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FL: Chipley: ADBA Conformation show Nov 28-29, 2020

Discussion in 'Southeast' started by Vicki, Nov 17, 2020.

  1. Vicki

    Vicki Administrator Staff Member

    Red73 likes this.
  2. Red73

    Red73 Pup

  3. Red73

    Red73 Pup

    Is Anyone from the the forum gonna be there??
  4. FrozenEli

    FrozenEli Premium Member Premium Member

    I'll be there.
  5. FrozenEli

    FrozenEli Premium Member Premium Member

    With 2 very unimpressive young dogs.
  6. Red73

    Red73 Pup

    Kool! I think I recall you being down this way for the AADR Show. I met Vicki at that show! She had beautiful animal!!
  7. FrozenEli

    FrozenEli Premium Member Premium Member

    yes we will have 2 off of him with us, neither look as good as Perry though. See you there
    Red73 likes this.
  8. Red73

    Red73 Pup

    Ok kool! See you guys there
    FrozenEli likes this.

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