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Golden king's kid

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by CHUVALOFAN, Aug 2, 2015.



  2. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    He is a fine looking animal.
  3. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    They did the cross to add some punch and looks like it worked for them.


    I love the way Golden King's Roma was bred. I watched (online) a few of Silvers hunts and he was IMO a very complete bulldog with exceptional ability. The heavy 'old school' Sorrel with the Redboy/Honeybunch/Jeep made a very nice dog in Roma.


    I am not a fan of the Limey blood, that being said the only first hand experience I have had with it is inbred pup to pup shit that got in the wrong hands. The old stud that they all were down from though was a beast and not a pleasant one weather you had 2 legs or 4.
  6. old goat

    old goat CH Dog

    watch their last shows and look good at the courtesy .
  7. keystone

    keystone CH Dog

    and don't forget limey kennels ducked keystone kennels
    sence 1982 lol
  8. patjr

    patjr Top Dog

  9. keystone

    keystone CH Dog

    ..he probably found it too hard to make weight???..= truh lol
    your mentor pat.....?
    who laughs the hardest about himself is you ......
  10. Inkman

    Inkman Pup

    The Famous King JR made me click on this!!! Ghaaaaddammit...hahaha

    (Golden Kings Kid...AKA...King Jr.)
  11. promoe

    promoe Premium Member Premium Member

    that buck was a little light for kid imo.
  12. Jacob

    Jacob Top Dog

    where is boris did he get some reps for himself




  15. DWBK

    DWBK Pup



    A Short interview I found with Pera

    My first question is: In the world there are so many breeds of dogs, why pit bulls? When you have got the first pit bull, and he was no blood? Why pit bulls? Hmm ... because they are the most geymnye dogs and because it is now my profession. My very first pit bull was CH Kinga 1993. He was Nebblet-line as well.

    Pera's Golden King, this is your most famous dog .... I saw some of his matches with Ch Sony and Gr Ch Dandy. I must say that the match King vs Dandy is simply amazing, in my understanding of strategy and Games ... This is the case when the territory of the 4x4 there is really the best of the best! But I would like to ask you to tell the readers Pete Masters of such details that most people do not know ... maybe were some problems in training ... or any other troubles in the preparation, which usually remain "behind the scenes". Maybe it will be interesting to our readers know. I did not make some sort of incredible, especially things in training CH King. He was just smart. I would say this: The dog, who knew what she wanted ... As a rule, he worked in the head and the other dogs when he gave up his chance to kill. All of his matches were easy for him, and, as a conclusion, he won effortlessly. In a match with GR CH Dendy, CH King was old and then he has coached my son. He just drove King's car and put his heart and erased all pads. And later at King's problems began with the feet: the nails, the fingers, and this greatly complicates the training. Perhaps that's one of my mistakes! It was necessary to prepare it for me personally! But back to the match with GR CH Dendy. This match was the spring. When King trained people do not even want to talk about our opponent Dandy, of course, it was a very good dog, but not of the caliber of what was CH King.

    You know, I like to analyze some things and find their own opinions, which do not always converge with the opinion of others ... And the question is this: What do you think, what could be the result of the match King vs MayDay? My opinion about this match as follows: Firstly, I always wanted this match took place. Secondly, I think that May Day had no chance against the King! I've seen some of the sons and daughters of May Day in Serbia and I can form an opinion about him. I repeat that May Day was not able to win CH King. So I think that the West simply does a very good commerce around the name of this May Day.

