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Don Mayfield’s Keep (Part 1)

Discussion in 'Training & Behavior' started by Stratman, May 18, 2016.

  1. CrazyHorse

    CrazyHorse Big Dog

    You can go to GNC spend $59 on some pills that will pull all the subcuntaneous water out of a dog in 48 hours!
  2. Saiyagin

    Saiyagin Chihuahua Premium Member

    Elias , you shouldnt worry about my knowledge instead you should worry about your own knowledge and test yourself through actual hands on experience instead of cheerleading on the sidelines LOL......I am not going to answer your question regardless if I know the answer as I dont need to prove anything to you fool. LOL
  3. CrazyHorse

    CrazyHorse Big Dog

    Don was enlightened and reflecting agreed this is how he would have done things differently!

    Now as far as cruelty goes, yes it was cruel to have a dog walk on a jenny for 6+ hours! Using an anaerobic tool as a carpet mill with a very basic H.I.T. workout a canine will be burning just as much fat resting 4 hours after the workout on the carpet mill and burning the same amount of fact as actually a dog walking on a jenny for an hour!

    You the next time put some respek as the young kids say with a k on Don Mayfield's name! I'm not a fanatic but my good friend Pistolerogringo knows me and if you are more respectful I'll tell you what a day in the life of me was like with Gringopistolero in '07!
  4. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Humans and canines respond almost identically to diet and exercise

    As a general theory yes, but the two are fueled differently. Factor in the kreb's cycle and since they are fueled differently they respond differently to different parts of the diet. But in general, yes.

    The benefits of eating several times a day is obvious, it's 2016 and everyone has the ability to google information. Here are some of the benefits of multiple feedings.

    More energy
    Less hunger
    Control blood sugar levels
    Control insulin production
    Reduce body fat storage
    Consistent protein levels
    Increase muscle mass
    Increased metabolism

    This is absolutely true...for humans.. There is no scientific data available for what two dogs fighting need. None what so ever. There is scientific data based on grey hounds, and sled dogs and even some of the canine's in gun dog sports. But none, absolutely none when it comes to two dogs competing combat.
    The only data out there is that of opinion. We take scientific data from actual sources and then apply what we feel works with a bulldog. That removes the science. There is no baseline of information. It is strictly opinion.

    And multiple feedings at what point does the dog work while empty? Those wolves when en route to the next kill may pick up something here and there, maybe..maybe not. But when they are full and not hungry they do not perform at their peak. There is no need to. They are full and not hungry.
    If the wolf or coyote or tiger or lion or whatever, when he is full, not hungry with a dump in him, he can just roll over and take a nap at the nearest shade tree. With bulldogs there is no shade tree available.

    I am not saying disregard the scientific information that is out there. I am saying it is not totally applicable to a dog in combat sport.

    Now if I am wrong, please post the double blind study with baseline information, a set of validation parameters, out of control and out of specification guidelines and the name of the accredited institution that performed said study.

    Again, I may be wrong. But I think not.

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  5. Saiyagin

    Saiyagin Chihuahua Premium Member

    As far as cruelty goes that is just your opinion because back then Don didnt see it that way hence the reason he did it that way. Cruelty is in the eye of the beholder.

    I am not disrespecting Don himself, just his Cult followers. LMAO..........I KNOW Gringopistolero....I remember him when he was GREEN AS FUCK, I use to tease his ass on a constant basis from all his dumb ass newbie questions he use to ask in Chat. LMAO.....Gringo knows who I be in Chat, ask him if he remembers the bowls turned up side down. LMAO
  6. c_note

    c_note CH Dog

    Gringo posted good, useful info on many aspects of the dogs! From bloodlines to feed! I miss his posts. I would be interested if you can share!! Please and thank you
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  7. rebeard

    rebeard Big Dog

    this threads got my baffled your gonna have to test all of dons systems out before you can say weather they good bad or ugly ,,youll also need a good bred dog to take that kinda work in the first place not every dog can even take that level of training ,its the same with humans ,,and to put an inferior dog or man thru that level of conditioning i agree is cruel that why mayfeild used the top bred dogs in the world because lesser dogs could not even take that kinda keep ,lesser dogs would have to be conditioned to there limits because theyd quit in there keep if pushed that hard ,,,,its like everything in life that fake , it gets found out eventually but it only matters to them that care,, to some of us mayfeild was the best condiotiner usa has produced he learnt and studied from the best the usa had and then took it even further and imo has not even been equalled let alone surpased as the level of conditiong declined in usa with the influx of peddlers taking over the game and the percent of beginers becoming the majority ,,,if you have a real understanding of conditiong in the real world it should be quite easy to understand him ,,if you aint you better get busy cos guesing aint learning ,,if you really wanna find out you have to prove to yourself its not a case of pick out whos version you like best lol
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    thats the answer I was looking for,,,
    Mayfield,,, another man and a vet
    came up with the use of dex and all its
    benefits and mastered it...

