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eli blood and chinaman

Discussion in 'APBT Bloodlines' started by game-redboy/jock, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. am tryning to play around with some lines to see which one really fits me, well right now i am a redboy jocko man, i have some waccamaw and empeios blood on my yard, but wanted to knw about some garners chinaman blood, and eli blood. can anyone tell me were i can find were to buy some of these dogs, i been knew bout garners chinaman but they say its not how its used to be so i wanted to knw were to gt somemore chinamn shit and eli blood
  2. Pirbul

    Pirbul CH Dog

    If you want to try the Chinaman blood, i would recommend you something coming off Lee Ling strain (Chinaman x Tombstone/Bolio) but not too inbreed. Biscuit/Simba stuff (Chinaman X Alligator) or Little Gator x Frisco combo, which is a classic combo.

    If you looking for a breeder and not the source (TG) try Bulldog Barn, i dont know if they sell to public but the man has a good breeding program and you'll find good Simba / LG / Hammonds crosses, i've read Blackrock's Zorro is residing with them now.

    Home - The Bulldog Barn
  3. DOA RIP

    DOA RIP Banned

    I've been a lurker for a while now, and would like more info on the Chinaman strainas well. what characteristics do the two above combinations have that would set themapart? I'm a noob to the whole bloodline and cross subject, so even though Ive read about it some, i don't have any real world experience on the subject.
  4. thanx, wt blood do u preferr and why
  5. yep bulldog barn is the very best to buy that line these days !!!!
  6. crushbones

    crushbones CH Dog

    Lol chinaman is a Eli dog!!...some say they are barnstormers and are not game!!...some say they have heavy mouths and some say they have no wind!!...u will hear alot of this just depends on who u ask!.....I luv Eli dogs myself!!....the rite blend of a Eli dog will give u a show stopper!!.....as they say in boxing, a one hitter quitter!
  7. primer

    primer Big Dog

    only people how talk down garners breeding are jealis of the man that has built a kennel and blood line that every dogman would like to have. iv met the man he was really good to me no i dont thank he is the only good dog man around but he is the one that gets put down and people are missinformed because of jealisy. every bulldog i have got have been good and every one iv seen. no there not all going to be the best but i do have to say that we have had one that did not like to work and he sent us a new one and he named it payback.so dont let the one that dont like him chang your direaction half the people that talk bad about him eather have not met him or had his dogs.like i say there are alot of good dogman out there.and i respect everyone of them. till they do something to me.and i respect every blood line. half the people in the game dog could not do half of what bulldogs do for us
  8. Young SeNsE_VA

    Young SeNsE_VA Top Dog

    Well said :D
  9. kayo45

    kayo45 Top Dog

    Very good post here
  10. mntman2003

    mntman2003 CH Dog

    My friend owned 13 direct offspring of Frisco and he says his female CH Chrissy is still the best dog he has owned(over 1000 total) but he hates Tom as he wronged him. I cant blame my friend and I personally have nothing against Tom.
  11. mntman2003

    mntman2003 CH Dog

    oh BTW u got some dogs freom Imperios already...if your happy get some of the Eli stock he has?
  12. crushbones

    crushbones CH Dog

    They putting out good dogs!!
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 1, 2010
  13. DVANG

    DVANG Pup

    what about some sixbits X reno/maverick ????
  14. crushbones

    crushbones CH Dog

    Wat about it?
  15. chaser71

    chaser71 Banned

    Very good post :D:D:D:D
  16. mntman2003

    mntman2003 CH Dog

    but not always true
  17. mntman2003

    mntman2003 CH Dog

    When Loyds Doc Holiday was 3 the owner called TG asked him how should her breed him..TG told him heavy chinamen...the owner who looks like a black brock lessner said huh TG said yeah he is really off my Chinamen stuff not Spike. Im like TGs dogs but he isnt honest how they are bred...Chino his yard boy in mx for 15 yrs has told many people that he would call him and tell him to grab the black pup from pen x and send it to the folks in x who wanted the El Negro pup...Chino said the pups werent out of El Negro? TG did that all the time.Now all expect now is people to tell me im crazy making stuff up etc not trying to offend just telling you what I know.
  18. Young SeNsE_VA

    Young SeNsE_VA Top Dog

    Yeah i understand he may not be honest but at the same time in this day in age who can you really trust? I remember JC telling me stories about Carver and how his dogs was really bred but at the same time we still love his dogs right???:confused:
  19. mntman2003

    mntman2003 CH Dog

    I agree 100! I would love to own a dynomite el negro dog. I just hear to many shady stories.
  20. Laced Wit Game

    Laced Wit Game Yard Boy

    you can buy a cake, but doesnt mean they have to give you the recipe!

    i really cant say i blame em, if i didnt want my blood gettin out there thats how you do it. give em a false ped or no ped at all.

    you dont need to know a dogs breeding just to work it, if you feel the dog is somethin special bring em back to the man that bred em and get em stuck.

    atleast that way, your blood doesnt get leaked and all your hardwork fucked off!

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