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Concerning Hall Of Fame Inductees

Discussion in 'APBT History' started by F.W.K., Sep 24, 2018.

  1. mccoypitbulls

    mccoypitbulls Underdog

    Ur the one on here questioning the validity of a page in Colby book. L
    I made a comment..about an unsolved murder..that was result of the way someone bred..or competed with their dog...

    Big difference. Now ill send ya aapm and wr can hash out who is small or big..my weights..are always close.
  2. Holocaust

    Holocaust Match dog

    Theres no proof it was over how anyone bred or competed with their dogs, and police said the weapon was a hammer. Why the fuck is everyone bent out of shape about RUMORS around a fucking murder?

    THE FACTS(according to police) was ed was beaten to death with a hammer LIKELY IN A BOTCHED ROBBERY...

    Now let's call weights online over it? Or is it that someone would have the audacity to say a man who claimed to have a 20 something time winner may have been full of shit?

    Either way crowing weights on an open forum isnt very wise.. just saying
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  3. YellowJohnJocko

    YellowJohnJocko Big Dog

  4. mccoypitbulls

    mccoypitbulls Underdog

    I never claimed to be smart..or know everyrhing..in fact im.pretty sure i left any post I made..open..so no worries.

    Someone called me names..little..punk..and know nothing troll.. I did nothing like that.
    Its all gravy on a biscuit.
    Maybe someone should resort to maybe posting links to info...instead of calling names like a kid.
    Anything i posted was open..and not pointing any fingers.
    Hell i read the shit on some forum. I wont pretend to know ed..because it was before my time...and others also..so lets not all act like we knew him. If someone named yellojohnjocko did...great..have a coke.
    That dont matter
    ..what.matters.is how big bad yellowjockitch wants ta type names..and insult people.

    Well have at it. I sent a pm. No more 4 play..we can settle our differences.
  5. mccoypitbulls

    mccoypitbulls Underdog

    I thought yall like weight pullin..im an amature..oughta be an easy w fo ya.
  6. mistabonz

    mistabonz Premium Member Premium Member

    At any rate who cares! Murder was over 20 years ago and pincher was around a 100 years ago. Neither means shit but good banter anyhow.
  7. Holocaust

    Holocaust Match dog

    I dont know who yall is but I ain't got a reason to wp against ya in a grudge or score to settle manner.

    I just wanted to tell you cover your 6 a bit better... open ended posts with weights included could draw the wrong attention. With you having the video channel, this, and other social media I just wanted to point out the troubles that could potentially cause...

    No harm no foul from me..
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  8. YellowJohnJocko

    YellowJohnJocko Big Dog

  9. corvettedex

    corvettedex CH Dog Premium Member

    No reason to highjack FWK'S Thread over a misunderstanding. I put my 2 cent worth in as well. So I would like us to all carry or selves as Gentleman. When I 1st got on this site I use go back in forth, with folks who I actually learned from when I got open-minded and receptive to the information at hand. "Iron Mike" , "The Granite Man" , Big D, TDK, Rock & Rye, AGK, Slim, Bama Man, Nos, and the list goes on and on...Are people who have been around a few 24 hours and although I didn't always agree with the information, didn't mean that the info wasn't valid and turned out to be very helpful. I learned a lot. This site years ago was the best site that I have ever known. Lets get back to Dime & Dibo Rom and just maybe we can learn from folks who were there. Or came from Family such as Grand Fathers, Fathers ect...Iron Mike didn't care for modern day Colby hounds, He knew 1st hand That " Colbys Rifle" was a great producer as well as a Deep game match Dog. Although Dime got so much attention, Colbys Rifle , Sired by Colbys Buddy , (The Best Match Dog Howard H. said He had ever seen.) was a great one.. 1005181435-1.jpg

    Attached Files:

  10. F.W.K.

    F.W.K. Retired Historican

    Away with the mudslinging contest and further on with the dogs.
    Here is Howard Heinzl, breeder of great bulldogs, had two half his blood bred into the Bolio/Tombstone blood,both 100% bulldog about 33 years ago.
  11. F.W.K.

    F.W.K. Retired Historican

    Tudor, Corvino and Grover in 1937
    Colby's Dime
    Earl Tudor 1943
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  12. F.W.K.

    F.W.K. Retired Historican

    Robert Lee Neblett, better known as Bob, was born in Martin, Tennessee on November 9th 1895. He was one of five children, three brothers and one sister. Bob’s younger years, like most poor folks were difficult. His mother dying when he was seven put extra strain on his father, who was a carpenter.

