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Do spring poles cause aggression?

Discussion in 'Sports & Activities' started by KansasPitbull, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. my last pit bull realy liked working with the spring pole and playing tug-a-war, one day at a BBQ i had my boy out there everyone realy liked watching as he worked the spring pole but one friend whom had owned many pit bulls told me i was teaching him a bad habit. I did notice a change in his mood after about 4-5 times of working with it, long before the BBQ? My new dog after playing tug a war started having a little more cockyness as well. what do you all think? can a spring pole triger aghression?
  2. bullydogs

    bullydogs Top Dog

    This question will always spark much debate. IMHO i do not believe it causes any added aggression if the activities are done correctly. You must always be in control, and always determine when its time to stop. I personally have my dogs trained to let off on my command. However, on the other side of the coin... i have witnessed individuals who have no clue , let there dogs get out of control during these exercises.
  3. it is an outlet for instincts (to catch and hold) and should be used as such. Secondarily, it can be used as a conditioning device, but I really like what was mentioned above about "control" on the owners behalf.

    SPFDOGS Guest

    Does it cause aggression?. Not one bit in my opinion..Will it heighten his "drive" during and immediatley following the exercise?. Sure, but excitment doesnt equall aggressivness..
    As for your friend who has owned many "pitbulls" saying that letting a dog work the springpole,is teaching him bad habits, I would say that in regards to "this" activity he or she has no clue as to what their talking about..

    Bullydogs..How can someone let their dog get "out of control" on the springpole?.lol.. That doesnt even make sense to me..
    And as for dogs letting go of the hide on voice command..I have NEVER owned a bulldog that would release his grip on command..
  5. Bobby Rooster

    Bobby Rooster CH Dog

    It does not CAUSE more aggression.... I'm not aware of ANYTHING that can CAUSE MORE aggression in a dog... it's either in them or not... simple as that.... BUT if he enjoys the task then he may become more possessive with his toy...
  6. bullydogs

    bullydogs Top Dog

    Those comments were pertaining to tug of war, which i rarely do...but always with a tug rope. And yes to two of my three only let go of hide when i use the stick.
  7. Get the hell out here! lol If my dogs don't let go when I tell them to, they get a beat down. lol On a serious note, my dogs WILL let go. I may have to tell them more than once and they will give a few good shakes before but they will release. It is all about how you bond and teach your dogs.

    In regards to the OP, no the springpole does nothing to add aggression. However, it can temporarily reduce if the dog gets tire from playing on it.

    The springpole is a toy. A person should be able to handle a dog while it is on it. Ideally, you should NOT have to use a stick to make a dog release something inanimated. JMHO.
  8. TIGER1

    TIGER1 Pup

    Hey guys before i go posting things up id like to introduce myself. Im hygor i stay in salt lake city utah, trust me salt lake is not as bad as people say. I have 2 bulldogs and joined the site to learn new things about this wonderful breed. about the topic i agree with rocky my dogs will let go on command while playin on the springpole or playing tug;), I have never had to use the stick to make them let go when their playing.
  9. bradyFL

    bradyFL Big Dog

    aggression, no.....

    think of it like this, a person plays football or tennis or some sort of recreational sport for the first time and likes it. there is going to be a change in the person, they are going to be enthusiastic about the activity and get excited to do it. what this guy, who is the local dog expert in your area, is misconstruing as aggression is enthusiasm. which is not a problem at all for me. we all just want to have fun.
  10. bahamutt99

    bahamutt99 CH Dog

    I would have to say not. In fact, since dogs are more likely to be relaxed after a good workout, one could argue that springpoles reduce aggression. Your dog already knows how to grip and shake. Giving him the opportunity to practice it doesn't mean he's going to become more aggressive. The only instance I could see is if you allowed two dogs to work the springpole together. If one was possessive over the hide or whatever you've got on there, he may respond aggressively to another dog in his kool-aid. But overall teaching bad habits? No. I do things a little differently and train the "out" while my dogs are working the springpole. So in a way, they're learning good habits while they get rid of a little excess energy.
  11. I have owned and handled truely game dogs who WOULD let go of a toy/hide/rope/etc on command. It is a requirement in my house/yard. Now, if a game dog was getting after something during a hunt and didn't let go....that is understandable and desired. With a toy?.....that dog is getting the wrath of my open palm if he/she doesn't release when I bark the command.
  12. bahamutt99

    bahamutt99 CH Dog

    Good post. If hollering an "out" would snap them out of whatever live thing they're after, we'd have no need of breaking sticks. LOL I don't even bother hollering anymore when that happens. But with toys, flirtpole, springpole, etc., "out" means "out or I'm going to kick your ass." The faster they out and back away, the faster they get to play again. The exercise of practicing those outs becomes a game in and of itself.
  13. Mr Mark

    Mr Mark Guest

    Answer: Absolutely NOT! The spring pole does not increase or cause aggression. Neither does feeding raw bloody meat, or keeping them on chains. These are all myths.

    The only thing that causes aggression is just the dog's temperment from birth or abuse/mistrust of some sort. The best indicator is knowing the family of dogs you are getting yours from.
  14. BuckEFleming

    BuckEFleming Banned

    I agree completly with you Mr Mark my dogs are more manageable because they are on a chain. they have there spot there home and the red meat my sis has a bulldog and she eats meat but still doesn't kill my moms pair of lapdogs either! and my dogs sleep after working them, no barking, no pacing!
  15. clmr

    clmr Big Dog

    WOW. That just goes to show you what the unknowing public think they know about the APBT. Remember, the acroynm "GIGO". The unknowing public watch GIGO tv shows/news reports, read GIGO newspaper/mag articles, pass GIGO gossip to neighbors/family members, and they even post/write GIGO articles/threads on the WWW to name a few. All along the APBT gets a bad rep and pays the ultimate price. It's our job to properly educate the unknowing public and to be responsible owners. OK, GIGO (Garbage in, Garbage out).
  16. bluesdad

    bluesdad Banned


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  17. TripleJ

    TripleJ CH Dog

    I look at your pic and the only thing I would do is not let him hang and swing like that. If you go to my photos look at the 4th one in I know its blurr but that is a hevey pipe gasket and a tow rope tied to it you take rebar bend it ove so its lik a 2 foot horseshoe put the gasket in the middle drive in the ground out side the chain out and then kick it to your dogs they can play tug when ever they get frustrated. its a trip to sit and watch all of them eyein each other tuggin and raisin hell. J
  18. Rik

    Rik Pup

    I could not agree more..

    But tug-a-war is diverent. If you teach your dog right it does'nt have to be a problem but still can be. Not every dog likes it when his toy gets "stolen". I have one dog that can share every toy he's got but my other one pfff.. No way! I tryed to teach them to share, but it does'nt work with one of mine...


  19. bluesdad

    bluesdad Banned


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    no he hangs from a tree limb all day and is a dossile so id say no 2.

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