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Dogo Argentino.....

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by Wishbonekennel, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. Just wondering what the pitbull community Thinks about dogos ....some that i seen not all remind me pitulls so much jus white goota be some relation...
  2. BoogiemanBlood

    BoogiemanBlood Premium Member Premium Member

    Don't gotta be
  3. ursaminor

    ursaminor Premium Member Premium Member

    They are as close related as the mongoles and the indians.
  4. ABD456

    ABD456 Big Dog

    I don't know if the breeding of the Dogo was intentional to look like a pitbull just bigger but what I read about the way they were bred they have very little if any pitbull blood. Dogo's were bred for hunting although they do include some fighting dogs in their heritage.
  5. Ninety-Nine

    Ninety-Nine Big Dog

    An Argentine doctor used 10 breeds to create a supreme hunting dog. Although there is fighting breeds included they are not considered competition for the APBT.
  6. the only fighting breed used was that fighting dog of cordoba.
  7. Mickeyg

    Mickeyg Top Dog

    I love this breed there was a dog on the net at the weekend a cougar or puma attack some kids and the dogo came to the rescue killed the big cat saved the kids wat a dog !!!

    Wen u say no comp for a apbt surely u would have to find a big ass pit to handle a dogo
  8. Ninety-Nine

    Ninety-Nine Big Dog

    Forgot to mention 1st rate guard and protector. Dr Martinez used Cordoban Fighting dog, early Boxer, Spanish Mastiff,Great Dane,Pyreneese Mountain dog, Irish Wolfhound,Bull Terrier, Old Bull dog, Dogue de Bordeaux and English Pointer.
  9. Mickeyg

    Mickeyg Top Dog

    Do u no why there always white and why white with such a great big gene pool it's funny how he locked it down to a single coulor u not think surely a lot if breeding for coulor went on and not breeding best hunter to best hunter and am not buying that all the best turned out white

    But he's done a top job and one of the only working big breeds left I was speaking to a breeder and he said if u can't work them u shouldn't own then there not pets at all pure working dog ??
  10. back2basics

    back2basics Big Dog

    Part of the Argentino program was to preserve and build upon the fighting dog of Cordoba which had its own great qualities but needed good hunting traits. The fighting dog of Cordoba was the Alano crossbred with European fighting dogs (bull & terrier) and other dogs. To say there is no APBT or pit bull dog isn't entirely correct but it's not entirely false either. It's part of the 57 sauce that makes the Dogo.
  11. Mickeyg

    Mickeyg Top Dog

    So does any one know how he set a goal on making a working dog but manged to only select white dogs and why was white so important was it to blend in to snowy landscapes or did he just like white dogs ?
  12. smithy

    smithy Big Dog

    Easyer to see where your dogs are if there pure white
  13. sweetscience

    sweetscience Premium Member Premium Member

    The great pyrness was used for the white coat. Dr Martinez and his brother wanted to breed a dog who would hunt together as a pack. The white coat helps the hunters locate, see the dogs ,in the deep brush when hunting a wild boar. This breed was NOT intended to be a fighting breed dog vs dog.If you want specific information on the breed you can find more info on wikipedia.
  14. Mickeyg

    Mickeyg Top Dog

    It must of been tuff going selecting from all the diffrent types at 1st some top class selective breeding especially when you need a certain colour as well as the best worker possible I bet it got to the point were he hat to put performance 2nd to a few things in the selection he made but u can't aguee he's made a fine looking animal that does wat it was designed for
  15. smithy

    smithy Big Dog

    In my eyes all big catch dog breeds are the same dogo or american bulldog what ever the name tag at least it works.imo anyway
  16. back2basics

    back2basics Big Dog

    Old fighting dog of Córdoba
    "The name, place of origin and job of this dog are immediately clear. “Córdoba” does not refer to the city in Spain, but to Córdoba in Argentina, a large city and district northwest of Buenos Aires. At the beginning of the 20th Century dog fights were still very popular in Latin America. A lot of gambling money was involved, the earnings exceeding those from the cock-fights. The names of the winning dogs and their owners were proudly published. According to the present standards, dogfighting is a most objectionable ‘sport’, but in earlier times it was a fully accepted public amusement, especially for farmers and cattle breeders. Dogfighting was an inheritance of the Spanish Conquistadores; the roots of the Old fighting dog of Córdoba can be found in the Spanish Alano and the ancestors of the present Perro de Presa Mallorquin that the conquistadores took with them to their new country.
    In the 19th Century, during the second wave of immigration, Bulldogs, Terriers and Boxers were imported to Argentina. It is generally assumed that the Old fighting dog of Córdoba was gradually created out of intentional crossbreeding of these ancient Spanish and modern European dogs."

    “Something in between a Bulldog and a Mastiff”
    "A fighting dog must have certain characteristics; stamina, the will to win the fight and to fight to the death if necessary, and resistance to pain. Thanks to old photographs and descriptions we know the general appearance of the Vieja Perro Pelea Córdobes. It was a big mastiff-like dog, of various types, generally white or white with dark sports on the head and body. Often they were described as “something in between a Bulldog and a Mastiff”. However, the Córdoba was a slow dog with a mediocre nose. Apart from being aggressive to people, the males attacked the bitches during mating! They were not useful for hunting because they fought with each other in stead of the prey. When the conclusion was reached in this part of the world that dogfighting is uncivilized, the popularity of the Córdoba rapidly declined and their becoming extinct was a serious option."
    Antonio and Augustin
    "In the first two decades of the 20th Century, dog fancier and hunter Dr. Augustin Nores- Martinez and his brother Antonio Nores-Martinez, worked together to create a new breed of brave gundog: the Dogo Argentino. One of their points of departure was that the Perro Pelea Córdobes should not become extinct. In Martinez’ philosophy, the best part of this dog had to be saved.
    The new breed should not be just another dog, because it would be used for hunting bear, jaguar and puma. Dr. Martinez needed the strong and brave Córdoba mainly because of its great
    stamina. He was not interested in this fighting dog’s useless aggression,
    but on the other hand, he could use its fearlessness.
    Using the Córdoba, Boxer, Great Dane, Bull Terrier, Pointer, Spanish Mastiff an Irish Wolfhound, the brothers Antonio and Augustin created the Dogo Argentino. It is assumed that they started their breeding programme with 10 Córdoba bitches; after 30 years of ‘doctoring’, the influence of the Córdoba has been pushed back to an acceptable and useful factor in the new breed.
    Antonio was killed (probably murdered) during a bear hunt in 1956. His brother Augustin, a lawyer who became Chancellor of the University of Buenos Aires and served as the Argentine ambassador of Argentina to Canada, continued breeding Dogos Argentinos, the heritage of the Viejo Perre Pelea Córdobés."

    The original program was not just to create a hunting dog but to preserve a dog of antiquity, the Viejo Perre Pelea Córdobés. IMO the Dogo just looks like a white Perro Pelea. I do wonder with all the mixing and setting a physical type, how extensively the other breeds were used. Must have been a crap load of culling going on.

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