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gr ch buck, how is/was he bred?

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by looker, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Erie Outlawz

    Erie Outlawz CH Dog

    It also doesnt make an ounce of sence for him to change the ped to what he did change it to either though it didnt make either parents rom and they never even bred to buck they had nothing to gain from changing it to more bolio especially when they pretty much made the bolio/tombstone cross they were pumpin both lines
  2. sadieblues

    sadieblues Premium Member Premium Member

    Buck was Rangy as hell lol


    And if you go back and read what I wrote at the TIME when Buck became well known to the world Pat Patrick's yard was based heavily on Bolio Dogs so if he did swap ped's to make it LOOK like Buck was off tater that would drive more business to his yard. Because everybody and their momma would be trying to get a dog off the same parents that buck came off of.
  3. sadieblues

    sadieblues Premium Member Premium Member

    And my Gaston Bitch is rangy as hell just like buck lol

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  4. sadieblues

    sadieblues Premium Member Premium Member

    AND again I will say this I was not there when PP did the breeding that produced Buck. I am only going off what I was told by sources who I believe to be credible and have first hand dealings with this line of dogs. You can believe what you want to I know what I was told and what I believe I am just sharing what I know to be true.
  5. magnoilaotis

    magnoilaotis Top Dog

    With PP you can never tell. If Buck was sired by Little Tater, who says little tater was even bred like PP papered him? Who Knows if Golden Boy was bred like the ped says? For all we know Buck could be heavy Boomerang or something else. He had more bloodlines on his yard than bolio, tombstone and clouse. PP was a great breeder, but I wouldn't believe anything he says. He changed Bucks ped at least three different times after he made a name for himself. So you got about four peds to choose from.
  6. Naustroms

    Naustroms CH Dog

    The tombstone dogs are thicker and heavier boned. Bolio with see more finer boned, rangier dogs.

    But nobody knows but Patrick so whatever PP says now is the way it is anything else is just guesswork.
  7. sadieblues

    sadieblues Premium Member Premium Member

    And that's kind of how I feel he swapped peds so who is to really say as it seems like PP had his own Agenda where this dog was concerned what that is no one can ever really know for sure. People have their own ideas but unless you saw the breeding who the hell really knows.
  8. allaboutpitbull

    allaboutpitbull Big Dog

    i was told my and old timer that buck was bought at a flea market but then the old timer was a lying sack of shit cool dude to talk to but man he could spin you some tales like a Walt Disney fairy tale
  9. gh32

    gh32 Premium Member Premium Member

    I got to be getting me some flea market dogs then.It's funny how everyone knows the true breedings of all these old dogs,lol The important thing is that buck was a great dog and made an impact and there have been good dogs come down from him. How he was or wasn't bred at this point is really neither here nor there.PP knows and I wouldn't believe him one way or the other if he told me.
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 6, 2012
  10. sadieblues

    sadieblues Premium Member Premium Member

    That's right buck was a damn good dog that most would give their left nut to feed if he was still around. But he's dead and gone and he left his mark. He proved to be everything a good game dog should be and that's what really matters.
  11. scratchin dog

    scratchin dog CH Dog

    I don't think Buck looked anything like Tombstone. Buck was way more athletic looking, just like his dad Little Tater. He also has the same full drop ears as Tater whereas Tombstone did not. You are not going to get those full drop ears unless you heavily breed on the dogs that have them. Look at the Hollingsworth dogs. Heavily bred on Buck's half sister Lady in Red. She had those ears before they were cropped, and so did the Hollingsworth dogs.

    If Buck was off Golden Boy, then where are all the other superstars off Golden Boy? Where are all the great lines based on him? Meanwhile, there is a veritable wall of greatness coming off Buck, Tater, Lady in Red, Red Baby, Bull Boy Bob, & Bolio.
  12. Foundation

    Foundation Big Dog

    gh32 and Sadie.. Hahaha! thats funny as hell, I was just getting ready to add.. "How was buck bred?" Good as fk thats how! ... His original ped and the handwritten ped probably are the most genuine and honest to the dog. ... ... Buck .. a perfect blend of Tater and Bolio .. .. I see tater sometimes when I see old pics of buck, I see Fitzwaters Goldie sometimes.. and when you look at him from a far he has bolio characteristics. ... but ol' buck he's a perfect bolio & "clouse".. just look at him and what he did, what he's produced.. His offspring bred right are just as consistant .. in quality shape size color and mentality.. .. when your talking pure patrick bred dogs.. I do like Amboss as well ..

    funny.. Carver and Patrick both similar in quality and ethics of dogs... both are well known for .. ah.. wait .. my ears are ringin' .. :D
  13. looker

    looker Pup

    I concur...those ears don't lie either
  14. looker

    looker Pup

    Your post contradicts its self...lol
  15. Erie Outlawz

    Erie Outlawz CH Dog

    hahaha true PP also said he had better studs then Buck at the time thats why he never bred to Buck lmao better then Buck lol when it really comes down to it it doesnt matter how he was bred what is important is that he threw good dogs with any line of dogs he got almost all his points off of basically battle crosses never really being bred that i know of to anything that was bred close to him lol no matter what breeding you believe he came from lmao
  16. Erie Outlawz

    Erie Outlawz CH Dog

  17. Limey kennels

    Limey kennels CH Dog

    If you read the dog insted of the papers then we can clearly see that Buck is NOT a bolio dog!. but a Tombstone dog. altho PP dogs are bolio tombstone dogs/ crosses. i have seen a hell of a lot more Tombstone dogs then Bolio dogs . coming from his yard..
  18. sunbeam

    sunbeam CH Dog

    he looks a lot like golden boy did.but who knows for sure ? probably not even PP
  19. sadieblues

    sadieblues Premium Member Premium Member

    Does anyone have a picture of Golden Boy?

    SOULDOG Top Dog

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