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Discussion in 'Sports & Activities' started by trampas, May 9, 2005.

  1. trampas

    trampas Pup

    club in L.A.
  2. the_flamingo

    the_flamingo Top Dog

    Off topic, but I knew a guy named Trampas that went to school with me. He was a serious hick cowboy guy. ;)
  3. Whiskey Bay

    Whiskey Bay Top Dog

    is that Galliano as in Louisiana?And are you asking about a club or saying there is one?Lol.
  4. trampas

    trampas Pup

    i'm looking for a club to join
  5. GrCh_Jeff

    GrCh_Jeff Big Dog

    you didnt answer as in louisiana?
  6. trampas

    trampas Pup

    yes in louisiana
  7. GrCh_Jeff

    GrCh_Jeff Big Dog

    hell yeah..i just moved back here.been in fl for awhile so i dont really know of any clubs here.if ya find any p.m. me...where exactly in la is galliano?
  8. trampas

    trampas Pup

    south of new orleans
  9. GrCh_Jeff

    GrCh_Jeff Big Dog

    ok..im in pearl river right in between slidell and mississippi
  10. Whiskey Bay

    Whiskey Bay Top Dog

    There are several clubs.What are you looking for.ADBA/UKC/ or CKC or what?
    Denham Springs has a club for CKC,McComb ,MS has a UKC club and I believe there is an ADBA in either Sorrento or Denham Springs.
  11. GrCh_Jeff

    GrCh_Jeff Big Dog

    adba...i wanna move back to mississip louisiana sucks..so much more pit freindly at home
  12. miakoda

    miakoda GRCH Dog

    Unfortunately, the Cajun Country Pit Bull Club doesn't seem to be active anymore. I don't know what the heck is going on other than I cannot get in touch w/anyone. There is also an Endagered Species-APBT club that does absolutely nothing. I don't even know what's up with that one anymore. Those were the only 2 I knew of.

    I was soooooo disappointed that our show in Sorrento (been 1 every year in April for the past few years) was not held this year. :(

    (P.S.-are you in the St. Charles parish or near there?)
  13. HighRoller

    HighRoller Big Dog

    Mia--Cajun Country is hosting Nationals this year in November, possibly why they didn't host a show in April?!
  14. miakoda

    miakoda GRCH Dog

    If you went to their website, they held Nationals in 2001. I didn't know they were doing so again. :o Well, my phone calls & messages have gone unanswered so I don't know what is going on anymore.
    Last edited by a moderator: May 11, 2005
  15. pitsRus

    pitsRus Pup

    the Mickey Mouse Club?

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