    4. Pera's Champion Silver - Second World Znamenitostr and living legend ... He won Grand Champion in three and one Champions ... Hmm ... I do not when you do not hear about who would be able to vyigart in three grand champions and champions in his career . I've seen all three matches with Silver (Gr) Ch Jocker, (Gr) Ch Black Mup and finally (Gr) Ch Shayn. How it managed to Silver? I'm going crazy with dogs, even a little like Siver-y. Dogs running in the head for me - winners. CH Silver is very smart dog and I think it is THE BEST IN THE WORLD !!!!!!!!!! Only he could win GR CH Jocker, GR CH Black Mup, GR CH Sheyna and Ch Bonya ... GR CH Jocker and GR CH Bony were the most famous in the world and after Silvery victories over them, the two dogs were open to the world but nobody wanted to fight them. Pera, to ask you, what style do you prefer? Or you guessed it ... Yes, I love dogs working in the head, and as styles, the ones that are characteristic CH Silver and CH King. Please call your easiest and the most difficult match. The worst: CH Silver vs. GR CH Black Mup and CH King vs. Jocker (4W)! And the easiest were the others.

    Who is the trainer of your dog? Your dogs have some special training whether it is a regular set of exercises? All dogs train myself and they perform a bit of everything. 8. Do you use steroids? If you use, say what, if not secret? How about BIO active additives (BAA), such as L-carnitine, or Creatine? I do not use steroids, all only natural. In the world there is no one who could say what doping can be given to animals without any known adverse effects. 9. Grand Maurice Carver said: "You know how I feel about the dog in training. I send my wife in the next room and bring the dog into the house together to watch TV. During the training, I and the dog should be best friends." What do you think about it, really contact with the dog during training is so important then in the ring? I believe that it is overriding - to find common ground with the dog. Not only in training, but also to it ... 10. Do you think a CEO Secrets to Dog Training (if we have in mind a good, match dog)? The key is that no secrets! Either the dog is good or not ... Give 5 match play in the sequence of the qualities that you want to see in their dogs in the ring and breeding. I want to see in their match dogs that I use in breeding the same qualities: intelligence, style (work head), good shape, GOOD RAZVEDNIE, and in the end - GAME ... What types of dilution do you prefer: crosses, or line breeding? Well, both the first and second type of breeding ... It is important that dogs are not too were related. Who is your main producer now and how many litters did he do? The main producer of CH Silver and is only for my yard . You can call your favorite game? I mean your dog and other dogs dogmenov in your part of Europe ... My favorite match with Sejlor 1W, and as for the other dogs dogmenov, I can not say anything special ... I'm sure you've seen some dogs from the United States, you can call the dog, whom you consider "great"? I say about those whom I have seen here ... .All the dog who came to Yugoslavia from the United States have less quality than our in Serbia. Currently, imported Does your country dogs from the United States or others. countries? I do not follow it ... For me it is important that the dog was good, but where my values ​​are not. What dogmas and nurseries on the top of the game in your part of Europe? On top of the Golden King against all other kennel! And in my country and abroad za know it ... If you saw some Russian Chs & Gr Chs, what can you say about them, whether our dogs are the best dogs win your part of Europe? I've seen some of your dogs and think that among the many great fighters ... but they do not come to us for the games. I also have information that the best in breeding at the moment in Russia is DUCK, a dog that had left my house. Pera, thank you for your answers! And my last question: What do you wish the readers Pete Masters? OK ... I want to say that you should definitely look at the product that you are buying, because now a lot of people who do not speak the truth. And I want to invite all the stakeholders to the International Show, which will be held here in October at the home of Bogatic-a on the show will participate in the games my 2 dogs. Best wishes to all .Pera Golden King
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  17. plane

    plane Big Dog

    Excuses ....


  19. plane

    plane Big Dog



    First off I have no idea what take a nick is.
    Second As I can't follow that I have no idea why you would post his name.

    I boxed as an amateur for just under 12 years, met George countless times and his living son. I have also donated to his charities. I also served with a combat arms Sqn in A-stan for 7 1/2 months and a year or so later had the honor and privilege to speak along side him in a high school auditorium in Ontario.

    So yes, I think often about that man and have much respect for him and his story helped me greatly in dealing with the loss of so many of my friends/fellow soldiers during and after my tour. He is and always will be in my eyes the greatest.

    Hows that for takin the ''nick''

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