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Discussion in 'Products & Equipment' started by msdogman, Jan 1, 2010.

  1. msdogman

    msdogman Pup

    i just bought a new pulling harness and it not built to good who makes a good pulling harness

    NMWAPBT Top Dog

    check still water
  3. Last edited by a moderator: Jan 1, 2010
  4. shadowwolf

    shadowwolf Big Dog


    ADORE her stuff.

  5. chessfighter

    chessfighter Big Dog

    I was thinking of going with the Stillwater Working/Pulling harness, has anyone used it? Or seen it in action ?
  6. GR.2 OZZY

    GR.2 OZZY Pup

    CDpits makes some really top notch pulling harnesses.Andrea Douglas with douglas pits makes really durable ones also.

    GERMÁN Pup

  8. Mcleod15

    Mcleod15 Pup

  9. MOOT44

    MOOT44 Top Dog

    You WILL NOT find a better harness than this........


    she specializes in our breed and is FAST! I've got about 5 of them and they're great.

    Good luck in your search,
  10. msdogman

    msdogman Pup

    thanks for th ifo everyone
  11. TheStunnah

    TheStunnah Premium Member Premium Member

    TableRock Harness. Iv Just brought a Comp & Training Harness from them, Still waiting for the arrivel of it. but there harnesses look algudz!..:D cant wait to get it & try it out!..:D
  12. StopBSL

    StopBSL CH Dog

    Table Rock and the Working Canine are both great people who make great products. They have different styles but we've used and like both!
  13. Leslie H

    Leslie H Big Dog

    Another vote for Missy Villines and Brown Dog Designs. Dogs wearing her harnesses are winning at national competitions in a variety of venues. Custom made, reasonably priced, and most importantly, well fitted.

    If you look at different pictures, you can see in some how the neck of the harness actually digs into the lower part of the dog's throat. This restricts the breathing, and prevents the dog from dropping down lower, which is a more effective pulling style. So, a poorly fitted harness will make pulling uncomfortable for your dog, and restrict how well it can pull.
  14. mommy2kane

    mommy2kane Big Dog

    I always recommend Missy Villines. Her harnesses are amazing, and fit very well.
  15. New2Game

    New2Game Pup

    I just got a collar and harness from thoe guys! Couldnt be built any better, excellent quality.
  16. msdogman

    msdogman Pup

    thanks for all the info i could decide on which one to buy so i bought one from all yalls suggestions i got like 6 harness coming from all over see which one holds up the best
  17. you can send some of that money my way. thanks. lol

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