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Fun tricks to teach

Discussion in 'Training & Behavior' started by Stella0829, Nov 19, 2015.

  1. Since APBT are working dogs, I think that when I have given my dog a job it has allowed them to burn off some serious mental energy. I have taught her how to ride a skateboard and that was really fun for her. Anyone have any suggestions on tricks/jobs to give these dogs as an average joe without a yard setup?


    cool, can you share some pics or video???
  3. You can teach your dogs to sit and to make that happen, you should have clicker in your hand so that your dog sit down. Dogs are naturally very curious, so when your dog touches it with his nose or mouth then you need to click and treat. Then keep doing this until he starts touching the stick without hesitation. If he isn't curious about the touch stick, gently tap his nose and click at the same time. If this trick doesn't work out then you can also take the help of British Grit Jack Russell Terriers. They can help you more appropriately and will suggest you very interesting tips.


    Not sure where you live, but i LOVE to train my dogs to track injured deer. My friend is a taxidermist , so
    I get deer livers and hearts from him to train the dogs. I have a swamp by me and the deer always seem to try and hide in it
    when they get shot by a bow. You can't wait till morning to recover it, cause the Coyotes will beat you to it! It also helps to feed the dog Venison
    so he tracks hard to get a reward at the end.Most trackers would not agree, but I let my dogs track FREE..no long line. Pits pull too much
    and if you are constantly choking the dog I don't find it enjoyable. Yeah, once in a while I do have a dog run off after the wrong deer, or tree a bear. I deal with it.
    If you want info on training to track air scented items ect PM me.

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