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Do Something When You Can!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by CooljoeGoodie, Feb 20, 2008.

  1. CooljoeGoodie

    CooljoeGoodie Big Dog

    I thought about the post that Suki put up about no one reaching to help Mr. F.B. Folks we let him down,we can't let that happen again.I for one will do my part from now on! When ever there is an opportunity to help on of our own,(not some one thats just wants to save a quite little pup)we all should help in force in every way we can.Get out in your cities,towns or take it to work even or wherever,get some names on paper that they can see.To let them know what they are doing is wrong and they are violating our right,by making new laws everyday,by not letting the people decide what we want..etc.I am gonna start a petition that says they they have to look at every case indivdualy and not to just completely ban a breed.I'm gonna get off my a$$,how about you
  2. Suki

    Suki Guest

    great initiative, and TY for your efforts. :)

    *PLEASE* understand i did not post that reply letter, to pat myself on the back, or to try to make myself look impressive, and if it appeared that way, then i pubblically apologize, but meerly to make a point~
    that i DO believe there is strength in numbers. there are a LOT of "pit bull" owners out there, even if every OTHER decided to make/take a stand, even still those #'s are high and collectively we have the potential to make a BIG difference. the reply i received from Cherie made me HUGELY sad. hugely..... i guess i'm just hoping the same thing doesn't happen here...

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