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Happy Birthday Texas Pit Dogs

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by CrazyK9, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. CrazyK9

    CrazyK9 Top Dog

    Let's all take a moment today to think about Dave. He would've been 81...
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  2. LuvinBullies

    LuvinBullies CH Dog

    Good lookin out CK9.

    Happy Birthday Dave. You certainly are missed around here.
  3. Suki

    Suki Guest

    No doubt~forever in my heart Dave...:)

    this is SO Dave, " a friend"...one of my last PM's to him. I don't think he'd mind...;)
    i was concerned about him being laid up...

    10-24-2006, 06:23 PM
    Join Date: Nov 2005
    Location: Texas
    Posts: 1,208 [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    [​IMG] Re: ok
    Originally Posted by Suki
    Originally Posted by TEXAS PIT DOGS
    Originally Posted by Suki
    so, call me nosey=just concerned is all....
    you ok, Tex? What's "laid up"?????
    details! I need details, sir!!!:D ;)

    ...seriously, hope you're "ok"...:)

    na i dont call ya nosey suki,i call you a friend.if you said you was laid up i would be asking you whats wrong as well.it's just my leg thats bothering me after being bit from that damn cyote,and the shots i got made me kind of sick to my stomach but thats all,nothing to worry about i should be kicking and screaming in no time,lol......"....

    sure do miss him... :(
    Happy 81 Dave! xo!!!!!!!
  4. DryCreek

    DryCreek CH Dog

    Good catch Crazy, thanks for posting this. :)

    It was a loss felt deeply by many, you sure are missed Texas Pit Dogs. :(

    Happy 81st Dave, I'm taking a moment to reflect....

  5. Old Timer

    Old Timer CH Dog

    Thanks for posting this.Happy Birthday my friend and i hope you and the MRS are doing well up there.i am sure i will see you again good buddy.
  6. Envy's Mom

    Envy's Mom Top Dog

    Happy birthday old friend! It was good to talk to you when I had a chance. I honor the knowledge you shared with all of us. Thanks for everything man!
  7. hrdeluxe

    hrdeluxe Big Dog

    Being fairly new to the board I never had the chance to interact with Dave.

    Someone want to fill me in a little? If not, no biggie.
  8. Old Timer

    Old Timer CH Dog

    sure what do you want to know about him?
  9. Bullyson

    Bullyson CH Dog

    Im not too familiar with him either. Ive heard of TPD but nothing much about Dave. I know he was a respected dogman but thats about it. :(
  10. Old Timer

    Old Timer CH Dog

    well he was a respected dogman in fact very respected not only on here but in real life as well.he seemed to have friends from all walks of life but one of his closest was Willie Nelson.infact he had a guitar signed by him,Johnny Cash,Waylon jennings,hank williams jr,hank williams sr,george strait,george jones,chris Kristofferson and so on and so forth this was his most prized item he owned.they all knew him well and visited him when ever they came by that area.infact not long before he died i think about a month before i went over to visit him and here sitting on his couch was George strait.he was a mans man not affraid to speak his mind and i think thats what most liked about him.he had these dogs all his life but his bloodline of choice was the Colby line,and in a time where that line ain't quite what it used to be his were like looking back in time.he graced the pages of many books and magazines.he was a veteran of ww2 where he fought till it ended.infact right before he died the city of Andrews put up a huge remembrance for all the veterans of ww2 and since he was the oldest one that could still walk and do things they made his the speaker for that event.but he spoke more about bulldogs than anything during that.he was loved around his hometown or anyplace else he went.he was the last of his original family to go all his brothers,sisters and the rest of his family all went before him.he even survived his wife and that really hurt him when she died,even more than when his brother was murdered at age 20 in a local jail.he did a lot of things through out life but his passion was bulldogs and family and thats what he lived for.he was born in sept in the year 1926 in the ozark mountains on a cold night and died a peacefull death in his home in Andrews Texas.his back and legs were bothering him so he decided to go sit in his hot tub for a bit and he was found the next morning by his grandson.that sums up most of what Dave was but there are many more things i can say.but if you want to know anything else you know how to get the anwsers.
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  11. coolhandjean

    coolhandjean CH Dog

    wow, he sounds like he was quite the man. The kind of man women long to marry and the kind men long to be like. Thanks for sharing that with us, OT.
  12. Bullyson

    Bullyson CH Dog

    No doubt. Thanks alot OT. RIP Dave.
  13. hrdeluxe

    hrdeluxe Big Dog

    Thanks old timer. Sounds like he lived damn near the perfect life....bulldogs and guitars! Well, that would be perfection to me. Did he have any famous ones??
  14. BoiBoi

    BoiBoi CH Dog

    he was a great man, i enjoyed learning from him and he was always pleased to teach. Hey Oldtimer didn't he raise boudreaux dogs aswell, i believe he did but im not sure. Well anyway Happy birthday Tex
  15. Old Timer

    Old Timer CH Dog

    Well his main line was the Colby line but right before they did what they did to Floyd he got 7 dogs from his yard.now he didn't know what was about to happen or anything like that but he just wanted to try some dogs from that line.and we were talking about that line and he decided to purchase 7 of them directly from the source.

    But yeah he was a fine example of a human being.friend to anyone,always willing to help anyone out and he would give the shirt off his back to anyone who needed it.and i think that was his appeal to everyone from all walks of life.infact before he passed there was a girl in town who his grandson that was living with him was sweet on.well this girl also was abused by her father on a daily basis.his gradson told him about this and asked if he could help her,so he went over to that house and he wasn't in peak health at the time mind you and he really tore into that father and gave him a pretty fair beating.then him and the local big wig of the police department went over there and had speaks with him.anyways to make a long story short Dave adopted that girl and gave her a decent home till the day he died and now her and his grandson are married.he said he wasn't to keen on the fact that this girl was living in the home with his grandson who liked her a lot,but they made him a promise nothing would happen and it sure didn't and i think if i am not wrong that they are expecting a child.now they are young the both of them but they are making things work real good he is going to school as well as working as is she and they are renting a home and just making a nice life together.but to me that spoke a lot for Dave he was just that good of a person and willing to help out like that.
  16. PiTBuLL200416

    PiTBuLL200416 Big Dog

    Dave is a great man, he is the reason I am as far as I am when it comes to theses dogs. I respected and still do respect him for what he has done for this breed. He has made me a better dog man and i wish and pray that his family does everything they can do to take care of everything that he has left.

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