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Discussion in 'Dog Shows & Events' started by BullDozer, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. phill

    phill Top Dog

    Tic>>>>>>tic>>>>>> tic>>>>>tic
  2. BullDozer

    BullDozer Top Dog

    JUST IN:
    Taylor Pond Farms will be at the Fox Valley APBT show August 14 - 15th -- we will have all natural locally raised beef Tripe(this is farm fresh and green).. We will also have treats for you dogs...
    The ADBA has a new rule about splitting the CH class if there are enough dogs to do so. The CH class is split ONLY if there are 8 CH's for female and male. However the club WILL NOT ensure two trophies unless there are pre registration to support the knowledge that there will be a split class. I highly recommend ALL those bringing CH to call and at least pre register their CH's. Otherwise - expect to have one BIG CH of CH class and half the chance of bringing home the HARDWARE.
  3. BoogiemanBlood

    BoogiemanBlood Premium Member Premium Member

    BD there are not 2 cups given when the CH class is split. There are ribbons given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in each class, then the 1st place male and 1st place female go back in to compete for the cup.

    To the best of my knowledge the club has no choice in the matter and must obtain the proper amount of ribbons and the one cup. I do believe you can then get credit for the unused ribbons if the total amount of dogs don't show up to split. So if 8 of each show up, it is split, if they don't, then it's not. Simple as that.

    You may want to check with the ADBA yourself in you are in doubt as to my explanation. ;)
  4. Boogieman is 100% correct.
  5. mikefromMD

    mikefromMD Top Dog

    This is exciting as we have a grandson of Tyson thru Lilith (F. & E.'s CH Clancy)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. BullDozer

    BullDozer Top Dog

    Thanks for the correction as far as the cup. At the meeting there was talk about having two cups for a split class if it was necessary. This clears that up!
  7. BullDozer

    BullDozer Top Dog

    x--------------------------------------------> LESS THAN 10 DAYS LEFT!
  8. BullDozer

    BullDozer Top Dog

    That is AWESOME Mike - can't wait to see him!!

    Folks out there this is the show for the summer YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS!! I have been getting many calls from folks who used to come to the shows years ago that are once again going to be showing up for "THE BIG SHOW!!" SEE YOU THERE!!!!
  9. kdever

    kdever Pup

    We'll be there! My husband is one of the people that used to come years ago and is back in the ring!

    Bulldozer, our boys were running around together at the MI show. Hope you bring the boys out so they can play again!

  10. BullDozer

    BullDozer Top Dog

    That's great Kerri!!

    My three will be there (only two mobile) and I am sure will be happy to have some friends to play with. Let me know - I can bring a football or baseball or some squirt guns - whatever the kids might be interested in!

    Looking forward to seeing you again! Welcome Back!!!!!

    JRSPITS Top Dog

    The squirt guns were a big hit in Coldwater, I remember a certain "big kid" of mine getting drenched lmao. Michaela is looking forward to seeing the boys again too.
  12. BullDozer

    BullDozer Top Dog

    x--------------------------------------------> ONE WEEK LEFT!
  13. BullDozer

    BullDozer Top Dog

    x--------------------------------------------> ONE WEEK LEFT!!
  14. kdever

    kdever Pup

    Footballs, baseballs, squirt guns and dogs! What more could anyone need? Looking forward to the show!
  15. littleblackdog

    littleblackdog Big Dog

    No dobut about that, I am twitching to go, hell I am leaving tuesday for the show and it doesn't start till saturday. I even got ice in the cooler already with the truck packed in the garage and it is monday morning. I heard this is the best show of the year, some real competition there.
  16. BullDozer

    BullDozer Top Dog

  17. BullDozer

    BullDozer Top Dog

  18. BullDozer

    BullDozer Top Dog

    HERE WE Go-----------------------> FOX VALLEY!
  19. BullDozer

    BullDozer Top Dog

    tomorrow-----------------------> fox valley!
  20. BoogiemanBlood

    BoogiemanBlood Premium Member Premium Member

    Heading out in a couple hours. :)

    Hope to see some of you all there!

    Best of luck and safe travels to all that attend.

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