    Like I said most good dogmen in the south no all about its more likly GEEECHH had it in his system...
    you sure like yo dry snitch on yourself and the people you got the dog from...

    I like your answer otherwise now edit the bs...
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  9. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Agree with several points. It takes a special dog to work for 8 hour a day. So special I would say they are 1 in a million. Mr. Mayfield did not work dogs for 8 continuous hours. Mr. Mayfield was a master at manipulation maybe as much as being a master at conditioning. The first thing people do to buy into 8 hours a day is compare their dogs to sled dogs and we all want our bulldogs to be superior to all other dogs. If they can pull a sled for 8 hours then my bulldog can work for 8 hours too. Apples and oranges.

    Agreed. Back then there were a lot fewer dog men and at the same time the majority of the men with dogs were doing dogs. And the majority of the ones doing dogs were doing dogs with well bred, well conditioned animals. The number of high end 'dog doing' was at a much higher percentage than today. There are so many people with exceptionally bred dogs not doing dogs, selling puppies, hanging papers to sell puppies, and most people buying puppies with the sole purpose of breeding them as young adults for a return on their investment. Back then they dealt a lot of grown dogs, moreso than puppies. The top notch guy in turn hung papers. In the smaller circles back then and more of the circle doing dogs, he didn't want you to have the recipe that he would have to look at 16ft. away a couple of years later.

    Agreed. There is a decline. The decline being in percentages because more people do it for the money now than ever. Not saying it was a perfect world back then. The breeder of the great match bitch Molly Bee would get calls from the corporate level of his company and ask him to cash his paychecks for the last six months so they could balance the books. He sold that many puppies. But that was the minority back then where it is the majority today. You made a great point on this.

  10. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    I have often wondered about the 8 hours a day in the Texas weather. I have never really believed it but out of sheer respect I would never call it out without first hand experience. I have often said/wrote that I could not see putting that much on a bulldog multiple days in a week.

    Recently I met the owner of Young's Tina, Face and Monkey. He was partner's with Jackson for quite some time. When Jackson moved back and forth between Texas and SC he had a number of dealings with Mayfield. Young made those trips as well. The guy that turned me onto to dogs as a kid went to Texas and stayed three or four weeks, worked a dog and brought back a couple. With that I had to ask.
    Without either of them hearing the others story they both pretty much said 8 hours wa a crock of shit. 8 hours more than likely did happen. To quote one of them, "he probably hooked the dog on the jenny and it ran for a length of time. Mayfield was feeling the spirits of the night before and fell asleep. The dog ran for whenever then stopped. When he came up from his stupor the dog took off again. Mayfield was a believer in the hair of the dog. After a couple of whatevers to knock the edge off he went back to the dog and the dog took off again. This process took 6 or 8 hours. The next days would be normal work days. On occasion he would pull one and a dog may end up on the jenny for hours on end, not working, just out there.

    So when it was told pit side. That dog looks great, how did you work the dog. "6-7-8 hours on the jenny". The story was told.

    The key to the story is that when a guy is winning matches time and time again he gets to tell the story just the way he wants. The amount of people who willingly drink the Kool-Aid is simply out of this world.

    True story. We raced dirt cars in rural NC for the longest. We had a Super Street car with an engine that was damn near Limited Late Model. Simply put, we cheated, but in racing it is not as frowned upon like in a lot of endeavors, for most it is admired silently. We ran off a string of wins. I did the car set-ups, my buddy kept the motor right and another buddy did the driving. One night a guy came over just starting out in racing. He wanted to know why his perfectly legal car did not sound nor turn up like ours. I said, "we run our timing all the way up, 40-41 degrees". He walked over to his car went under the hood and out onto the track and within a lap shattered the engine. He left as many parts on the track as he took off. I thought he knew better and I never thought he would turn his timing up that high, but he did. I felt horrible. I did not mind cheating on our car but I felt terrible I gave him the false information to ruin his motor. I came home used our spare stuff and put that kid a motor together out of my pocket. I delivered it 60 plus miles away, helped him put it in and even used our scales to set his car up and show him how to do things. That was in the early 90's and we are still friends today.

    Now my racing career does not equal the dog career of Mr. Mayfied, but when someone is winning it is so easy to pass on advice, both good and bad.

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  11. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

    I dont need to edit squat as I didn't say anything incriminating to anyone or dry snitch on anyone either. Nothing illegal in my post, maybe your reading something wrong. Also, you are definitely not the one to be pointing out if folks is dry snitching since your all about everyone else's buisness and posting it.
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  12. treezpitz

    treezpitz CH Dog Staff Member

    LOL Same thing that popped in my head immediately LOLOL Pot calling the kettle black HAHA
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  13. GK1

    GK1 Big Dog

    @slim12 :The first thing people do to buy into 8 hours a day is compare their dogs to sled dogs and we all want our bulldogs to be superior to all other dogs. If they can pull a sled for 8 hours then my bulldog can work for 8 hours too. Apples and oranges.

