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Discussion in 'Sports & Activities' started by luda, Jun 12, 2004.

  1. luda

    luda Pup

    peanut butter and bananna sandwiches will see awsome bulk in 2 weeks
    1 a day for the first month then 2 after u will like the results
  2. gator

    gator Big Dog

    That is very interesting. Have you tryed this before?

    KURUPT Top Dog

    Isn't that what Elvis liked to eat :D
  4. CRG

    CRG Top Dog

    yeah elvis did eat them see how fat he was.might just work
  5. Bubba

    Bubba Top Dog

    Why do folks worry about "bulk" on a dog? A bulky dog isn't necessarily a good dog, nor is it a healthy dog...

  6. gator

    gator Big Dog

    I think the point is if you need to put weight on a dog for whatever reason this is a faster method of doing so at least the poster says so but I have never heard of this before and that is why I asked the question.
  7. luda

    luda Pup

    yes it works my dog gained 10 pounds in 2 weeks with his norm feeding

    elvis did eat the same thing but they were fried peanutbutter and bananna sandwiches :cool:
  8. Crash97

    Crash97 Top Dog

    Why does everyone worry about bulk? I think a well muscled dog is awesome for looks, but doesn't excess bulk lead to overheating, increased chance of shock and slow the dog down? I would rather a lean mean dynamo.
  9. Bubba

    Bubba Top Dog

    Gaining 10lbs in 2weeks just doesn't sound healthy to me... unless you have a sickly dog to start with that is in dire need of weight. These dogs don't need to carry extra weight, especially in the summer time as it can lead to heat stroke and heat exhaustion.

  10. Crash97

    Crash97 Top Dog

    With dogs as with people once you got the fat cells you never lose em. And a fat dog is a beat dog. My opinion only that. lol
  11. I know these works good for people in training and everything as when I was young I tried it couple times works for people dogs I dunno but imma give it a try to see if this works

  12. True_Bulldog

    True_Bulldog Big Dog

    I agree, its not healthy at all for a dog to gain 10lbs in 2 weeks!! What would be the point and why add fat to your dog, and unneeded weight? Doesn't sound too smart. Unless the dog is sick, but that wasn't mentioned. Bread is not good for dogs. Peanut can be, there are better methods (or ones that could be used in combo with peanut butter/bananas minus the bread) to put weight on a sick dog. Cottage cheese, rice, and high quality dog food. There are also supplements and additives to help maintain weight and nourish sick animals. A spoonfull of plain yogurt once in awhile would also be good.

    That is very well said! Heat can be a killer, extra weight is only taking a greater risks. I've heard of plenty dogs dying from this. Last year alone I know of 3 killed by heat exhuastion. Keeping the dogs at proper weight, with available water and a place to cool down helps beat the heat. water sometimes isn't enough and neither is shade. Getting them wet can really help cool them down.

    Be careful and think about your dogs safety and health. Regardless of heat a fat dog with excess weight isn't healthy. Obese or a little extra pounds, neither is healthy for the animal.

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