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EBOOK- The Great Book of Bulldogs Bull Terrier and Molosser, Part I

Discussion in 'Products & Equipment' started by dandy, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. dandy

    dandy Pup


    This book deals with Bulldogs, Bull Terriers and other Bull breeds - their origin, history and work. It doesn't show the common bred show dog, but the sound and useful dog. You'll find a lot of information of the breeds' origin, history and use. For about 30 years we've owned and bred successfully, therefore you'll find there a lot of our own experience with different breeds too. Photos in black/white or colored, many out of our own collection, but many we've got from breeders and owners all over the world.

    To order from amazon.com, amazon.uk or amazon de, also from epubli.de

    Price: € 14,99 Cover-BD Part1.jpg
  2. brindle

    brindle Big Dog

    Is there a printed copy?
  3. RRL

    RRL Top Dog

    How many pages?
  4. dandy

    dandy Pup

    printed copy sold out this time
  5. dandy

    dandy Pup

    about 130 pages, a lot of b/w and color photos

    Price - at amazon com US $ 20,44; amazon.uk 13,99 Pounds, also available at amazon.fr
  6. shorti.62

    shorti.62 Pup

    good read :)

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