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Discussion in 'Training & Behavior' started by Mr. Brownstone, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. Mr. Brownstone

    Mr. Brownstone Big Dog

    Forgive my screen name and chinaman not being spelt right. I suck at spelling, also i made the account back when i was even more new to the breed.

    So i just got a e-mill. I would prefer a slat mill or carpet mill i guess but it just is not in the budget at the moment. I was able to get a pretty nice e-mill for free on craigs list. I get wht i need to do to get the dogs on it and am pretty stoked to get it now as i have a 5.5. month old pup that i can inprint to it whhile he is still young. I hope that way he grows up loving the thing? My question is, do i need to know anything specific about using this kind of mill with my dogs. I have seen many use them and say they are great including many reputable dog trainers. However i do remember reading ina thread somewhere that e-mill can be bad for a dog.. something about the dogs stride and it not being self propelled?

    Any tips advise or comments are welcome. I am always willing to listen and try and learn. I will make my decison based on variouse response and then my own personal judgment. Thanks in advanc for any help. I dont wanna hurt my dogs.. that is what is most important to me in the end.
  2. labulldoger

    labulldoger Top Dog

    IMO THE MOST IMPT THING is use it to keep contition, but you must put road work in only on days that its raining or snowing heavy woud i use the e mill, 5 months old too young for serious wrk.. best of luck to you:):):)
  3. gambull

    gambull Pup

    by the time practice with them and dogs will settle into the job
  4. Mr. Brownstone

    Mr. Brownstone Big Dog

    So it is safe... like the machine being self propelled will not hurt my dog by like forcing the stride or something like that. I dont know just something i read somewhere.

    I am not looking to use this to replace what i do on the road. But i would like to hear more about what you have to say about working a dog ona mill vrs. outdoors. I spend 2-3 hour some days 4 hours outside hiking with my dogs. Dont worry not the pup most he gets is 1.5 hour a day total walking. My older girls gets 2-4 hours with a weighted back pack like 3 days a week i think it has like 5-8 lbs in it. I tried teaching her to pull but she was not inot it. unfortunately she is timid and the noise of somthing draggin behind her freeked her out a bit. So now we usually go to a state park and head into the woods.. she loves to run.. play i dont have to do a thing and she will just keep going till i put her back in the car.

    I figured the mill would be good for days when i work to late and just wanna get in some kinda quick workout. Or to add to the routine she allready has. Or for days i dont feel like doing 2-3 hous of outdoor work. Was thinking like one day outdoors next day 1 hour outdoors 30 min indoors? I mean i figured that a mill used propoerly could prob get a dog in some seriouse shape. I was told buy a buddy that 10 min on a mill full speed is as good as a 1.5 hour walk? Who knows maybe i am wrong?

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