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Dock Diving? Weight pull? Anything in AZ?

Discussion in 'Sports & Activities' started by D&K, Oct 12, 2015.

  1. D&K

    D&K Pup

    Crazy to think I have been around here since 2005!!! I am looking for some help...

    I had to make one of the hardest choices in my life... a little under a year ago I had to put down my girl Kylee. Her drive and demeanor were just unmatched. After multiple surgeries she just wasn't going to have the same quality of life and it was time to let her rest.

    I had decided to have her be the last APBT I owned...but once in the game always in the game. Except this time I am looking for more of a solid companion/pet since I am not looking at the extra effort it takes to keep a game dog. I just cant convince myself to own any other dog...

    Its about that time where I want to start looking again but interested in going a different route...more of the show/agility type. I have been staying in contact w Cheryl from Caragan Kennels but she has been ill and they have produced their last litter. The downside ALL males. I am looking for a female with the same qualities as this kennel. I asked her for a referral but she was hesitant to provide one...understandably.

    Does anyone here know of someone who has her stock? I am looking for a smallish female 35lbs-40lbs with drive to compete but not necessarily game....maybe some weight pulling? Need to keep my self busy but move in a different direction with my dogs.

    Thank you!

    anyone care to help out?

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