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Ed reid

Discussion in 'Breeder Discussion' started by killadev300, May 6, 2010.

  1. mixed-grill

    mixed-grill Big Dog

    Knew you ment 'never' oldguy ;)...the Kingfish blood was what really made those dogs special...taking nothing away from the dogs i think importing Skipper was more luck than judgement on Reids part...it clicked with the Wise blood for sure...but again i belive more luck than judgement...the fact he imported other non related blood kinda proves that...the real credit should go to the lads that matched and tested hard...something Reid never did...theres more to being a breeder of these dogs than putting one dog over another...but thats just my opinion..
  2. mixed-grill

    mixed-grill Big Dog

    Do you know much about the 7 dogs GrCh Ludo won over?...i heard he beat a Reid bred dog called Hector?...going up hill...i think he gave away weight in all his matches?
  3. blueboy

    blueboy Big Dog

    Your correct MG it was luck. Reid was given Skipper & Steph. If he wasn't it's doubtful if he would ever have imported them if they weren't free. Max, Billy and Rex were sold into pet home's and raised as pets, but because of the nature of these dog's changed hand's (ill-health to owner in Rex's case) and ended up with dogmen. And as you say it's these men that ALL the real credit should go to, not Reid.
  4. Finito

    Finito Big Dog

    Some pet home, Billy had at first hehe.
  5. muller

    muller Pup

    All them dogs done for us and wot do we have to show from all that work ppl using there names to sale pups makes me sick it's like me building a house and finding out the foundation didn't get the past wot a wast of my time


    what a load off bolix....ed may have never done etc/etc.the facts are.. he is the one that brought them in...he is the one that bred some....so....thats why there called reid dogs......there plenty off peddlers out there that never [] their dogs...some well known.....or better known than ed......
  7. muller

    muller Pup

    I'm not talking about reid dogs I'm talking about ppl using his name to sale his so called dogs


    ..not aimed at you...muller...or anyone in particular ..just stateing a fact
  9. muller

    muller Pup

    All I'm saying is wer can i get somethink to build on these days


    ..go out to a few shows and see what people are working with...and talk to a few people.....not many people will talk on a public forum..giveing the crazy laws in the uk these days...........
  11. muller

    muller Pup

    You no me send me some shows to go to and I wil
  12. oldguy

    oldguy CH Dog

    I don't know much about GR.CH.Ludo other than what's already written but the men who knew Ludo best considered him a legend.. A good head dog is hard to beat so no surprise Ludo won shows going uphill.. Anything you read about Kingfish or Stubbs GR.CH.Buddy would state their natural strength and ability to control opponents, even bigger than themselves.. This trait was passed to dogs like Bill, Max, Charlie, Hagar and Yogi via Skipper whereas the Scar Kennel crosses seemed more like hard mouthed finishers, I always put that down to the Rangitang and Texas Minnie influence in Scar Kennel dogs.. CH.Jacko v CH.Curstopper only happened because Jacko's owner said Jacko had won his Grand Championship in the time it took Curstopper to win one show.. Yarrakin Lad took exception to that comment, a challenge was made and CH.Curstopper won the show in over an hour.. Remember Jacko was 8 years old and still he scratched game.. Could Curstopper have defeated Jacko in his prime? Many don't think so, including the man who bred CH.Curstopper.
  13. oldguy

    oldguy CH Dog

    Good points about Reid and his dogs, having written to Ed a few times requesting info over some of his dogs, the old fox never gave me a straight answer yet :) Two things can't be denied.. Ed sold dogs to the public, they were primarily sold as pets and that's a fact! But how did he talk Glen Stubblefield into giving him 2 pups so tightly bred on GR.CH.Buddy (kingfish?) Remembering Buddy. Noll's King Skipper and Adam's CH.Candy were siblings? How did Ed manage to talk Ace Freeman into parting with Texas Minnie or Bob Wise with the very same dogs Iron Line Kennels were using so successfully? I think maybe because although Ed never worked dogs that we know of, he was 'himself' a fighter with a good reputation and most dogmen respect that.. IMO it just had to be more than luck that Ed sourced his dogs from these dogmen rather than buying from more fashionable sources like Bobby Hall or Mayfield... Interesting debate anyway.
    CockneyRebel likes this.
  14. keystone

