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Concerete bowls with a handle

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by slowstarter, Jul 28, 2016.

  1. promoe

    promoe Premium Member Premium Member

    if i was at home id take a few pics of the bowls . one of the dogs has a dual bowl i made out of a cooler with 4 bags of crete. most of the mutts have 2 bowls one concrete one metal.
  2. promoe

    promoe Premium Member Premium Member

    Do you really think its the RedBoy in them or just the line. You know your yard and know all the habits of all of them. Those heavy floyd dogs are hit miss with bad habits. Digging and chain fighting is common. Phenotype plays a huge roll as i call tell by the color as their ancestors. The screamers are what i hate and they are usually red/rednose. my apology if this was offtopic.
  3. promoe

    promoe Premium Member Premium Member

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  4. promoe

    promoe Premium Member Premium Member

  5. slowstarter

    slowstarter Big Dog

    I am in Fla and the heat has been nasty here about every day this year. So they get water changed out every other day. I had a buddy that was all distraught because he thought his yard was perfect when animal patrol came by but he had one with a tipped over bucket with water still in the chain spot and they said there was a height regulation that he was not following. So I cut mine in half and made them 80 lbs. I also have concrete food bowls but I have not mastered the drain holes in the bottoms but I am trying something new this week. The holes are too big and the food falls in them.
    I haven't had any erosion problems but I move them out the chain spot every other month and bleach them out. The Lowe's buckets seem to work the best because of how slick the plastic is.
  6. Thunder98

    Thunder98 Big Dog

    Man them redboy dogs are what made me make concrete bowls in the first place....they taught me a lesson real quick.. Eat them up and beat them up....if they saw something they wanted and couldn't get to it, the bucket paid the price.....every 20 minutes or so I was filling it up....

    So far I only got 1 pup that will swim all his water out...I will probably go buy a cheap shallow pool for him...he got sense though, straight to the bowl for a swim when overheated..
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  7. Saiyagin

    Saiyagin Chihuahua Premium Member

    Some concrete bowls can weigh over a hundred pounds.....When time to move them from one chain spot to another all one has to do is tip them on there side and ROLL them to the next spot, putting handles on the sides will hinder this process.....Like AGK said the stainless steel bowls is the best solution as you can take them out for easy cleaning. Elevated concrete water bowls almost the height of the dogs neck helps prevent some piss from going in there water especially for males the like to piss on there water bowl. LOL
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  8. slim12

    slim12 CH Dog Staff Member

    With the line of Red Boy dogs I have there are a few constants. Brindle females will knock their teeth out way early but will throw bulldogs bred to German Shephards. Just saying. The black red Boy dogs will bite way harder. And if a brindle male will keep his teeth you can ride up and down the road with just about anyone.

    Finding a brindle Mims dog with adult teeth is a stretch. Anything in the chain spot that can be used to knock out teeth will be used to its utmost potential. A barrel cut in half will be cut in half in no time.

    The red/red and white ones will stay all night but the mouth will be hit and miss. The red and white ones can pretty much breathe underwater.

    To most color means nothing. Spend 15-20 years with the same family and patterns develop.

  9. promoe

    promoe Premium Member Premium Member

    Very good post. When you know 3,4,5 dogs back in the dogs pedgree you will see tendencies/habits. The ones down off of floyd search for roots. the ones off of slim always are smiling.the ones off of showboat carry the water bowls around.the ones off of crybaby love to cartwheel around on there chain spot but when you enter the spot its like a switch they just chill.
    With phenotype there are alot of variables but we know its not a guarantee but with performance its usually something you expect out from them.
    The light buckskin/rednose tend to be straight forward destrories with heavy mouth/decent teeth and you pray for some smarts or they are a one trick pony. the red black nose are all around good dogs and will scratch all night long with average mouth and hopefully they dont ruin their hardware before they learn to dance. the buckskin black nose are usually the more durable,smarter dogs with big teeth than you can bring to a bbq with alot of confidence(some have a slight widows peak tend to bite like no other!), but they are usually sterile by the time you know they are worth breeding. my avatar is the epitome of that. he's by far my favorite on the yard.. the dark red/red nose are prolly my least favorite as they scream and are nippy and are sketchy when handling, which is a bummer because i have seen some monsters. I just dont care for them. again there are variables in phenotype with the genetic make up are most of the dogs are off of one line to a cpl of outcrosses.
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    I hate when dogs piss on their bowls but like saiyagian solution of raising them up,,, good advice...

    Great exchange Slim and promoe!!!
    as I too like to examine lines in all lights and also feel color plays some part to behavior at times...

    The redboy yards I went to from b bailey,,, v whitley,,,tru,,,robinson,,, carolina kennels,,, barr caymen,,, and jk deals
    as well as few tant bred yards all had something in common...
    loud crazy dogs that resemble hound crosses and make almost as much ruckus come feeding time,,,
    some let their frustrations out chewing others running but almost all were crazy on a whole...

    so yes I would say it a bloodline thing,,,
    the red rednose seem a bit crazier,,,
    the brindles seem more destructive,,,
    the black mouth cur looking ones also seem to be on the hunt...

