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Discussion in 'APBT Bloodlines' started by Nomad, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. Nomad

    Nomad Pup

    What eu countries have pitbull laws?
  2. HULK

    HULK Pup

    UK, Denmark, France have banned the "pitbull" those are the ones i know for sure.

    not sure but i think spain and portugal have some laws but they are not banned there like in the countries above.
  3. Irish Pitbull

    Irish Pitbull Top Dog

    I think parts of Germany have them banned aswell :(
  4. letsmakestuffup

    letsmakestuffup Big Dog

    Im sure there are alot more.

    Also where they dont have bsl like Holland & Spain there are other dog laws like registration, chipping, insurance, muzzle laws ect
  5. letsmakestuffup

    letsmakestuffup Big Dog

    Spain - Owner must have licence to own potentially dangerous dogs and dog insurance that covers up to 300.000$, muzzle and short leash on the street.
  6. HULK

    HULK Pup

    In holland there is no law for dog breeds anymore, they look at the individual dog. no muzzle laws for dogs without aggressive history. chipping is not a must neither is insurance.
  7. Irish Pitbull

    Irish Pitbull Top Dog

    Ireland- Muzzled, on lead, iD tags, older than 16 walking them... a fine of 12.50 :o :P
  8. old goat

    old goat CH Dog

    holland want the dog chipped if you bring it to the country . belgium the need the chip german you need the chip . and they were some parts of germany that ban them . but i think that's over . frankurt did'nt want hem there but they don't no it's a pitbull or stafford if you tell them it's a staffs .
  9. doginhold

    doginhold Top Dog

    Hi there!

    As I am from Germany I can tell you how it is over here!

    The breed aswell as AmStaff Bullterrier Staffordshire Bullterrier has been completely banned from 2001 to 2004.

    If you are importing our breed you will get fined with at least 10. 000 euros or a year prison.

    If you want to own and breed there are actually only 2 states that have no limitations, they are Niedersachsen and Thüringen.

    Other states like Baden - Württemberg will only allow keeping and breeding if you do a temperament test that includes aggression toward people and other dogs.

    As we have 16 states, there is always a big variety within bsl, also your local officials can be easy to handle or not!

    Over here you can hardly find good stock today, even the show breeds like Am Staff, StaffBull or Bullterriers are rare today and there are just a few breeders left.

    You can find some imported non worthy stock (mixed up so called pitbulls) for about 200 euros a pup but to find solid dogs its like winning a lottery!

  10. letsmakestuffup

    letsmakestuffup Big Dog

    You said the staffs was banned from 2001 to 2004 - what happened after 2004 did the law get changed ?
  11. doginhold

    doginhold Top Dog

    Hi there!

    Yes, after the decission of our highest court, the Bundesverfassungsgericht, limiting breeds is bussines of the single state. Importing is bussines of the federation!

    So this means, over 4 years no way of legaly breeding, in some states a spay and neutering law and what survived this happening should be used as broodstock!

    It´s ok to travel to a foreing country to get a mating with your bitch but importing dogs or breeding without permission could range from misdemeanor to felony!

    Depends on where you´re living at!
  12. letsmakestuffup

    letsmakestuffup Big Dog

    Thanks for that. Are dogs such as Rotties, Dobermans or GSD effected by the laws ?
  13. doginhold

    doginhold Top Dog

    Hi there!

    GSD are definitely not under BSL, as for it is germanys favorite breed of dog, also the officials do need lots of dogs put out by private breeders!

    What belongs to the Dobermann and Rottweilers, yes! In some states they are!

    So here´s the extended version of the actual facts:

    Federal Law:

    You are not allowed to import, APBT, AmStaff, StaffBull and English Bullterriers to Germany.

    State Laws (Baden - Württemberg, Bavaria, etc.)

    Except of Niedersachsen and Thüringen you have two categories.

    Categorie 1 is mostly, APBT, AmStaff and Bullterrier.
    In most cases you aren´t allowed to keep, breed buy and sell these dogs.
    There are in some cases exceptions like passing a temparament test and get a license for these dogs.

    Categorie 2 is mostly the common Molosser breeds, like Argentine Mastiff, Bullmastiff, Neapolitan Mastiff and the such.

    In Baden - Württemberg for example it is like this:

    Categorie 1: APBT, AmStaff, Bullterrier and their crosses.

    You need a license, that could be taken away at any time!!!!!