    keystone CH Dog

    end 70 ties begining 80 ties ..evry one was ready to deal dogs to europe and rest of the world ,..
    you could choose they where in the pitdog report advertising ..its what i did
    so far i remember don mayfield was asking the higest price ...$1000
    boudraux $250
    hall $300


    check the shows section on this site,,and ya will get info when shows are on..or others here maybe able to point ya in the right direction.....spec; if your looking for a dog....lol
  16. mixed-grill

    mixed-grill Big Dog

    dont waste your time with the dog shows muller...they are a load of bolix
  17. westsideboy

    westsideboy Premium Member Premium Member

    love him or hate him ed knows his stuff and althou sold dogs public there was many a person ed would not sell a dog to as he considered them unsuitable for the breed i believe hollingsworth of buzz fame was 1
  18. oldguy

    oldguy CH Dog

    Your right there Key, probably revenge for all the mutts British and Irish dogmen sent over to America during the 1800's, some good ones went too, but there must have been a mountain of sh*t that got peddled for good money, human nature I suppose.
  19. cik

    cik Big Dog

    Hi westsideboy, I do have to say that as far as ed knowing his stuff , im assuming you mean the dogs, but my feeling is that the dogs he ended up with to start breeding was more down to luck than his own judgement, as he was not a dogman before or after he got those dogs but that's not his fault I suppose
    but I don't think ed had a master plan for breeding when he got his first dogs, he got lucky and the rest is history.

    Also I had to laugh when you said ED wouldnt sell to just anyone, because I would say that probably of all the pitbulls you would see on the streets of the uk at least 70% or more were down from his breedings, and yes that doesn't mean he sold all those dogs, himself,others bred their reid dogs to sell, but for every pitbull you would see on the street in the uk , I think 70% or 7 out of ten were of reid breeding or partly reid , but ED sold a hell of a lot of dogs make no mistake and not to only dogmen , his sales were more like 90% pets homes as had been said before , and he didn't sell most of them to doctors lawyers and magistrates, most of those he sold to the usuall hoodlum types who walked them up and down the high rds and parks of the uk being the big I am with their dogs, and causing the problems that led to our breed being banned in the uk , so if ed had such a strict policy of not selling to just anyone , he must have thought that the majority of people he was selingl to were all stand up citizens who wouldn't say boo to a goose im sure lol but when I visited his place in steatham I didn't see too many of those people lol , don't get me wrong lots of people who got his dogs or others dogs weren't all idiots just wanting to show off down the park and see their dogs maul other dogs, but those people don't wear a sign saying that on their forehead when they buy those dogs , and I never heard ed had any policys regarding him selling dogs, to anyone, as long as they had the money they had their dog lol.

    As for mr hollingsworht of buzz fame, are you talking of mr Hollingsworth from the usa ? id like to know why he would have wanted dogs from ed , and if that's true , then why ed would think mr Hollingsworth wasn't someone who he wanted to sell a dog to seems very odd indeed considering the variety of scumbags who did buy dogs from ed , maybe you have this mr Hollingsworth mixed up with someone else , anyway just my view on the reality of ed reid .
  20. oldguy

    oldguy CH Dog

    I agree with you about Ed and I'm just so glad he imported Skipper.. Always liked the dogs bred down from Buzz, CH.Dino being one of my favourites, would definately have put him over Hell's Jock's Shera 1xw (Ch.Bash x Tania) if I'd had the chance.. Rayrock's Cheyney x Grizzly produced the best bitch I ever saw next to Gunning's Dutchess 2xw.. Sometimes wonder though? Would Buzz have been sold to the UK if his sire hadn't quit on R.Sorrells yard? I doubt it!

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