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Gettin em to pull...

Discussion in 'Training & Behavior' started by jcat, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. jcat

    jcat Pup

    Greetings Fellow Pit Lovers,
    I have a 11 month old Red Nose and have tried to get him to pull.. I have tried starting with a bike... hooked him up to smaller light weight objects but as soon as he starts to feel the pull he will just stop.. I have tried using his favortie treats in front of him, and just plain old encouragement. Any suggestions would be great.. I live where there is snow more than there is grass so pulling in the winter months would really help the exersise program. Also, what is a good harness ? I have seen pics in the gallery but cant find a place that sells them. Thanks buddies for your advise.
    Johnny cat
  2. clarence

    clarence Pup

    you can find weight pulling harness's on most google searches as 4 makinghim pull get him use to have te harness on maybe try a weighted one to get him use to having the extra strain on him but you need to be patient he is still young he will get the hang of it soon im sure then he will be pulling you around just like my puppie is doing now
  3. bigboy69

    bigboy69 Pup

    He's too young to pull
  4. Leslie H

    Leslie H Big Dog

  5. norcalreds.com

    norcalreds.com Big Dog

    I agree these are topnotch harnesses! I got both the walking and WP harness and they are great quality! Missy is a wonderful person!

    Your pup is still young! I suggest doing alot of handwalking to create a trust/bond. When he starts pulling always praise him. When he gets the picture then you start encouraging him to pull! You have to build the bond so that he can be confident! Some pups start out faster then others but dont get discouraged. Just start off with short fun sessions.
  6. jcat

    jcat Pup

    Wow, Thanks for the responses, it sounds like I am off to a good start. I have a pack that he wears with a little weight in it. He wears a harness frequently, although not like the ones I have seen on this website. First time I have posted a blog so thank you all for your contributions.:)
  7. clarence

    clarence Pup

    why is he to young to pull my dog was pulling a full size 15 pound tyre and pulling it better than the older dogs that we were trying it with
  8. peppapig

    peppapig Banned

    id say clarence is of right age for pulling....
  9. clarence

    clarence Pup

    thefella is on about the 11month old dog but clarence was younger thantat when i started with him he took to it straight away and he LOVES it :D:D
  10. clarence

    clarence Pup

  11. clarence

    clarence Pup

  12. clarence

    clarence Pup

  13. clarence

    clarence Pup

    just a few of my year old boy pulling his tyre
  14. budboy88

    budboy88 CH Dog

    you dont want to put that much stress on an 11 month old your begging for bone and joint problems later in life

    the absolute youngest i would let a dog pull weight would be 18 months
  15. alabama

    alabama Big Dog

    I disagree actually budboy in one way this dog is develpoed enough to be pulling light weights over a distance but ill agree not real heavy weights till later on for sure

    Looking in good shape there clarence,really like the top pic of him ;)
  16. ABK

    ABK Rest In Peace

    I don't even start my dogs pulling until they're physically matured at 18 months. Some people do start earlier, but I have heard too many stories of dogs sustaining injuries due to early starts. I figure why not wait a little. It's not going to hurt anything. I sustained some sports injuries myself as a youngster & I can tell you they're not fun & they're lifelong. Knowing this I won't risk it with my dogs. But that is just me.

    Here is a link to weight pull training. Hopefully it will help you.

    Weight Pulling - Pit Bull Forums

    And don't forget your obedience work. Good obedience work will always benefit you in pulling.

    Good luck! :)
  17. Naustroms

    Naustroms CH Dog

    First off,that's a good looking pup.
    I don't think its too young to get him used to pulling and the cart. You're obviously not trying to make an 11month old pup tug 2000lbs. So the sooner you get him used to pulling an empty cart the better.

    I suggest maybe try using smaller tires at first or hooking up another dog next to him and let him see that dog work. Once he sees the other dog get going it may kick him into gear too.
  18. Rocko

    Rocko Big Dog

    just bc he can doesnt mean its good for him..... take you time it will come...start small and light and over time it will be easier and easier....dont want to break his sprit also...
  19. bigboy69

    bigboy69 Pup

    I would wait until around 18 months so the dog is more matured. You could put the harness on them and let them get used to it. One of the biggest issues is with his joints later in lfe. And I think I read something about their growth pallets.
  20. shadowwolf

    shadowwolf Big Dog

    Never pull with an improper harness either. You can ruin a dog by using improper equipment.

    Practice makes perfect. My harness is from "The Working Canine" and I adore it. CDPits also offers great training advise as well. Attend a few WPs and talk to folks there, too.


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