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getting puppy used to treadmill ?

Discussion in 'Sports & Activities' started by edgar86, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. edgar86

    edgar86 Big Dog

    i know puppy untill 12 month should not do any hard sport or jumping .

    My older dog is a 9year stafford and doesnt want to walk/run the mill i need to find him a good bait and maybe he will move it ;) some rabbit should make him run i think .
  2. efcpeter

    efcpeter Pup

    Here's my 6 months old SBT running the mill...she took to it straight away after watching my my older dog running it...
    DSCF2992 - YouTube
  3. edgar86

    edgar86 Big Dog

    Ahh nice ,
    Iam at the point where we just play a bit on the electric mill with treat , and the mill is on of course .

    I watched Cesar Milan put a puppy on the electril mill in 10 minute lol ....
    Should i grab the leash and get him there with the mill runing at a decent speed , so he get the point straight and better than just playing on the mill ?
  4. efcpeter

    efcpeter Pup

    I would edgar86...If you hold the leash and just start of on a walking pace...You want him to feel secure...you can up the speed later...
  5. I started getting my pup used to the mill the first week I had her. She was easy, no hesitation and so wanting to please. She took off and never looked back. Keep in mind as just a 10 week old pup she is only on it for a minute or so at a time and given tons and tons of praise. Start them early if you can but also don't expect quick results. TAKE IT SLOW.

    I have a male with a very high drive for exercise but he didn't get on the mill until about a year and a half and it was very slow going. Here is one of the biggest problems I see with people trying to get there bulldogs doing a new form of exercise, especially the treadmill, PATIENCE. People seem to think that because they have a game dog that he/she will be fearless of everything right away and if there not then there is something wrong with them, because after all its a bulldog. Many good game dogs are spooked by different things, and of course sometimes shy too. Have patience with your hounds and raise them like you would a child, introduce to new things slowly and provide plenty of praise and encouragement. With my male, we started putting him on the mill a few times a weeks and just petted him, praised him and gave him a few treats. After about a week he started standing on it and moving a little bit. A few weeks later and he started running on it and actually enjoying it. He gets most of his exercise next to the bike but I still enjoy challenging him, especially mentally.

    TROTLINE Top Dog

    I have one of the best mills money can buy, but I just don't rely on it that much!! Not that there arnt good keeps for mills now. The way I was taught besides lots of swimming every thing else is hand walk flirt pole more hand walk rub table (which is an art in itself) then just breeze them now and again on the mill!! I let young ones watch another on A mill but normally don't put one on until over A year! I'm old time and I know there are other ways, but it's worked for me and like the saying go's (Never Kick A winning Horse) lol
  7. palooka

    palooka Premium Member Premium Member

    i always start pups of on the flirtpole, once they're going crazy at the sight of it, put them on mill then show them the flirt, most will run it straight away.

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