    HH said they remind him of the dogs he had when he was young,,,
    called them dumb on the hunt style fighters and often very game...

    as far as color...
    I also noticed some black dogs from both the boudreaux family as well as garners that were of the destrustive type...
    with that being said a majority of famous manbiters were black also...(ie... zebo and bullyson etc...)...

    I also noticed a handful of things about whiter dogs,,,
    three of the oldest tightest families eventually turned predominantly white (ie... colby,,, lightner,,, komsinski...)...
    probably due to the tight gene pool and isolation of that color,,,
    (similar to the way blacks predominate with boudreaux and or red with the ironline dogs)...

    Mr.L.Colby told me that his father J.P. culled man aggression after a black brindle dog killed J.P. niece,,,
    strange that at the end of J.P.s breeding that black dogs and predominantly dark dogs were
    as rare as red rednose in that family...

    another thing with white dogs is that breeds like english bull terriers,,, dalmations and jack russells
    having restless feet issues and are bat shit crazy,,,lol...

    as far as terriers,,,patterdales have no white and no issues???

    even hunting breeds like the great dogos argentina and great danes are also showing white issues with a limited gene pool...

    so yes I do believe in color phenotype as well as blood line but understand that there is always an exception to typing...

    iback in the mid nineties the rapper ice cube supported his cousins breeding efforts and they were to be an all white kennel,,,
    after a few generations of defects they disappeared...

    ...too white=too tight...
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  11. slowstarter

    slowstarter Big Dog

    Man this thread really took a turn for the best. Never would have thought that a question about bowls would turn into a genetics course. Lol. So what I hear is that if I ever get to pick a pup out of a redboy litter that has a colorful variety I should really consider the color?
    I have no experience being around any redboy dogs but the 2 most destructive dogs I have been around were both solid black Eli hounds. One had no grill by the time he was 2 and the other one never had nothing but a concrete water bowl, a chain, and a collar in her chain spot. A black dog was one that I trusted the least he never bit anyone but looked at children like they were across from him.
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  12. slim12

    slim12 CH Dog Staff Member

    Not all Red Boy dogs. Just the ones I have seen. I am a Mims fan. The Holland strain could provide and entirely different set of standards or tendencies. Deacon blood, Whitley, Cottingham.....all could be completely different.

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  13. NatureBoy

    NatureBoy Big Dog

    Use a metal bowl inside a bucket and stick two pieces of foam on the edges, one on either side of the water bowl... Wide enough for 2-3 fingers. Pour your crete, let it set then strip your form and take the foam out. You should have a mold that fits your bowl perfectly with two finger tabs for easy removal of your water bowl.
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  14. treezpitz

    treezpitz CH Dog Staff Member

    Made a handful of these over the last month and like them so far. I don't need anything this large because all it's used for is food but it's heavy enough to keep from being slung around the chain spot. So for that reason I figured I'd try them.

  15. Please excuse the collar, he left here with a Bulldogsupply collar and came back with this bull $h!t. Your dead on with the dark red/red nose Redboy's. I sold this dog to a friend of a friend, because he just HAD to have him... for what he was offering, i obliged. I was called a month or so later (a week ago) to come get him free of charge... the first 2 pictures are of him on the acquaintances yard. Haha. Said all he could do was feed him, couldn't handle him, work him, or touch him. I walked into the $h!tty chain spot, unhooked him, took the $h!tty harness off and loaded him in his kennel, with minimal effort. Home we came, where he is sketchy, but as normal as his has ever been, minus being 10 lbs over chain weight... The 3rd picture is of him back home. Excuse the bullsnap, it's only in place until his new collar arrives from Bulldogsupply accompanied by new rings. He is a great dog, just sketchy as hell, a bit nippy and highly dominant. He doesn't respond well to ANYONE new, but loves to work (on his terms), and conditions nicely, if your willing to deal with his additude. Looks like he is a 1 man dog, until someone else as crazy as him comes along. ONE HELL OF A BULLDOG! Looks like I'll be keeping him after all. Haha. I'll post more pictures of him when he is slimmed up/leaned out, with a proper collar and hardware.



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  16. treezpitz

    treezpitz CH Dog Staff Member

    There's no handle on them but these are the styles I have been making.

  17. slowstarter

    slowstarter Big Dog

    Yea I was looking Cardenas yard video and seen the handles but they would hurt me in the long run by ruining hardware.
    Them look good treez how much do they weigh?
    The tread turned into a genetics class haha haha. Good stuff
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  18. treezpitz

    treezpitz CH Dog Staff Member

    Thanks. Not sure how much they weigh, man, I may have to weigh them just to find out. I haven't watched that video all of the way through but what I did watch I didn't catch his bowls. lol You know threads always take a turn and sometimes get back on track and sometimes not lol.
  19. slowstarter

    slowstarter Big Dog

    Here you go for all who wonder.

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