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Gameness of a Kerry Blue

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by IrishRebel1916, Mar 4, 2020.

  1. Rats...
    so they crossed them terriers with the pit fighting dogs of the time..
    pit fighting dogs were around long before we had rats..
    it would not take much back then to make the cross and just use the pit dog looking ones.,,but in type the blood of the old baiting dogs were the type them old breeders were looking for..
    so they might have terrier in them but they aint a terrier...sounds crazy in writeing but most breeds of dogs are created like that.the Greyhounds a Greyhound but there some bull blood in its make up.
    i think its unfair to call the modern day pit bull a terrier.
    its not a terrier in type,and even small ones cant fit in a hole,it dont get used for terrier things,i just cant class it as a terrier.

    Genetics are hard to understand...even if you crossed one of them dogs to a terrier,in type most of the litter would take hardly none of the terrier genes.a rouge two hundred years ago would easy no this lol.
    if there is terrier in there make up from two hundred years ago i cant see it mattering now lol..

    All the best.
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  2. Guess what im saying is all dog breeds arnt as "pure" as there made out to be.

    Dusty your right man,all them dog books from the 19th century all just copied each other blatently.
    and if you notice all them books are wrote by the money class, and focuse far more on other breeds of dogs.a small two or three page chapter on Fighting dogs,ratting dogs,Sheep dogs or Lurchers,but twenty to thrity page chapters on Hounds and Gun dogs.
    none of them writers were dog men whatso ever.they just had a casule in trest in all dog breeds, and a strong intrest to cash in and make money because there was hardly any dog litriture at that time.
    my Grandad always called em Fighting dogs and never blurred em with Terriers.
    hed catch up to three thousand live rats,and welcome people with dogs to kill them.if they brought a terrier the genral number of rats it would kill could be between six and twelve.if they brought a Fighting dog the genrel number would be between forty and a hundred...
    and rats left would be kept in a cage and drown.
    He never blurred the two dogs.
    Fitz B in his book from 1920-Fighting Sports- dont blurr the two breeds either,but acknowleges the Fighting dog is a cross of Bull and Terrier,but refuses to call em BullTerriers because he says they are a pet show dogs.
    even though Fitz B acknowleges the Fighting dog is a cross of Bull and Terrier,he also says the gameness comes from the bull and the terrier is a cur.

    Again Fitz Bs book only has a small chapter on Fighting dogs,but i would take his writeing as correct as he did match dogs.
    its the only book from them times ide take any notice of really.
    And what i heard bout me grandad.
    Stonehenge,Idstone and the million other books from them times,although intresting....ide take em with a pintch of salt.-i sea full.

    All the best folks.
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  3. I would not take Fitz Bs book as the gosple eitther lol.
    he was more intrested and more sucsefull matching Cocks.
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  4. Dusty Road

    Dusty Road CH Dog

    I wouldn't take most early books as fact , usually written by people with a LOT of money , bet the real dog men of time wouldn't write anything on the illegal stuff they did with dogs
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  5. Dusty Road

    Dusty Road CH Dog

  6. Dusty Road

    Dusty Road CH Dog

  7. Dusty Road

    Dusty Road CH Dog

  8. stedz

    stedz Top Dog

    Too much to lose,their way of life that is,is the above out of one of dai,s magazines?
  9. GK1

    GK1 Big Dog

    (Soze tk) Guess what im saying is all dog breeds arnt as "pure" as there made out to be.

    This statement can't be disputed imo, but sure makes for good conversation.
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  10. Dusty Road

    Dusty Road CH Dog

    Sorry for the article above ,,it was meant for another tread
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  11. 0F4F27FA-FA58-4CCE-8604-CAD15B2A597F.jpeg AEE107AD-1AFF-4F84-8165-7F45728B2BB4.jpeg 0F4F27FA-FA58-4CCE-8604-CAD15B2A597F.jpeg Hello All,my aunt had a Kerry up until last year,died of cancer aged 11,feckin mauled my bitch at a family bbq,my aunt joked that he’d run a mile if something came he’s way with intent,I’d say that he keeps the place secure though doesn’t he and she’d laugh and say no but he does bark at planes flying over mental!Shame though see a breed like that loose it’s calling,solid lump and I like the square box look they have,nice head on them to.Touching on the game ness/working ability of patts/lakies/Russell’s I think it’s obvious that breeding is key,my old patterdales were bred to be digging dogs,so anything in the mix had to be proven,names don’t seem to matter,to most in the digging game,it’s all about function because there going to get tested,in the right hands,I’m know digger myself,I just try to keep what I have honest ,deliberately took on two Lakelands as they suit me for mooching about but my patts in the right hands would of done far more digging and were capable of it.Again on the game ness of things,I used to sell chickens to the public,every breed of ornamentals/egg layers/ and incubated hundreds,well a traveller lad asked me if I could take his birds in as he’d had a fire and lost his setup,yep I said gladly as I was bored shitless of chooks and he had Sid Taylor gamefowl,man you needed a riot shield to get the feed in past the cock bird,fine on his own but with hens forget it,this bastard was parallel with your head in a second and Kung fuing your arse out the pen.Good job they was beautiful to look at,beautiful birds,took a broody hen home had five running round the garden.We also put plenty through the incubator and the first time we did it he said make sure you mark them as there looking for blood straight out of the shell and will murder your other chicks,a few slipped through but I would spot them before carnage ensued.Best thing was it was all under bosses nose,what are they he’d say?some weird qulalumpan thing I reckon boss! Anyway ramblin on.Forgot to mention,terriers love ratting!
    Atb Duffer
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  12. billbulldog

    billbulldog Big Dog

    Yes bn did put staff blood in his line that's what he told me
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  13. CockneyRebel

    CockneyRebel Big Dog

    Which then enforces the idea that the APBT was the original bulldog, I mean why would you add terrier to the bulldog if it was already a game fighting dog?

    I've read that they did so because all a bulldog did was hold on without working the hold whereas a terrier was a killing machine. That seems all too convenient for me, ain't no way a small terrier used for killing small vermin would have a harder bite than a bulldog that was used against a number of wild animals throughout the years.
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  14. CockneyRebel

    CockneyRebel Big Dog

    Do people honestly believe dog fighting only started after bull baiting was outlawed? It would have been going on for hundreds of years before bull fighting ended IMO.
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