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Feed help, Please

Discussion in 'Health & Nutrition' started by purplepig, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. purplepig

    purplepig CH Dog

    Listen, some folks on here talk out their rear end when they dont know what they are talking about, so please, if you have nothing but a shadow of a clue, dont respond.

    I am trippin on the dog food thing. I have one of my dogs that is not acting right. Another fella I know has a pup that was on death's door, or still is. One of my males that LOVES to eat, is not eating hardly at all, and puked up the feed I gave him yesterday.

    So with the dg scar in full force, I am asking about feeding raw.
    Is it okay to feed my dog chicken without anything else, or does it need other nutrients? And if so, can I feed the dog a raw leg quarter without harming it?
  2. I would never feed my dogs a strictly raw diet, It can kill it!
    I don't feed any raw diet as I don't see the point when you can feed a stable food that your dog can be used to and not have to adjust and get sick.
    Depending on what your trying to accomplish, you should be able to do any of this with out feeding your dog raw diet.
    Some might disagree with me but i would never feed it stricty raw!
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 21, 2007
  3. Phebes

    Phebes Guest

    I know this isn't the question you asked but you feed Diamond right?
    They have had no recalls for any cat or dog food.
    They do not use wheat gluten or rice protein concentrate in their dog food.

    I don't know if there is something going around but all my dogs and my daughter's Apbt were vomiting last week for a few days. They are all fine now. Scared the crap out of us but we feed Kirkland which is made by Diamond.
    My daughter feeds her Apbt raw.
    You can feed veggies, rice, raw eggs and of course any uncooked bones. My dogs love apples and pears. Didn't know they loved pears until last fall when the pears were falling off the trees into the backyard. As long as the chicken is raw it is good to feed.

    Found this gif reminds me of you thought you might like it. [​IMG]
  4. purplepig

    purplepig CH Dog

    Yea, you know I do!!LOL

    I thought I read somewhere that it is also the corn something or another that was tainted also? Got me trippin! It would kill me if I lost my dogs!
  5. Mr Mark

    Mr Mark Guest

    Dude PM me, i've been feeding raw for damn decades. The BEST thing you can do for your dogs is go raw. You need more than just chicken however.
  6. Attila

    Attila Guest

    Wheat Glutin and rice. I am with you the feed I use is made by the same company and I am having problems too. Big problems. I went to the sale barn today and got some stock. and had them cut up. Boil some rice, taters and carrots. Make a boulion and put over those meat just toss int he bowl. Normally I don't have problems like this but I got rid of my sheep and started using the kibble more. I see one car with PETA on it and I am going to explode on them. They are to blame for every evil. Well them and JIHAD, I still toss them a bird and some eggs now and then. Looks like it will be more often eh.
  7. chloesredboy

    chloesredboy CH Dog

    well i dont know about raw,but I know Diamond messed my dogs up bad.Puking,shitting,it was awful.Usually if I dont like a food I'll donate it to the H.S. or just keep it around for strays,But that crap(and thats what it is,8.99 20lbs should've clued me in)went staight into the trash.
  8. Chef-Kergin

    Chef-Kergin Guest

    Chloe - are you having problems w/ using diamond currently, or was it due to the recall several years ago? right now my two dogs are doing GREAT on it.

    purplepig - hope these links help. they've been more than informative to me.

    http://hgic.clemson.edu/factsheets/HGIC3064.htm (this one is about freezing/storing raw foods safely for consumption)

    i'll be doing kibble/raw (jeeperino posted a thread about this yesterday sometime http://www.game-dog.com/forums/showthread.php?t=21039). i'll be feeding them diamond naturals lamb & rice and adding in raw chicken, and offal (organ) meats.

    and yes, you can feed them raw chicken backs or quarters without them getting sick. if a dog caught a chicken or something in the wild, you think they're gonna take the time to toss that bitch on a fire and grill it up? hell naw. my dog swallowed the first few quarters whole that i gave her, so I have to watch her when she eats those, but she'll gnaw on a chicken back real good and take her time.

    i hope your dogs come around, and best of luck to you on switching their feeds.
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 21, 2007
  9. Ella

    Ella Pup

    Raw feeding is a great thing! The links provided by Kergin are good. And yes, you can give raw chicken without poisoning your dog, but be sure to keep your own hygiƫne in mind.

