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deadlift - termite

Discussion in 'APBT Bloodlines' started by waters, Jan 8, 2005.

  1. waters

    waters Big Dog

    I Was Wondering What People Think Of These Two Dogs. What Do You Think Of There Offsprings And Is There Line As Good As They Say.


    Well I can only say that the Termite Blood down in j-ville NC is very watered down and Some of my Pals went into the Termite stuff a few times and it was done in about 5 min... Pals were using a Spike dog.
  3. waters

    waters Big Dog

    what about jake the snake that was bred off of termite.


    I dont know! Termite is the big thing down here and the morons look at a ped and see his name one time and its a Tight Termite dog get my drift!!!
  5. waters

    waters Big Dog

    i know what your saying. i have a 3x bred deadlift male on top with a double bred termite dog on bottom bred out of jake the snake. whats funny is if you look back at the lines it all comes back to redboy/jocko and then colby dime. you have to love these dogs.

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