    At age 17, Bob left home and in november 1917 he joined the US Army. He served one year and 16 days overseas in World War I. After returning home in June 1919, he got a job in Murry, Kentucky and married for the first time. His marriage lasted seven years until the untimely death of his wife. It was during this period of Bob’s life that he would be introduced to a breed of dog that he would own, fight and breed for the next 58 years of his life.

    The first dog that Bob owned was a pup that he acquired through his brother in law. The dog’s name was Buck, whelped in 1922 out of Tudor’s Black Jack & Cunningham’s Nell. Bob always had a lot of stories to tell about Buck’s ability, but he was never match fought, just a lot of convincing rolls and chain fights.

    After one hour & four minutes, Bob had picked up a game but beaten Billy, with Bob being somewhat puzzled as to what went wrong. Bob was so puzzled he rematched the same dog a few months later! It was a replay of the first, with Bob picking up a game scratching dog that had been getting whipped just a little more convincingly. Bob then sent Billy to a dogman in Lousiana, since he lost everything he owned in the ‘Great Depression’ of the 1930’s.
    In 1933 Bob moved from Kentucky to Detroit, Michigan. This is when he began to work in the auto industry. After moving, along with getting married a second time to Ina, Bob both purchased and acquired the Bulldogs that would form the basis for the game strain which produced the Neblett bloodline.

    Bob’s bloodline was mostly of a Colby foundation, and came from two Bulldogs, the more famous of the two being Neblett’s CH. Bucky McCoy. The other male, a dark brindle dog that Bob bought as a pup from Joe Corvino, named after his sire, Neblett’s Braddock Jr. Bob’s CH. Bucky McCoy was a very smart defensive fighter along with being an excellent finishing dog that won 8 conditioned contests. The toughest of Bucky’s fights was his 6th fight against Cranker’s 2xW Black Diamond. Bucky stopped him cold in the pit at one hour 57 minutes, in August 1938.

    Bob’s Braddock Jr. sired by Armitage’s (Corvino’s) Braddock, 14xW, out of Corvino’s By Blue, was a favourite of Bob’s due to deep gameness. Braddock Jr. had won two tough contests. Bob matched him at catchweights into a red dog owned by a Detroit detective. Bob had already seen the big red dog fight before, and although the red was a great deal bigger, Bob believed the red was a rank cur. The match took place in May 1939 with Braddock Jr. fighting off the bottom the whole fight, always in hold against the 12 pound larger dog. The contest had finally come down to an hour & 37 minutes, when Bob being a bit worried about Braddock Jr. being down so long, asked the red dog’s owner if he would consider a draw. The Detroit officer agreed almost as soon as the words came out of Bob’s mouth and began shaking Bob’s hand very quick like, as if someone had healed him instantly of cancer. Bob, at this point of the story would shake his head saying; “I had thought he had the fight won several times because of the turning and running that big red dog was doing, but that big old boy would scratch hard every time, when I could get Braddock Jr. to let him go”.

    Bob had several other favourite Bulldogs that were exceptional in ability, one being a spotted, one eyed dog named Colonel, that Bob acquired from Harry Clark. Colonel won 6 conditioned contests, all showing class, ability along with well tested gameness. Colonel’s last match against Paul Sweeney had a very special place in Bob’s heart. Paul Sweeney had fought an unbelievable amount of dogs without a loss over an 11 or 12 year period. The old Colonel dog, who was six and a half years old at the time of the match, ended Mr. Sweeney’s long winning streak. The contest took place near Detroit and the duration of the contest was a bit over the hour mark, with a thousand dollars at stake, which was a fair piece back in 1939. The worst Bob could ever say about Colonel was that he never sired a single pup.

    Some other dogs that Bob both bred himself and felt were way above average were two dogs: a male named Dusty and a female named Patsy. Dusty was a red dog with a black face out of Neblett’s Black Mike, a son of CH. Bucky McCoy & Pierson’s Dolly, which was out of W.C. Roper’s red nosed dogs. Although Dusty was never matched, Bob saw to it that he was tested hard. Dusty produced very game dogs. Patsy was claimed by Bob to be the best female he ever owned. She was a dark brindle female with a white ring around her neck. Patsy was sired by Neblett’s Black Bobo, who was a son of CH. Bucky McCoy. Her dam was Neblett’s Little Cookie, who was a pure Colby bitch that Bob bought from John Colby.