    The trick in a barf diet is IMO variety. I give one day a week a full tripe ( not washed) and other days I make dinners or give premade dinners. Meat alone isn't a complete meal, you have to add some veggies/fruits en sometimes yoghurt and stuff. Best thing is to give a look at some websites and just start making your own meals.
  10. chloesredboy

    chloesredboy CH Dog

    No,just about three weeks ago.Thats funny about the dog cooking chicken and your dog swallowing the whole thing.OT,but it reminds me of one time my moms male ,Ollie,ate a nest of baby opposum,I saw him swallow one whole and its back feet and tail were hanging out of his mout then he did this little slurp thing and it was gone,I almost hurled.
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 21, 2007
  11. Chef-Kergin

    Chef-Kergin Guest

    chloe -

    I got a 5 yr old jrt on Diamond Natural's small breed adult lamb & rice, and my 8 mo. old puppy on large breed puppy lamb & rice. both of em get some raw snacks throughout the week (but not a steady raw intake....yet). i haven't had any problems.

    what difficulties are/were you experiencing with it?

    (sorry to get off topic purplepig)
  12. chloesredboy

    chloesredboy CH Dog

    they were shitting like crazy,and not just alot of shit,but diarhhea and puking it was just awfull.I dont know though maybe i just got a bag that wasnt any good or something,sometimes happens.Or maybe it has an ingredient that my dogs werent used to.
  13. pennsooner

    pennsooner CH Dog

    Yeah, you can give a dog a raw chicken quarter without hurting them. BUT, they can't JUST live on that. Raw can be sort of complex but if you have access to cheap meat, like if you hunt you can make feeding cheaper that way. I knew of a guy that bought down cows to feed raw or to cook up himself to feed his dogs. Down cows can't be legaly sold for human consumption. But you can use that as a way to suppliment what you feed.

    That way you could afford more easily to go to some sort of more expensive, grain free or low grain feed.
  14. I agree with MrMark--I feed my pit Nature's Variety Frozen Raw and it is AWESOME for him. You can't just feed your dog chicken and have them be healthy. They need more nutrients than just that. There are lots of websites with recipes, but I prefer to use the prepared ones because then I feel confident about the meat/bones/organ meat being handled *specifically* for dogs to eat RAW, and I know the balance of nutrients,etc is correct. It's really easy and he looks so much better than when I had him on (even really really high quality) dry food.
  15. jeeperino

    jeeperino CH Dog

    Purple, I'm not claiming to know much. LOL I just asked the same type of question and didnt much feedback.

    From MY OWN experience, I have been feeding the dogs raw for the past 3 weeks about. I was feeding Diamond naturals chx and rice for feed, and give the dogs 3-4 frozen raw chicken necks daily. Rockys Human suggested that I add more variety to the diet so I have switched my feed to regular Canadae instead of the Diamond because of the diff meat sources in Canadae.

    Anyway, I feed a 30-40 lb dog about 1 cup of feed and 3-4 necks daily for feed. I also add other raw things like beef marrow bones and raw beef liver 3-4 times a week betwen the 2.

    Some of the dogs had runny crap and drippy eyes for the 1st week or so but ALL 12 of my dogs (2 are mastiffs) are doing fine after 1 month, the turds are small, black and hard and the dogs are starting to look better and act better. They are also VERY excited now when its feeding time since I switched to semi-raw diet.

    I might be making a terrible mistake for all I know, but its going fine so far. Im keeping my fingers crossed. Hope I could help.
  16. jadedpitgirl

    jadedpitgirl Top Dog

    Purple Pig,
    Raw feeding is a great diet if you have the time to make all the food. For me personally, I don't have enough time, or enough resources to make it work. I don't have access to cheap meat, so I feed raw only when getting a dog ready for a show. The key to feeding Raw is 'feeding enough'. Currently, I am feeding the Diamond Naturals Chicken and Rice formula. It works great for me. When I do feed raw for Tater, I cut the kibble back to 1 cup and feed her about 5-6 oz of beef or pork or a chicken leg quarter. I get beef femur bones from Winn-Dixie for $9.95 and have the butcher cut it into quarters (this gives me 4 5-6" bones) and I give it every 3-4 days. Once every 2 weeks I get a bone with lots of meat on it, and I give just the femur bone and a broth mixture.
    Here are some links for you to check out, the calculator helps you figure out how much to feed.

    Raw Dog Ranch covers the basics.

    Raw Dog Calculator I just noticed, on this website you can buy raw meat.
  17. lonesharkpits

    lonesharkpits Big Dog

    Diamond dog food killed three of my dogs about a year and a half ago, besides there are a lot better foods out there than diamond

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