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Former Dog fighter Fights Back

Discussion in 'Pit Bull News' started by Jefferson, Feb 5, 2010.

  1. Jelet

    Jelet Banned

    Weight pulling would be testing the dogs heart not its gameness. The dog has no physical pain or is not competing with another opponent, thus that is not game test. That is just a determined weight pull dog with a slight heart.

    Impossible for weight pull to be a test for gameness. The dog pulls for how many seconds? No physical pain involved. ......

    Do you know the difference between a heart/determination and gameness?

    And the APBT breed will become extinct if no one fights them. These people are the ones keeping this breed alive. If no one fights them, then the breed becomes an amstaff eventually. So saying that people need to stop fighting them because of bsl is dumb because if you arent fighting them then the breed = 100% extinct guaranteed over time...

    And who says fighting them makes bsl. maybe a few morons will think that. But most of the people for bsl are the ones worried about the pit bull mixed mutts mauling people. not scared from hearing about a dogfighting bust.

    just go on dogbites.org a clearly pro-bsl site . do u see any pit bull fighting raid news? Or do you just see pit bull mauling people news articles...

    or look at this persons channel.


    this person does not have any dogfighting stories on pit bulls. because she is smart and knows dogfighting raids on this breed do not make most people scared of them /in favor or bsl.

    so she just puts that pit bull attack articles on the channel.

    i also remember talking to a guy with a 2xw 1:30 and :45 dog. and seeing a video of the dog scratching with a broken leg and such. clearly the dog was game.

    I was asking how he got the dog ready. And i asked how much did he pull and he said not much because his dog doesnt like to pull. When it got up to 40 pounds the dog just quit when it knew it couldnt pull no more. so does that make his dog a cur because it quit at pulling weight ? lmfao. sorry just cant help myself with the weight pull as game test scenario.
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 26, 2010
  2. Jelet

    Jelet Banned

    Why do PRO-BSL people have 500 + pit bull mauling articles/videos on there website. But no dogfighting-raid articles of pit bulls on there website? Because they know that dogfighting raids on pit bulls have LITTLE INFLUENCE on bsl. Thus, wont waste time to upload it.
  3. No pain??? Greg mealers lawdog broke his leg in a pull. The definition of game is different between all kinds of people. Game is the dogs willings to keep doing WHATEVER it is that you ask them to do without stopping no matter the conditions. Personally I think it takes a lot more heart to pull thousands of pounds than defend yourself against teeth and nails. The thought that fighting pit bulls is the only way to keep the original breed alive is laughable. FIGHTING IS NOT THE ORIGINAL PURPOSE OF THIS BREED. If you people keep fighting these damn dogs YES they will be banned!!! PETA and all those organizations use posts from this board and ones like it, to state they're side and to prove that even the pit bull supporters are saying they are only good for fighting! I have to defend my dogs EVERY DAY from people who say my dogs are just mindless killing machines and that BULLSHIT comes from people LIKE YOU! Are you so cut of from society that you don't understand that THEY CAN AND WILL BAN THIS BREED!!!! And not just YOUR beloved pure game-dogs they will ban ALL OF THE PITS!!! We have a fucking president who gives out free cell phones and minutes to lazy fucks who don't want to work. We live in a superficial LIBERAL world, and that means BIG GOVERNMENT and when big government is involved they can come in and make laws that effect EVERYONE!!! Why can't you just fucking wait for the damn press to give up on the pit bull craze first?? STOP PUTTING THE VERY EXISTENCE OF THE BREED AS A WHOLE IN JEOPARDY! Ever heard of the greater good??
  4. HAHAHAHH no thats not why, and I could post an entire thread from another forum where I battled the entire auto forum on pit bulls. They say that its the violent nature as fighting dogs that MAKES them ATTACK people!

    Killer Pitbulls
    Pit Bulls ARE DANGEROUS !
    Here is a lovely interpitation of game that someone is using to try to make this breed extinct.
    Top Ten (10) Most Dangerous Dog Breeds | Pets Do
    Here is another person listing the pit bull as the #1 most dangerous dog because of its gamness and its fighting history.
    Ahh this one is epic a heart felt story from a concerned father!
  5. Are Pit Bulls Really Dangerous?: Why Does This Fighting Dog Breed Scare Many People?
    This person is saying that pit bulls attack without warning because of the fighting history....
    get the point yet???
  6. Jelet

    Jelet Banned

    How many dogs actually break there leg in weight pulling? 1 dog out of 2,000 dogs ? What are the odd's. That is not the norm. Secondly, gameness is not just physical pain thershold.. Its stamina aswell... For example, if one fights in a boxing ring. And gets punched in the nose and gets it broken in the first 30 seconds of the match. But one continues to fight in the ring for 3 minutes. Does that make that human game? No. Just means he has heart. If this human would continue to fight for 10+ rounds and is breathing heavy and is running out of stamina from being so tired+broken nose and continues to fight. Then yes i'd call him human.

    Or if two people get into a fist fight and continue to fight with broken teeth for 2 minutes instead of running. Does that mean they are game? No. Its see how they do fighting for another hour when there heart is pounding like crazy and are in pain and such...

    I disagree with this.


    Fighting is the original purpose of the breed. And fighting them is the only way to keep the breed in its true form. Just look at those dogs who have not had any recent dogs matched in the pit. You can clearly see the difference. Look at those AKC/UKC dogs who have not been matched in a long time. Or even the amstaffs, look at them. They came from APBTS but now look at those unmatched dogs. Clearly a difference and clearly not the same breed.

    I dont have game-dogs. My dog has not been fought. He has many game dogs within his 4 generation in pedigree. But he himself, is not matched.

    I agree.