    You have to do a temparament test within six months and a second at about 12 - 18 months.
    If he passes that test you are allowed to breed, keep and buy or sell these dogs.

    categorie 2: Argentine Mastiff, Staff Bull etc. you only have to claim it to the officials you are keeping this kind of dogs.

    All categories have a leash law and only to run loose in private, properly fenced property.


    Categorie 1: APBT, AmStaff, StaffBull, Tosa Inu, Argentinian Mastiff.

    No Permission, no exceptions. If you keep them they´ll bust you and destroy the dogs!

    Categorie 2: Bullterrier, Rottweiler, Bullmastiff, Presa Canario etc.
    You have to pass a temparament test and all is good!

    In some cities you also have to pay extra high taxes ranging from 500 - 800 euro per dog and year!

    As you can see, there are still some fascists at work!
  14. As we like'm

    As we like'm Big Dog

    Hi Doginhold...

    Question... when I have to cross Germany as a tourist, what kind of trouble I can get with your laws? :confused:
  15. doginhold

    doginhold Top Dog

    Hi there!

    If you are from outside of the EU you better don´t bring your dog to germany!

    If you are from inside the EU you can take him with you and won´t have any problems if you have at least the proper papers with you to confirm it is your dog as well as a muzzle!

    This would be like a limited permission for about six weeks!

    But thing is you never know what will happen if you are running into some policemen that have not exact knowledge of the laws existing, and this happens pretty often!!!!!!

    See, if I walk my english Bullterrier they call him Pitbull, if I tell them he´s an EBT they state this would be the same breed!!!!!

    Depends on where you are going also!!!!!

    Some cities and states are harsher than others!

    If you seriously like to travel to germany and bring your dog with you it´s better to note the contact details of the chairmen of the gbf, gesellschaft der bullterrierfreunde, it´s our official breed club for Bullterriers etc, especially ortlieb lothary could help a lot within legal problems concerning dogs!!!!

    Die Gesellschaft der Bullterrier Freunde e.V.

    Or you gonna pm me and we share further contact details!

    Hope that helps!
  16. scratcher

    scratcher Pup

    i dont know how keep coming up with this 12.50 ? i know a fella who got a 500 fine for no muzzle !

    Offence Fines Penalty
    No dog licence On-the-spot fine: €30 payable to your local authority Failure to pay on-the-spot fines can lead to prosecution in District Court with a maximum fine of €1904.61 and/or 3 months imprisonment
    No identification on dog On-the-spot fine: €30 payable to your local authority. Failure to pay on-the-spot fines can lead to prosecution in District Court with a maximum fine of €1904.61 and/or 3 months imprisonment
    Stray dog Dog pound re-claim fee of €20. Charge of €8 for every night dog is in pound. The pound will hold a dog for at least 5 days. Dogs not re-claimed from the dog pound within 5 days may be put down/disposed of.
    Dog not kept under control On-the-spot fine of €30 payable to your local authority Failure to pay on-the-spot fines can lead to prosecution in District Court with a maximum fine of €1904.61 and/or 3 months imprisonment
    Breach of bye-laws (setting out times when dog may be unleashed in public) Fines up to €1,904.61 on conviction.
    Dog fouling public place Owners/handlers who do not dispose of dog faeces in a responsible manner may receive an on-the-spot fine of €150. Failure to pay on-the-spot fines can lead to prosecution in District Court with a maximum fine of €3,000 and €600 per day for continuing offences on Summary Conviction
  17. Dreamer

    Dreamer Big Dog

    Man, after what doginhold said, I wouldn't be traveling with, trying to fly with or getting anything resembling a Pit Bull into most of Europe!

    It's the DOG that loses! Not worth the risk!

  18. letsmakestuffup

    letsmakestuffup Big Dog

    Thanks doginhold for all the info .
  19. jonnim

    jonnim Big Dog

    cheers doginhold
  20. doginhold

    doginhold Top Dog

    Your Welcome Folks!

    It´s hard times over here!

    So if you aren´t pretty underground then you get fucked up one time after another!

    People have been snitching onto others because of personal dislikes and it´s enough reason for the official to take your dogs away if you didn´t have them claimed properly!

    See, over here you can own a man eating GSD that will terrorize your complete neighbourhood and it´s ok!

    But if you own the wrong breed of dog, he could be a cold and calmed individual and you still get fucked!!!!!

    That kind of remembers me on a time between 33 - 45!

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