    Is not the pit bull more of a middle distance, strength and agility athlete?

    …if we’re to invoke the human athlete analogy.
    Usain Bolt does not run a single continuous mile…just as the marathoner does not rehearse timed explosions off the blocks.

    Iditarod dogs obviously have one purpose: distance and endurance under load. No biting or grappling involved. The catch dog may only sprint a comparatively short distance, but then exerts at high intensity controlling a slashing boar while both are half submerged. Condition for the task?
  14. c_note

    c_note CH Dog

    There is no real way to condition a pit dog for the pit like you're talkin about. They can't spar like ppl can. Fighters spar regularly during camps for fights. There is nothing we do that compares. I would step out on a limb and say you can have and get better catch dogs than pit dogs. Bulldoggin ain't easy, I've heard. The fight isn't the same. Getting em as strong, and fast, with as much wind as possible is about as good as you can do. The rest is on them.
  15. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    The difference Cnote is people who know 90 percent of the time ain't gone use a true catch dog for the Pit.But some will use it for both.I've said this before time and time again , dogs that caught on the ear and were natural catch dogs never saw pit work.Simply they could not do enough damage , this does not mean they lacked , heart , drive, athletic abilitiy, wind etc etc.Its simply means they would habe to win on gameness alone and take a lot of punishment.This is not what most were looking for so we talkin totally 2 different sports..And yea some love ear dogs.Depends on the man.
  16. Saiyagin

    Saiyagin Chihuahua Premium Member

    This is exactly the type of bullshit that I have been saying many times over the past years about Mayfield cult followers believing Mayfield working his dog 8-10hrs a day......anyone with ENOUGH ACTUAL EXPERIENCE will know Mayfield was full of shit in this aspect of conditioning.

    This is just one of a few things that ELIAS did not see or question about Mayfields Keep because he has no real hands on actual experiences LOL....The only thing he could say to act like he knew something that he thought no one else knew about mayfields keep was Dexamethasone aka Azium. LOL
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  17. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    And all of that can factor into what a bulldog needs on show night. The problem show night is an unknown 100% of the time. We know with sled dogs it is from point A to point B. With hogs it is a little more of an unknown, as there is a trot to more of a gait to start, then a pretty good run and an all out sprint and then an awe inspiring fight. That lasts only as long as it takes for his human counterpart to end it.

    The bulldog on show night walks into the unknown. Your best option is to school him on the highest quality animals you can find and then put him in the best possible condition the two of you can muster. The only question after that is when to pick him up if he can't win the match. Everything else is on the two dogs.

    A dog can get out of there in as quick as :10 or as much as 4:00. There is no way to determine that.

    Bolt trains because his race only lasts 100M or 200M. He never shows up for the 100M and someone says, "OH by the way today you are required to do the 1500M". It simply does not work that way.

    What bulldog people have to do is take the hard work and experience of the dog men before them, use some of the science available from testing on other performance breeds, do some trial and error work and by all means put some time in the dog. After that your best hope is he has killing on the brain or scratching in the heart.

    As complicated as we make it, it is really sort of simple.

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    I am sure the persons name you post and that info would make him proud to read on the net...
    besides his name and what he did,,, can you share his # and adress also???
  19. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

    Well since you know it all then you would know that his real name don't start with an S. Your reaching at straws in the air with your assumptions. On top of that, there is literally thousands of Wests in this country alone. If putting that fake name there is dry snitching then you sir would win the dry snitcher of the year award with how many people's real names and what they have done you post. Maybe you should worry more about your bullies than what I post. I assure you FCK don't give 2 fucks that I posted that.......

    Seeing as there are literally thousands Wests. He's not worried about it and neither am I. The only people who seem to be is you. Go figure.
  20. c_note

    c_note CH Dog

    Head dog, yes! Ear dog, no. I would give an ear sucker away!! Head dogs are different IMO. Face, ear, muzzle, top of the head, middle of the eyes= keeper. Ear only= for sale. I bought an AB when I was younger. The breeder said, "if you fight my dogs, I'll come after you!" I said, "if I wanted a fighting dog I would be buying an apbt from you... but that's not what you have, and that's not why I'm buying him!" He used his dogs for ranchstyle cattle work, little to no catching. He tested them with catch work tho. There was a female out there training on a medium hog. Hog ran in some bushes thinkin he was safe. Gyp dragged him out by his hind quarters. They took her out the pen, said she was puttin too many holes in the pig!! She was rough and ugly, just how I like my dogs!!!!!

    I agree Bama, totally different!! You may run through the woods chasing a hog all night and the actual catch may only last a few minutes. Different types of work all together
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