    Well fighting them is the only way to keep them alive and thats what needs to be done. I'd rather them bann all these dogs in all states if there are no recently matched dogs around. And Fighting is the cause for bsl once again as stated earlier..

    Even though many people are ignorant on dogfighting. For example. Many people think dogs are trained to fight and made aggressive and forced to fight. So they dont think that all pit bulls are crazy and fight naturally. They dont think that. They think people who fight them train them to be that way. So someone on the news hearing about horse fighting is not going to be like "OH MAN. I HAVE A NEIGHBOR WHO HAS HORSES. IM AFRAID NOW." same thing with dogfighting...

    and IMO, if people are not matching dogs, there will be MORE "pit bull attacks"
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 26, 2010
  7. Vicki

    Vicki Administrator Staff Member

  8. Jelet

    Jelet Banned

    but regardless, dogfighting is the only way to keep the breed in its true form. Eventually in 100+ years when the dogs go unmatched, they will become another breed.

    And if I had a choice..

    Choice 1. Bann all pit bulls if dogfighting still exists.


    Choice 2 Dont bann pit bulls BUT only those "pitbulls" with dogs in there pedigree who havent been matched in 30 + years are around. So that means, NO dogs will have a fighting dog in there pedigree unless its 30+ years ago.

    I'd go with Choice 1. BSL wont affect me if dogfighting is abolished because I wont be in this breed no more. I have no use to own fake dogs who look tough but actually arent.

    But even if bsl was in my area. I'd just get fake papers. and most of the general public still would not recognize my dog because they think pitbulls are 80+ pounds and i'd have my hung papers of another breed as back up to prove that my apbt is not an apbt... so go ahead bring bsl. wont stop me. true apbt 4 life. accept no substitute. but if i had a choice between 1 and 2. i'd choose 2... i rather not own a dog if no real apbts are around....
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 26, 2010
  9. No I am very sorry to tell you but the pit bull was not used for fighting first, They were used for bull baiting and once that became illegal they were used for fighting. It's sad that you don't even know the true history of this breed. I will give you some links to try to help you further your knowledge of this very old breed.
    The American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT) FAQ
    About Dogs - American Pit Bull Terrier - APBT
    THIS IS BY FAR THE BEST INFORMATION I HAVE EVER FOUND ON THE BREED. I actually own this womans book. She is very knowledgeable!!
  10. Jelet

    Jelet Banned

    Where do you think the name PIT comes from in american PIT bull terrier?
    They werent bred for bull baiting. Bull baiting was outlawed before the APBT was around. The ancient bulldog was used for bull-baiting. not the apbt. why would they have an apbt for bull baiting when the bulldog did just fine? where does the name PIT come from in americanPITbullterrier.

    Lol'd then i lol'd again. That Whale is not knowledgeable on this breed.
  11. Your "version" of the pit bull is not the original true form of the pit bull.
    Your version is the terrier mix used for fighting because bull baiting became illegal. The dog that came out of the need to be the best at fighting its own kind. The oldest "type" is a larger dog used for keeping cattle in check and for use as a butchers dog. Your information is incorrect. In fact the Game-dog you obsess over is a breed all to itself. The game dog doesn't look much of anything like the old version of the pit bull. I would like to see your 35 lb game dog keep a herd of cattle in line versus on of my dogs. lol
  12. That whale? So you discriminate against fat people too??
    Yes you are right the PIT bull is a different breed all to itself. But unfortunelty they look just alike other than size. Thats why I told you they took the ORIGINAL bull dog AKA pit bull and mixed it with terriers to create the ultimate fighting dog. Your dogs are GENETICALLY different than the original bull dog AKA pit bull. Why should All of us that don't own fighting dogs lose our dogs just because our dogs resemble yours and you wanna keep fighting them?
    You say that ALL Pit bull type dogs should go extinct just because you cant fight YOUR specific genetic variant of the breed?
    You are right that makes a shit load of sense! I cant believe I even doubted you in the first place! While we are at it lets just go ahead and kill off all the Arabs and anyone who even resembles them or has some Arabic blood in them since they are warriors by nature and some of the extremists bomb people. I mean fuck it right? They have that blood in them so they should all die right?
  13. yh8me2

    yh8me2 Pup

    it`s cleardat dis guy in the video is`nt a real dogman an has no fuckin clue about gamedogsor WTF it takes to have a game a.p.b.t it`s gonna be kinda hard to convince every pitbull fancier the way to have a real pitbull game pitbull is to have a gamebred pitbull is to roll,gametest,or match a dog:confused:but it`s the true test of the pitbull u cant gametest an pitbull by weight pulling or attack traning none of dat will do it because they will excell theire with ease! you dont measure the heart of a boxer,or m.m.a,u.f.c fighter`s by sparring no u dont it`s in the fight. the ufc owners grossed over 90 million dollars in 09(not saying im not a fan)but it`s safe to say it`s a blood sport they get there nose,jaws, legs,arms etc... broke etc.. my point is dat humanes reproduce one at a time twins if your lucky(lol)dogs who let me remind you are animal`s reproduce like 5-12 pups at a time so let us continue to do what we do an dats love an brred who has fallin out of grace with not jus the U.S.A.but the whole fuckin world almost an let me add one more thing every since they came here they were breed to fight. they were good farm working dogs,boar hunter`s,family pets etc... but still would whoop a dog in da pit
  14. JamesT

    JamesT Top Dog

    There is only on way to test gameness,and its not pulling 2000lbs.LMFAO.So what the dog broke his leg,does that make him game??..NO that makes him strong,or he could have just been weak boned.Let me ask you this did he continue to try and pull after he broke his leg???Weight pulling displays Drive,strength,determination and the will to please the owner.It does not display gameness.

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