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Game Fowl

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by willdabeast777, May 5, 2009.

  1. Buck E. Owens

    Buck E. Owens Banned

    He's handsome too! And i see your family's into it like you!!
    That is awesome, farming should be a family thing!

    Great looking fowl Zackdaddy77!:)
  2. Buck E. Owens

    Buck E. Owens Banned

    How you keep your birds safe from Coons? in those barrel house's, Dogs?

    I like Pens here in Canada! Damn Coons!:mad:
    I have a ton of those Con-a-bear Traps for beavers i use at night some times and bait the bastards! to it in a lil hole with the bait at the bottom of the hole so they have to climb"(set off) in the hole to get the bait
  3. zacdaddy77

    zacdaddy77 Big Dog

    There are different ways to go about this.A good fence and a good guard dog is best if you can afford it.A strand of electric fence at the top and bottom of the fence will keep anything from digging under or climbing over.The best thing I've found for a coon is a honeybun in a live trap.They can't pass a honeybun.A Great Pyrenees is the most common choice of roostermen.They would do real well in your climate.But of course that would depend on how into it you really want to get.If you just want to have a few birds around a good 2"x4"x4' high fence around your chicken yard would do.And if you was just looking for pets some stock from the old Colby chickens would be OK( respectfully).But if you were looking for something else I'd go with something that has been well tested in the real poultry shows. ;)


  4. Long live the Gamefowl and Gamedogs!!...I too breed gamefowl
  5. Bullnuts

    Bullnuts Banned

    I just got a Gilmore Hatch pair 3 weeks ago and a Gilmore/Hamlin Asil hen with spurs and crows like a rooster. Hens with spurs that crow are my favorite kind of hens!
    I haven't put my hands and a bird for nearly 10 years, ever since I left the islands. I finally have the space to get back into my first love, which is Gamefowl!
    Right now I got um free ranging and the Hatch/Asil hen is gone to settin on her eggs The pure Gilmore hen is nearly ready to do the same.
    I'm really thinkin bout gettin some Bate's Greys from Larry Carter. I used these greys on Maui in the long knife, crossed with Curt Hansen Asils and went a hellacious win streak with the half and halfs and the 1/4 asil blood, I loved the defensive but vertical style of the cross. I'm hoping to get the same kind of defense and illusive style from the 3/4 Hatch and 1/4 Asils.
    Man I love The Chicken Game! I can talk about it for Days!
  6. Jefferson

    Jefferson Big Dog

    Gamefowl fighting is stupid. With the dogs its a real test between canine athletes. With cockfighting its all about who gets in the lucky shot with a knife first.

    IM sure the cockfighters here will go on and on about their own type of game testing, but go see for yourself. Whichever rooster has gotten in the best shot after the first 2 buckles is going to win 90% of the time.
  7. Bullnuts

    Bullnuts Banned

    Not all cockfights are with knives, there are a bunch of different weapons used on roosters from different country's and culture's.
    But I'll tell you what, stupid people don't do to well fighting roosters on a competitive level! It's a progressive and scientific sport. You can't just take any old barnyard chicken and strap a knife to it and expect a 50-50 chance of winning! And If ya think ya can then your stupid!
  8. Jefferson

    Jefferson Big Dog

    I realize that gamefowl are different than rhode island reds, but whether its knife or gaff or postiza its still an artificial weapon and cockfighting is more a game of chance than competing with game dogs.
  9. Bullnuts

    Bullnuts Banned

    It really depends on the weapon. In the long knife it can be a game of chance but mostly it comes down to style and the best rooster usually wins even in the long knife!
    Bulldogs can be compared to naked heel cocks where power, style, endurance, and Gameness comes into play much more so than in the faster type weapons of cockfighting.
    I bred roosters that would pick their shots and stay away from that 3 inch blade, a lot of my competition had the- firstist with the mostest type of birds. I had the antidote for that style! And won a lot more than I lost. I would not call that LUCK!
  10. Bullnuts

    Bullnuts Banned

    I would call it selective breeding, Selection on what kind of battle fowl and style can win a competition, conditioning, and heeling of the weapon used, and maybe a little luck.
    But I'd rely on all others before I hope for luck.
  11. tapiajr

    tapiajr Banned

    if i had game birds i will fight them i got an uncle how breeds birds and trains them hear and fights them in mexico
  12. milenium

    milenium Pup

    I met some guys many years ago down south, they have Thai roosters. The rule they used is similar to the cajun rules. They used gloves or duck tape on the spurs to prevent searious damage. Just like boxing you can see some rooster really get knocked out. 99% the rooster's do not die after the event.
  13. rallyracer

    rallyracer CH Dog

    naked heel proves game
  14. garth

    garth Big Dog

    My love of GAME FOWL got me into GAME DOGS,but any way is the Game Cock and Grit an Steel still being published?If so can some one PM me their info.THANKS
  15. Gamefowl is also what spraked my intrest in the gamedogs...and Bettas are what sparked my intrest in the game fowl...the Gamecock is still around but the grit and steel is not they went out of print last year...And as for game cocks not being liek bulldogs you are truley mistaken...maybe not in the knife where it can end due to a lucky shot...but at the same time they have to take the steel and slash and keep going...i myself like the gaff where it can go for an hour or even more...that is where dead game fowl are needed...postiaza is really a war and close to what would happen if 2 cocks where to meet naturally...but anyone who has raises any kind of chicken knows that is left alone a rooster spurs will naturally get long and very sharp and they can kill each other with there natural spurs...bulldogs and gamefowl are very similar...but each have there up sides...gamefowl are cheaper to feed and can be shown sooner but you can't play with them and bond with them like a dog...very few roosters will show you affection, i have a few that will strut over to me when i walk up to them on a leg tie and cluck and strut around wanting to be picked up...and i also have some that will run over and shake rattle and roll all over youe leg when you get close to them (manfighters)...but i love gamedogs and game fowl both!
  16. gold23

    gold23 Pup

    Mexican Cocks all the way Play Boys!

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