    When the subject of other dogmen was brought up in a conversation, Bob would name Joe Corvino, by far the best dogman that he knew personally. There were others who stood out in Bob’s mind whom he also referred to. They were Charlie Tyler of Cleveland, Paul Sweeney of Ohio, Red Howell, Jim McKenzie of Tennessee, Fred Schroeder, Al & Dick Cole.
    In late 1946 at the age of 51, Neblett moved from Detroit, Michigan to Neosho, Missouri. It was there he purchased some land, set up a business and built his kennels. Bob didn’t do anymore matches for one reason or another, although he did handle a dog in a fight once for fun against a well known dogman from Kansas City. The fight took place in Mississippi and the duration was a little over the hour mark. The dog Bob handled lost, and was owned/conditioned by Earl Skaggs. Bob felt if he had worked the dog himself or if the Skaggs dog was in a little better shape, he would have won with no problem.

    Unlike many men, Bob Neblett always placed Pit Bulldogs in his life as a 'hobby', because 'business' was something you either conducted or had to take care of, not something that you loved. A feeling that Bob had which he voiced with pride was that he couldn’t own any other breed of dog and probably would never had owned a dog if it weren’t for the game, fighting pit dog. This statement was true in Bob’s life through his continuous dedication he showed to the breed. The evidence of Bob’s dedication came in the quality of Bulldogs he bred along with the visual purity of Neblett breeding in pedigrees. Few men claim to have bred dogs 40 or 50 years can hand you a pedigree with 75% of the dogs in that pedigree having the same prefix or their last name on them. Bob was a man who could!

    On June 4th of 1980, early in the morning while mowing his lawn, Bob Neblett had a heart attack and passed on to glory a few hours later at the age of 85.
  13. corvettedex

    corvettedex CH Dog Premium Member

    Great old pic and I enjoy seeing pics and reading about The Old timers as These Great men and (ladies too ) passed down to us " The Worlds Greatest Breed" For that I am grateful. There are only 2 living things on this Planet that are Truly Dead Game, The Real American Pitbull Terrier, and The Fighting Gamecock. This ability go's completely against nauture . As we are all aware of here in the USA its a felony to match dogs. Maybe Chickens too these days? However, Back when these great men could match dogs the proper way , openly not jeopardizing there freedom, True displays of Deep gameness would bring tears to the grown mans eyes. I to this very day believe that if we lose the rare gene of " Gameness" we lose the integrity of the Bulldog. Its been said by many of Famous Dogmen prior and present, They would pick Gameness over Mouth. The word's of an old friend, He who bites last bites hardest....In all of Howard Hienzl years he said the 3 Dead game dogs he saw were Colbys Buddy he ranked #1. also Sport and Hobo. None of these 3 ever even made a turn in there life or after they expired. http://www.apbt.online-pedigrees.com/modules.php?name=Public&file=printPedigree&dog_id=857
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  14. mccoypitbulls

    mccoypitbulls Underdog

    No more mud slingin. Dude is a cur.
    Simple. Sorry for being thenont to point out yella balls..and his never ending knowledge.
    Well i did nothing different then he did on his mentors thread. Pointed out the obvious.
    He questions validity. .i question his intent.
    Like i said..if anyone reads this or that ..and wants to knock on my door..have at it.
    Im not the one here pointing out details of others...besides the truth..and i can go all day with that.
    Ill find my way..and I can move and hopn states..just like the next...

    The only thing that iim guilty of..is acting on a insult. Weight pull..is legal...and a grudge...not hardly..those are.personal.
    Fact is..i can live my life fine without your approval..and the lil name callin scrollin trolls..
    They can staynunder their bridge until i find the signs
  15. YellowJohnJocko

    YellowJohnJocko Big Dog

    I question the validity of that letter for a number of reasons. I can, #1 and the fact that there is not a signature on it #2.
    I stated why I felt it might not be authentic, i suppose it could have been recreated by the book author to fit the text of the book. Although I feel that a photo copy would have been far better and would not have raised such a suspicion.

    Far as all that other shit you said Mccoy...we can keep it going in the pm's all you want. You are about the biggest baby attention seeking whore I ever saw on here.

    This thread is not about you!
  16. F.W.K.

    F.W.K. Retired Historican

  17. F.W.K.

    F.W.K. Retired Historican

  18. corvettedex

    corvettedex CH Dog Premium Member

    I have always loved the look of This Bulldog. The pic isn't high quality of course, yet He us in shape. Love the huge nostrils along with the Rangy look. "Cotton Bullet " is another of my favorite's..
  19. F.W.K.

    F.W.K. Retired Historican

    cottons bullet

    And here a great dog who'd an perfect body and attitude.
    Shankbone's Gr Ch Lionhead

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