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dublin red

Discussion in 'Staffordshire Bull Terriers' started by buk, Mar 17, 2010.

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  1. dannyboy

    dannyboy Big Dog

    ive used it for the past 3 or or 4 years...one being my names Dan and my interest in the irish dogs.....two...there was a dog belonging to dann...called dannyboy...apart from that, i do apolagise to the original daannyboy lol
  2. No worries, I'm sure he never held the copyrights to the name lol
  3. dannyboy

    dannyboy Big Dog

    Anyway Willie...seen anything of interest?
  4. dannyboy

    dannyboy Big Dog

    This post makes the most sense, out of the entire topic in my opinion....good luck with those that are doing so, otherwise theres no hope for the future!!!
  5. I agree.

    Some of the problems with breeding so called "game bred" dogs are the lies about the dogs themselves, which usually is put forth by dog sellers. Dogs are being "elevated" to the status of "Game" due to how they were bred and not on their own merit.

    As an example...

    Sorry Willy, but I'm using your Beauty as an example here.

    I am assuming that your "Beauty" is out of the same litter as my "Biddy" aka Duchess.

    The Sire would be a dog called Victor, a nice feisty red dog from Norway.
    Victor was out of a mating I did with the Fearless Jim dog and a bitch I got from Wild Rover called "Crimson Queen" aka"Bella". I gave Victor to a friend of mine who just wanted a pet dog, so I know for certain that Victor was never ever game tested.

    Now, He could be "game", or he could be as cold as they come, he could even be a 5 minute dog that would quit when the going got tough, but the fact is that no one knows as Victor was never game tested.

    You might have a daughter of Victor that you are mating with "Devil", but you are most likely to be mating on a lie if someone told you that both parents of Beauty were game tested.

    As far as I know, Vicky's Bonny, which would be the Dam of your Beauty has excelled in weightpulling and has been known to be somewhat feisty towards other dogs, but there is a whole world of difference mating two game proven dogs vs mating untested dogs when it comes to the odds of getting pups with potential of being game.

    Granted that the odds are somewhat better than if the mating was between dogs that has 10 generation of show breeding behind them as there are dogs behind Beauty that has seen action and were game proven, but unless both Beauty and Devil has proven themselves to be game, I'm afraid that you're not doing anyone any favors by doing this mating and that you would be better off tracking down something proven after CH Moses or something, but then again, what do I know... I'm just some guy posting on a dog forum, which you'll probably will never hear from again lol

    Either way, good luck to you.
  6. OnTheRocks

    OnTheRocks Moderator

    Too bad I could not see the entire pedigree, but the above statement atleast caught my attention...

    Kandony was nothing but a pretty show dog as far as I have been told And Bure was not checked out with very good results, atleast not according to the owner who did the work. He told me face to face that the dog was okay, but he quit in the end of the day! And he produced likewise! The person who worked him told me that out of the many breedings they did with him they got nothing but rough ten minute curs.

    The post above is a good example of the myths that surrounds these dogs, and that people base their whole breeding programs on myths instead of facts...
  7. gog123

    gog123 Top Dog

    here is a question that may sound really anti but it is a genuine question. Why bother? The pits are alot more likely to produce and yes illegal but working staffords put the dogs at risk anyway...heck just owning a fit bull terrier is a risk over here. I respect those wanting to keep the breed true but how many in this day and age can even competite with a good pit? Not a put down like i said just wonder why.
  8. I think after deciphering the pedigree I can make out that it shows Devil in disguise ( Westringens Bure x Ballstaffs Rakel) as the Sire and Beauty (Victor x Bonny) as the Dam.
  9. OnTheRocks

    OnTheRocks Moderator

    Thats is truly a gamebreeding if there ever was one! :rolleyes:
  10. Heard that Ch Moses stood at the 10second mark and allmost quit on his 3:d show......he ran on the 10second mark because of one of the croud members kicked the side of the wall........
    Give me a bit of light on that subject please.........
    by the way....stop digging so much in the peds & shit.....I just thought it would be nice to see this combo on papper fot some folks.....not so important......
    By the way...we are going to mate them now this sunday coming wither some people like it or not........they are dogs with morning temper:Dhahaha
  11. No offence, but why would anyone tell you in depth details about this dog, when you come across as someone who are bragging about the mating you are about to do, especially after you are being told that the bitch you are planning to breed on comes from untested parents and that the male dog is also of the same kind?

    One thing is to do this mating and state that these will be pet dogs, but to promote the mating as "Gamebred" dogs then you're nothing but a liar.

    Besides, YOU were the one posting the pedigree wasn't it, so why are you getting sore when people are telling you the truth behind the dogs in the pedigree??

    Go ahead and do the mating as that is entirely up to you, but if you are going to promote these pups as out of game proven parents and that they are the next best thing since sliced bread then you're no different than any other peddler out there.

    If anyone asks me about this mating because they see some names of dogs that I have owned or bred in that pedigree I'll still tell them the truth and link them to this thread.

    By the way, just out of curiosity...

    Pit Bull Forums - View Single Post - Any members from denmark???

    Based on the above link , are you Christian or Anna?
  12. That is right my boy....I am Christian......and who are you.....I got nothing to hide......gives your name m8;)
  13. I was the owner of Fearless Jim and Crimson Queen, which are your Beauty's grand parents. I bred your Beauty's father, but if you can't figure it out by now with your "dog man" skills I guess you don't know as much as you think.
  14. I just love my own language m8.....you probably didn´t know that I am from New Zealand as well........anyway m8.....you like 2 make my name public......tell me who the fxxk u r.....make that public as well if you got the guts....hahaha
  15. You must be pretty dumb if you think by posting your "official" kennel name on this forum that nobody could google it, eh?

    If you google pihlandsons you'll eventually end up here
    Pihl & Son´S

    And WTF is this " make that public as well if you got the guts"??

    What are you??
    Still in highschool??
    We're not on the schoolgrounds anymore cupcake!

    What's next?
    You gonna "dare" me or something? lol

    Man, no wonder the staffords has been in such a decline if you are the "next generation"
  16. It´s best you go and retire your self for good mate, just like your dead past away mutts......lol and lol this and that...what does that mean....you suckin a lolly pop eh?:(.....I asked you a question.....give me your name.....and do it public.....
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 24, 2010
  17. LOL
    I'm getting on your nerves now, don't I.

    Me and my dead past away mutts, which happens to be your Beauty's grand parents.
    Oh, wait...Wouldn't that mean that you are breeding on a mutt as my dead past away mutts are behind your mutt?

    To be honest, I hope you do the mating and that eventually when people are asking about the pedigree on the net, which always happens, someone will direct them to this thread so they can see who you really are or more important, WHAT you really are.. just another peddler trying to make a name for himself as a genuine "Dogman".

    On second thought I should probably wander the swedish stafford forums and leave some links to this thread, just to speed up the process and sit back and watch the train wreck lol
  18. Alma

    Alma Big Dog

    Are you fella's drunk? Acting like a bunch of bickering women! [​IMG]
  19. aaahhhh now I know who u r........if u r Retired Geezer then u tattooed a friend of mine who owns Beauty......by the looks of it, u aint doen shit with the dogs u have had......by the way WTF r u retired from?.......your fxxking head?.....how r things in Norway boy?
  20. Nah, I just woke up and are on my second cup of coffee.
    I'm sorry for the controversy, but since Willy is trying to promote the mating as out of gamedogs it just doesn't sit right when the mating is between pet dogs. Beside's after telling him the truth behind some of the dogs in his pedigree as I owned a few of them he seems to take offence to my position regarding this mating.
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