soze the killer Top Dog

    Lol!!! I had a gyp that would run away from dog's till she was 2!!!!!then all of a sudden (I thought see was cold,and I was starting to feel gutterd)....bang!bang!bang!!!!!!.....and she came alive!...then extreme CARE had to be taken of course........just enjoy the innocence of a puppy at the moment.and then watch the way it metamorphosis!...... Remember: If it's gonna do it,it's gonna do it.if it's not then it's not!....just give it the best upbringing and the best food u can,and interact with it as much as u can......if it Love's u it will go a long way for u in the future... Good look!!!!!
    hani likes this.
  8. hani

    hani Pup

    i am! but hes 4 months old now and hes afraid of all kind of dogs still! but the ones hes familiar with them hes just attacking and biting and growling nonstop! but outside when he meets new dogs hes just afraid and avoid them!
  9. TriniBoy

    TriniBoy Pup

    Relax. He's four months old. He doesn't need to be around unfamiliar dogs anyway. He's a pup. That behavior you're seeing around dogs he's familiar with is just puppy rough play, nothing more.
  10. F.W.K.

    F.W.K. Retired Historican

    Patience and common sense is what you need.
    Gameness and aggression are two different things.
    And don't except from an puppy to act like a full grown adult dog.
    Buy a few books about the breed and study them.
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  11. pitbulld0gs

    pitbulld0gs Top Dog Staff Member

    You can't add gameness but i know for a fact you can build more drive into a dog and the main thing i would worry about at this age is letting a grown dog break the pups spirit. Of course health is above all else but just let the pup be a pup, he's gonna do what he does regardless so just nurture him at this age, watch him, be hands on with him and sort of guide him into the way you want him to be and the rest will follow.
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  12. Holocaust

    Holocaust Big Dog

    So he plays with dogs he knows friendly like a normal puppy and doesn' just haul off a maul a strange dog and yiure worried?

    It' a baby. Mike Tyson children didn't come out the womb stacking up k.o..... let the puppy be a puppy and quit trying to speed up the process. He'll be 1.5 in barely over a year. 2 year barely after that. Relax and let the puppy be a puppy
  13. Soze the killer

    Soze the killer Top Dog

    What people are saying is right hani.just let him grow up.keep him away from any aggressive mutts.(F.W.K is spot on about aggression and gameness not being the same).spend time with him and bond with him,and he will soon come out of his shell......o yeah I forgot..be patient(or learn to be lol)...
    TriniBoy, pitbulld0gs and F.W.K. like this.
  14. Mr.Revolution

    Mr.Revolution Top Dog

    Drive is derived from Prey Drive. And IME the dog either has it or not. I've never seen it increased just Harnessed/focused which shouldn't be confused with adding. The dog always had the drive you just had to find the right gas or motivation. So IMO you cant increase a dogs drive .You find what drives a dog then you focus that to condition the dog
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  15. Bondage

    Bondage Pup

    I started out in similar circumstances. I was around 15 years old when I got my first real dog. paid 300$ for him, a great grandson of Ramrods Tramp on top with an out Eli/Carver out. I researched alot when I was young through articles & magazines. As a youngster many of the older and more experience guys in my neck of the woods noticed my extensive knowledge and enthusiasm in the dogs and kept me around. Since I couldnt get anyone to take me serious enough to get a contest at 15 years old, I would just work my dog. Long walks, Proper nutrition & diet, Bicycle rides, lots of Road work and gaining a strong bond between my bulldog. He ended up being sold to a guy in which he was later culled.

    I guess I gut lucky, because on this day I was around 16 years old was taking my dog for a 3 mile walk, attempting to put a keep on him I read about even though I had no to contest, but just because i loved to hands on felt like I was doing something that made me a so called dogman lol. Well on this day I ran into a older feller in his 60s I would say while on the walk. He was impressed with my dogs confirmation let along he was buckskin dog with a black mask. He stated " Thats a fine looking bulldog you have there younin" and the conversion went from there. I lied about my age and told him I was 18 because I feared he would not give me the day of light, and ended up buying a puppy from him from working dogs. She was 3/4 Eli/Carver/Buddy Boy
    1/4 RBJ. The price was 500$ for the gyp, I had cut grass during the summer and scraped up 300$ bucks and had a connect on High Quality Dog food at the time. I gave the older feller 300$ & 8 Bags of 50lbs High Protein Dog food for the pup and thats how I obstained her.

    By this time I knew how to raise a dog , Build a bond, Keep them working, and keep your bulldog healthy for the basis. The older gentlemen turned out to be a good a old parnter of Tom Ratliff and had first hand experience with Ch Charley (CH Jeeps littermate brother). Jackpot Huh, I learned alot from him and used him as a mentor while younger. My gyp matured to 18 months of age and deciced to take a look at her with my mentor. She ended up being a hellava bitch and extremely game.

    It was around High School graduation time when I had to get ride of my gyp. I wasn't into selling nor adversiting dogs at the time, neither did I want her to go to someone who would not keep her to the standards of the breed, so I ended up giving her to a good friend of mine, who had bulldogs at the time. She ended up producing more than a handful of winners while in his hands and he ended up rebuilding his entire yard her. She produced many great gamedogs with good ability.

    During my second year of college, I purchased my 3rd dog, from Mr. EJ Hollingsworth and David Tant stock and began my foundation.
    I made sure I always kept my dog in the best physical and mental shape possible, The best Nutrition and Diet I could afford, Routine vet visits, and constantly searching for new knowledge . If you follow those standards then my friend you CANT LOOSE, I promise.

    Good luck on your Journey.
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  16. Holocaust

    Holocaust Big Dog

    Nice story and a hell of a group to fall into
    hani likes this.
  17. hani

    hani Pup

    hello again,
    dima is now 7 months old! everything is good and well but he just bunny hops alot! im posting to ask here because most gamedogs growing in kennels are chained most of the time i believe! dima is already pulling me on the skateboard! not too much just to get him used to it! but is it normal for his age to bunny hop? when he lays on the floor he always favors a side and sits one leg goes benieth his belly and i keep correcting him! and he runs alot in general and play alot
  18. hani

    hani Pup

    and doesnt really show any signs of gameness! some person i know here arround where i live has an amstaff pup same age as dima and hes without ped just backyard bred by some farmer for a 100 dollars! and hes more confident and agressive towards dogs! they play alot together but dima doesnt tug he lets go and afraid of other dogs while the amstaff is the complete opposite! im just asking to know what to expect! i was just angry inside for having a gamedog thats no game near same age amstaff pup and he wants him social!
  19. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Staff Member

    Dude, its a 7 month old puppy. Just let it be a baby.

    I think your confused as to what gameness actually is. Let it grow up. 15 to 24 months at least. Just because a dog acts aggressively dont really amount to squat. Many dogs change their tune when somethings biting back. Maybe your dog just isn't stupid and doesn't want to exert all that energy for nothing. Maybe its just a baby......
  20. Jacob

    Jacob Banned

    Boyles dodgy straight up. Bullyson too.The only dog i had to put down. Both those lines everything else really really great.

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