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BYB's in Aus

Discussion in 'Breeder Discussion' started by Nova09, Jul 26, 2010.

  1. TheStunnah

    TheStunnah Premium Member Premium Member

    i salute this post!!..:D..i was thinking of buying a pup off him but asked a few peeps in nz if they knew him lol first words they said was "Hes a effen peddler"..lol..so i asked how much the pups were and well shit me a river i could get a beta pup for free haha...
  2. mdoggz

    mdoggz Pup

    Fair go, no one is a fan of what he does but he is not even here to defend himself, Just about every one on here has paid money for a dog so they all know a peddler... I just don't think its fair to rubbish a bloke like that...thats my 2 cents anyway...
  3. zarna

    zarna Big Dog

    i agree mdoggz, fu***n sick of people bagging others, i have dealt with certain people, some on this forum ( you know who you are) that bag so called peddlers and when i was after a pup( GAME BRED) was asking $1500 $2000 for a pup one guy said i could have one for $800 but when i went to pick one out was told i cant have that one, i can get $3000 for that. if people have well bred GAME dogs with papers and want to sell for a high price good luck to them. there is heaps of fat so called un papered pitbull being sold on the net, most not game bred and are probably am staffs there the real peddlers! my two cents.

    MISSAPBT Top Dog

    Whats worse is the unknowledged idiots buying those puppies, repping their 'rednose' dog.

  5. i met a kid about a year ago he's got the rare 50%blue nose 50%red nose then about a month later he sent me a link to his website so "i could check out what he was breeding" he stole a pic of my male and posted it on his site "open for stud" i was pissed tolded him to remove it immediatly some people are just so stupid
  6. Trelos

    Trelos Big Dog

    I also agree with Mdoggz,not fair to bag someone if not here to defend themselves.
    As for R's dogz being this and that, why not ask someone who owns a dog down from R's as what there like rather than presume shit.
  7. dogsguts

    dogsguts Banned

    mdogz and trelos have a point,for those of us without good contacts its nearly impossible 2 get hold of wellbred dogs with the situation at the moment.i dont care how big a yard someone has as long as its producing,there are guys out there who have fukking huge yards that put out excellent stock,id say most people who have invested large amounts blood,sweat and tears to get were they r would only be giving pups too close family n friends.any 1 else has 2 pay.if the breeders honest then you should be getting what you pay for and at the end of the day you cant produce racehorses from donkeys.
  8. junkyard

    junkyard CH Dog

    Leave the Bagging out please guys, everyone is entiteled to an opinion, but the person in question cannot defend their side of the story so leave him out.

    The main people who peddle in Aus are well known as that so if the majority of people say it, keep em off ya list, thats enough for me, you want to bag someone out do it in pms please.

    If you cant find yourself good dogs there is a very easy solution for that, stop whinging about it and keep looking. If you know where to look and how to go about it things will eventualy turn up if you turn over enough stones.
    Be polite and respectful, it was never meant to be easy , and if it was as easy as you wish it was we would all be buying dogs off the same people and handing out names and numbers willy nilly but it just aint the way it is, suck it up and keep looking.

    I am allways on the look out, more so as this old mutt gets older but whats wrong with broadening any connections just for the hell of it? I may not get a decent friendship built with people i dont know , BUT maybee i may build enough of a repore , when they are in my neck of the woods, we can catch up for a beer, and i may just learn something. Dogs might just come down the track, and they may just not either.

    You may not get a dog but you sure as hell will learn something on the way.

    Suck it up princess.
  9. Trelos

    Trelos Big Dog

    JY summed it all up.
    Well put JY
  10. ice man

    ice man Pup

    seen a&s dog first hand not what i would have.. mdoggz your changed yout tune talked to u in different forums and you where bagging rick out because your brought his dogs????
  11. ice man

    ice man Pup

    also might i add a lot of people dont reg there dogs for there own reasons. i no some breeders that dont even use peds-online because of the shit it starts. let a&s do what he likes the real [ ] dogs are out there if you no wear to look. but really pretty peds on paper dont mean crap!!!!

    just a general qustion how can you say you have a cracker of a litter coming when they havent proved shit? so if cathy freeman and usan bolt had a kid does that mean hes going to be a great runner? LMFAO
  12. mdoggz

    mdoggz Pup

    Whatever u reckon mate!! I try not to bag on anyone!!! Yeah i have dogs off his yard and i'm happy with them so i don't know where u came up with that one...PM me mate if u want to talk further...
  13. zarna

    zarna Big Dog

    lol yeah if cathy freeman and usan bolt did have kids the the chances are pretty good the kids are going to be quick, both parents have close knit fibres lmao, as for ricks dogs people bag him cause he has a few pups and sells them at a high price good luck to him . the dogs i have seen from his yard where good dogs and if i had the proper kennel set up i would have a couple.

    BEHAVIN Top Dog

    lol....listen to this dribble.oops sorry, i think i may have wet myself.......

    ICE MAN.....hmmmm why do i know that name.....
    maybe i need to talk to D'S...im sure ive heard that name before,
    do you fly jets:eek:
    sorry mate, just thought ive have a crack seen as though this thread is full of so much bs anyhow, im think'n it should be culled.
  15. ice man

    ice man Pup

    flyjets along with the goose lol.. good on rick and his back yard [] dogs.. and fuck dont insult us victoriains a&s are in Qld!!!!! me keep it tight down here:D
  16. TheStunnah

    TheStunnah Premium Member Premium Member

    Im gona be becomming a Victorian soon..:DD
  17. zarna

    zarna Big Dog

    thats to bad mate, dont tell me your going to go for collingwood too? lol
  18. hammer head

    hammer head Top Dog

    seem you guys got similiar probs as poms, lol! Well game dogs evolved by selection. So before you part with your loot, test the mutt. Dont buy pups........get a tested brood and a proven stud that you've SEEN. F**k peds if your mutt scratchs hard and acts good he worth a start. Oldtimers breed best to best and in the same location the genes tighten up over time. That way you KNOW what you got.

    In Europe most best to best crosses beat tight family dogs.....

    Its the f*ght in the dog not the dog in the f*ght.......and every dog has its day ;)

  19. garywhite

    garywhite Pup

    i like ur style blackpoison

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