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Gardner's dogs

Discussion in 'Breeder Discussion' started by Colby Eli, Feb 14, 2010.

  1. kane85

    kane85 Top Dog

  2. kane85

    kane85 Top Dog

    buck e owns what you think about this right here ^^^^^
  3. jetson

    jetson Big Dog

    met tom he kool peeps lots of info wit him lol.....aadr national show was awesome hit the shows u never kno who u would meet......his dynomite dogs is great...nd he has eli stuff as well.....
  4. kane85

    kane85 Top Dog

    que onda paisa que perros tines por esos rombos???
  5. Laced Wit Game

    Laced Wit Game Yard Boy

    no say! lol
  6. craftwork

    craftwork Pup

    alot of haters on tom here but he must be doing something right because he has a hell of a gig going on out there and no one is messing with him some the man got his shit on lock and he's making a shit load of money so u cant be mad at him let him live


    you might be right i got that from a unreliable source.

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